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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pious Pretenses

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Hypocritical Public Posturing

On January 12th 2006, on the GaudiayaDiscussions site, Sanjay said:
Why is everybody so obsessed with sex?

Unknown to the other Gaudiya Vaishnavas on that forum, Sanjay was active on his StreetBitches Blog until December 2005 (and it was still online to March 2nd 2006)! Needless to say, Sanjay made around a thousand (maybe more) images of teenagers, mothers and university students (from his digicam) and posted 300+ of his favorite pictures on that blog! Sanjay also discussed his boot sex fetish in no uncertain terms. Sanjay said:
YES ALRIGHT! It should be obvious to you by now that I get off on three main things about women: Long hair, strappy shoes and knee-high boots. Miniskirts are always good...Of course personality counts for a lot, but come on, anyone gotta agree with me that its so much better if the female you're with is adorned (yes, adorned) with boots that reach right up to your knee. Who knows why it is so sexy? It just is! And I wouldn't wanna take 'em off either. The best sex anybody can ever have is kinky. Slightly kinky or mega-kinky, whichever works for you...Boots are great, they confer automatic sexiness on whoever wears them. A girl who wears boots has got Goddess Status. Just try it out and see girls, put on a pair of boots and see how many guys have their tongues hanging out licking the dirty pavement behind you, all willing to be your slave. But eh, its one of my fetishes so sue me. Otherwise seriously, some girls I totally RUINED them when they wore strappies in bed. God, they look so amazing and so horny. I'm not into feet, I'm into the shoes. The way the designer made these shoes so that they swirl perfectly around a girl's ankles is just PURE ECSTASY. Sometimes you come across a picture of a porn star (like Sylvia Saint, cough cough) or some other woman wearing these high-heels with straps that swirl themselves all the way up the girl's calves: Paradise. Last summer I was seriously into strappy shoes - I would have been anybody's slave if they wore strappy shoes - until the summer ended and everyone started wearing knee-high boots instead, ostensibly to cover up their legs. Does it mean that my fetishes are according to the latest fashion? The Permanency of People's Sexual Kinks - that would make an interesting psychological study, I'll say!

My earliest fantasies used to revolve around licking pussy - I was seriously into that then, too - and I know for a fact that I ain't THAT much into it now. Yes, you heard. My idea of having sex in those days was simply to go down on a girl and make her scream. Lucky girls eh. These days, muff-diving well, I'll do it but I ain't keen on it. Sorry. When I finally lost my virginity, it was to a girl who initially refused to do anything except suck dick, so I guess I was into that for a while. Who doesn't like a girl who sucks dick anyway? It was not like I had any choice though.

Later I did other things with this girl and that became fun, but the memory of those earliest oral pleasures have always stayed with me. She was a girl who had her own house and whose boyfriend was away for long periods. It was fun to go around to her house and fuck her while she was washing the dishes, she only lived up the road. The kitchen is such an inventive place to fuck; all sorts of positions can be got into and all sortsa things can be played with. This reminds me of a fantasy I had about two years ago. Picture this: a woman in the kitchen, doing whatever she's doing - cooking, making tea, whatever - and engrossed in that activity, completely naked except for high-heeled strappy shoes. Nothing too kinky about that, sorry to disappoint. But this fantasy didn't turn out to be REAL for you did it?! ;) And that girl constantly teased me about it by muttering "Clack clack" under her breath every time she saw me. It turned me on every time (Reference).

So what was that again about "Why is everybody so obsessed with sex?"

Scared Of Child Pornography!

On April 21st 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
I think I've seen this site before - or at least a similar one - when someone passed me the URL. I got so scared that this was child porn that I refused to enter the site. I still do, that site scares me (Ref: Post #51).

Sanjay is not "scared" of child pornography. As a matter of fact, Sanjay thinks there is nothing wrong with a picture of a child being sexually exploited and abused (Reference). Sanjay fully conceded that he did, in fact, receive "illegal porno pics". Since Sanjay stated that he felt teen porno was "relatively legal" and child porn was definitely "illegal", then Sanjay de facto admitted to receiving child pornography! Sanjay said:
When I did a little work experience for the IWF in 2001, I used many different emails and IDs, and carried out my research into many newsgroups. I did in fact receive illegal porn pics from some newsgroups which I duly reported to my seniors, which eventually led to the shutdown of those illegal newsgroups as per IWF policy. I didn't receive any pics from jesus and, frankly because well, I didn't receive any pics there. This is why the NG was judged as relatively "harmless" and was not shut down as per IWF policy. Any more questions, retardio?

Why would Sanjay lie about working for the IWF and about receiving illegal pornography (child porn) if he did not? Sanjay was not afraid to request Jesus Pornography. Nor was he afraid to link to illegal teen porn sites on his StreetBitches Blog. So when Sanjay said he was "scared" of entering a site that may have contained child pornography, he was putting on his pious, holier-than-thou clown act.

Never Touched Cannabis

On April 3rd 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
So where are all the recipes? 'Cannabis Cookbook'. One time I walked into a bookstore and I suddenly realised that there were a lot of cookbooks around all featuring 'green leaves'. I flicked through one of them and was astounded at the variety of recipes there were! Whoever knew that people could be so inventive. What's next, the Cannabis Diet? What a shame I couldn't put any of those recipes to use since I've never touched the stuff (Ref: Post # 35).

What is amusing about this post is that Sanjay admitted he purchased cannabis/marijuana (Reference) on his former killuminati blog (dated October 22nd 2005) under the post: "A Change Of Direction?". Sanjay said:
This young black motherfucker was there selling weed on the street without a care in the world. I had no idea what he was doing as I ignored his calls to me, but as I was heading back the same way I noticed that he was obviously selling something to this guy. Shit, he had a whole brick of weed and was pulling bits off and selling it. I got caught up in the moment and asked him for £10 worth. He looked at me with dismay and suggested that I should part with at least £20. I lied and told him that 10 was all I had. So he pulled off a bit and gave it to me, which I promptly put in my pocket. Of course I knew that I was carrying 2 20's in my wallet and so I pulled one out. I was half-scared that he might not have any change but he did, and so I went on my way. As soon as this went down, I suddenly realised the implications of what I had done; all of this was in full public view! This guy sitting at a table drinking coffee saw the whole thing, what if there were fucking cops around? Shit! But funnily enough, I kind of got off on the adrenalin of it all.

Vegetarian For 13 Years

On April 28th 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
My (meat-eating) cousin recently got married to a vegetarian girl who decided to temporarily eat meat so as not to "upset" the balance of the household. She told me that after a few months she would go back to being vegetarian, but she consistently reported "changes in her way of thinking". I do realise that changes in the way of thinking can attributed to a number of factors, but it seems to be something of a common denominator among people who move from a vegetarian diet to a meat diet, and vice versa. It's also consistent with my own experience too, though I haven't eaten meat for nearly thirteen years. (Ref: Post #18)

Sanjay admitted (on his former, "private" killuminati blog) in 2004 & 2005 that he ate turkey, pork, rennet-infested cheese pizza, possibly KFC and relished the idea of sinking his teeth into juicy lamb shish kebabs (Reference)! Now, however, Sanjay Dadlani is trying to convince everyone that he has not eaten meat in 13 years.

As I said before, Sanjay is a Hypocrite Extraordinaire.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Move Over He-Man - Here Comes He-Krsna!

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

In light of Sanjay's He-Man inspired God-Concept, I decided to help Sanjay out by making a new and improved and muscular Lord Krsna for him. Enjoy Sanjay! Now don't get too excited ;-)

For some reason, Lord Krsna's ear-rings and contoured eyebrows seem to detract from the overall effect...which would bring us to the topic on why Lord Krsna is always depicted as an effiminate male usually dressed in woman-like attire. Sanjay seems to be a rut. Without muscles, Lord Krsna looks extremely effeminate and one can only wonder why Sanjay would be attracted to an effeminate-looking God. With He-Man muscles, Lord Krsna looks extremely beefy and one can only wonder why Sanjay would be attracted to a masculine-looking God. Apparently, the physical appearances of God-figures are important to Sanjay and his groin.

For example, Sanjay apparently had sexual fantasies about Jesus Christ (of all people) and pubicly requested Jesus Pornography!

God and sexual desire seem to go hand in hand in Sanjay's personal belief system. Allegedly, Sanjay even was a practicing tantric at 7 years old who, at that tender age, was having "quick lays in the guise of spirituality" and supposedly could maintain an erection for "30-40 minutes max" (Reference)!

Of course, all this information only serves to highlight Sanjay's sexually-focused obsession with Sathya Sai Baba. But that is another topic for another day :-)

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Sanjay's Homoeroticism: A Closer Look

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Apparently, Sanjay loves to fantasize about the possibility that I am a homosexual (I wonder why?). As a matter of fact, Sanjay can't seem to restrain himself when it comes to Pro-Sai Activists and he always attempts to portray his opponents as being homosexuals or having aberrant sexual fetishes. Since Sanjay has already been fully exposed as a pervert and a liar, it is apparent that Sanjay is projecting aspects of his sexuality onto others. Let us take a closer look at Sanjay's homoeroticism.

The fact remains that I have never expressed homoerotic feelings for another man, like Sanjay did.

The fact remains that I never allowed another man to lay his head on my lap while I ran my fingers through his hair and then jubilantly blogged about the experience claiming that "my blood likes it" and "I know I like it and I know he likes it too", like Sajay did.

The fact remains that I never created a public profile in which I referred to myself as a "female" twice, like Sanjay did.

Just recently, I came across some of Sanjay's posts on the Gaudiya-Repercussion and GaudiyaDiscussion sites. Needless to say, Sajay's homoeroticism took on a whole new (and very amusing) light.

Sanjay said on the Gaudiya-Repercussion's site, using the name Azra'il:
It was Krishna's muscles that first attracted me to the whole idea of God, as I wrote on GD not so long ago. Check out these biceps (excited smily face)! Yes I know its a strange picture, you don't often see Krishna depicted this way, but,...those biceps (excited smily face)! (Ref: Post #27)

Why would Sanjay be fascinated with Lord Krishna's muscles and biceps? How would Sanjay respond to, let's say, Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps? Would he gasp, moan, jump up and down, gasp for breath and faint? Obviously big, bulging biceps on muscular men are considered pluses to Sangay :-)

As it turns out, even as a child, Sanjay had a keen interest in the bodies of muscular men. Sanjay's childhood idol was the cartoon character He-Man. Sanjay said he considered He-Man to be "handsome" and "very powerful" and ended up assimilating He-Man's identity with Lord Krishna's (his chosen "God"). Sanjay's entire assimilation process revolved around men's fleshy muscles, their strength and their good looks! No kidding!

Sanjay said on the GaudiyaDiscussions site, using the name Gaurasundara:
What do kids watch on TV these days? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? The Simpsons? In my day there was He-Man, the superhuman alter-ego of Prince Adam and residing in the castle of Grayskull, with Skeletor as his arch-enemy. As a child who loved cartoons, He-Man was the ultimate role model for me. He was handsome, he was very powerful, he had a good-looking girlfriend, he always won his fights, and so on. The perfect idol.

Then there was a picture of Krishna hanging on the wall of a room in my house. It is a picture of Krishna in the forest, surrounded by leaves and forest flowers, bedecked with jewels and finery, and with a charming smile playing upon His lips. My mother, who often sat down and told me stories of God, pointed out this picture and told me that this was Krishna, as if to say 'this is the one I keep telling you stories about'.

As my mother knew about my liking for He-Man, she pointed out Krishna's bulging biceps in the picture. It did not look very bulging to me, but Krishna had some good muscles nevertheless. I asked her if He was stronger than He-Man, to which she replied 'yes'. I knew then that He-Man had suddenly transformed into a relative nobody compared to the one whom I had heard about had killed so many demons in childhood, who rollicked about the fields with His brother Balarama, who stole makhan (butter) from every house, who killed Kans, and so on. I had found my new idol, and I gazed at that picture with a look of adoration. I think this is when I started yearning for God.

I still have that picture, and its still hanging on my wall. (Ref: 2nd post from bottom)

He-Man also happens to wear large strappy-boots (which might explain the origins to Sanjay's strappy-shoes and boot sex-fetish).

What to say? I am a complete loss of words (although I can't stop chuckling). Hopefully Sanjay's psychology studies will help him find out why he has all these suppressed, homoerotic feelings for muscular men and why his God-Concept happens to inclue a deity whose muscles and bulging biceps excite him and turn him on! lol Hare Krsna!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Proof Sanjay Created The StreetBitches Blog

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Major Update: July 26th 2006:
More Proof That Sanjay Created The StreetBitches Blog
(Above Link Still Working As Of July 26th 2006)

Click Here to view the September 2005 archive page for Sanjay's former StreetBitches Blog (I have been waiting for Blogger to remove the images, which they have recently done). Although none of the pictures are showing on the archive page (thankfully), if you place your cursor over the blank images and view the link in the status bar, you will notice that ALL the image file-names begin with "DSCO" then a number. "DSCO" happens to be the exact same image file-name that Sanjay used on his site! View the screen-cap above and notice how the image file-name is entitled "DSCO6413Gauracrop.jpg". On the Archive Page, one will notice that the image file-name numbers begin at DSC00070 and go up to DSC0661. This indicates that for the month of September alone, Sanjay had 660+ images of women he exploited (apparently only posting the 150+ images he liked the most). The pornography URLs (in the "Links" section) have been deactivated. However, if you place your cursor over the link, the original URL appears as a title. Let's see how long Sanjay waits before he attempts to do damage control.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sanjay's Pseudo-Devotee Status

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

The Pseudo-Devotee:

Sanjay Pretending To Be A Vaishnava
A well respected Hare Krsna and major contributor to ISKCON, Chandra Chatterjee, said the following about Vaishnavas (which Sanjay Dadlani professes to be):
A Vaishnava, according to Sri Chaitanya, must possess the qualities of compassion, love, forbearance, generosity, truthfulness, freedom from all worldly attachment and a complete control over the senses. He must be free from all kinds of impurities, such as, passion, desire, hatred and lust; he is also expected to remain calm and balanced under all circumstances of life. Vices like greed, anger and jealousy are enemies to a devout life. The Srimad Bhagavatam depicts such a virtuous devotee as a sadhu or one of the highest character. According to the Srimad Bhagavatam: titiksava karunika suhrida sarva-dehinam ajata-satrava santa sadhva sadhu-bhusanah: He who is tolerant, compassionate, a friend of all and enemy of none; he remains engrossed in the thought of Krishna and remains verily a man of highest character, a sadhu (Srimad Bhagavatam, 3.25.21) and trinad api sunicena, taror api sahishnuna amanina manadena, kirtaniya sada hari: A Vaishnava in his daily life should be humbler than even a blade of grass. Without having pride in himself, he should honour others. He must be tolerant like a tree which does not beg water even if it dries up. He should live a very simple life and must recite the name of Hari at all moments. (Caitanya Cariamrita Adi 17.31)

One can view Sanjay in tip-top pseudo-devotee form on his Gaurasundara Blog. An amusing example:
For some years now, I've loved contemplating on the bright blue sky as being the reflection of Krishna's beautiful bodily effulgence. I've also loved relating it to the thoughts of Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurasundara; the bright blue sky reminds me of Nityananda's dhoti, and the bright shining sun reminds me of Gaurasundara. The play of these Two during daylight is a sight to see, how the sun rises and illuminates the dawn sky, the full engagement of the Two during the day, and the sun retiring in the evening with the blue sky following closely behind. Doesn't Nityananda follow Gauranaga wherever He goes? Today I saw the sky was cloudy, how to include this? Then it occurred to me that the white clouds stand for the white beard of Sri Advaita Prabhu. The clouds appeared as balls of puffy cotton wool, which further endeared their appearance as Advaita Prabhu's holy beard (Reference).

Sanjay ceaselessly glorifies Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (even using the name "Gaurasundara" on internet profiles and email accounts). Srila Prabhupada (the Hare Krishna Founder and Sanjay's Guru) related the following story:
Junior Haridas, who was important for being a good Kirtan singer, glanced lustfully at a young woman, and he was at once rejected by Lord Chaitanya: "You are living with Me in the renounced order, and yet looking at a woman with lust." This Junior Haridas later committed suicide in despair over his separation from Chaitanya. Other devotees had approached Chaitanya and asked Him to forgive Junior Haridas, but Chaitanya replied, "You all go live with him and forgive him. I'll stay alone." And when the news of Junior Haridas' suicide reached Him, Lord Chaitanya, Who was aware of everything that was happening, said, "Very good, that is very good." (Reference)

That's right, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rejected Junior Haridas for simply looking at a woman with lust and was pleased that Junior Haridas atoned for his sin by committing suicide! How much worse it must be for Sanjay when he claims to be a devotee of Mahaprabhu yet went around secretly stalking innocent teenagers, mothers and university students with his digicam, filming them under tables and up their dresses, calling them "sluts" and "bitches" and posting over 300 pictures of his lustful escapades on his StreetBitches Blog? After exploiting women so ruthlessly, Sanjay has the audacity to continue to pretend he is a devotee of Sri Chaitanya! Unconscionable!

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg. Sanjay's pseudo-devotee persona is indelibly stained by the public exposures of his Jesus Sex Fetish, his views on Child And Teen Pornography, his self-admitted Psychological Problems, his Disturbing Views About Women, his self-admitted Drinking Problems, his Satanic Inclinations, his Shocking Confessions, his Long And Established History As A Pathological Liar, his outward Denial Of His Own Hare Krishna Guru - Srila Prabhupada, his public Lie About Meeting Aghori Vimalananda, his Homoeroticism And Gender Confusion, his Inability To Keep A Girlfriend, his Pseudo-Devotee Posturing, his He-Man Inspired God Concept, his Lies About Being A Vegetarian, his weird claim that He Was Dying, his amusing Belief That Semen Can Be Sucked Up From The Testicles, Via The Spine, To The Brain and his Suicidal And Self-Injurious Statements.

Hare Krsna!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Swaaaami!!! La la la la laaaaa!!

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Goes Orgasmic Over His Picture With "Swami"!

Sanjay said:
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY PIC IS THERE WITH SAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See the guy with the light blue scarf? I'm right next to him on the right. You can see my brown hearing aid on my left ear and just the teeeeeeny beginnings of a bald patch.

Yes I KNOWWWWWWW that you cannot see my face, but who cares? I'm on the Net with Swaaaami. La la la la laaaaa...!! :))

I still can't believe it! Imagine finding yourself on the Net like that! (Reference)

Too funny! Sanjay sounded very much like am overemotional, shrieking, girly teenager. I'm biting my tongue real hard at the current moment. lol

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Alaya Rahm's Failed Lawsuit

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Hare Krishna Wannabee

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay's Gurus: Srila Prabhupada & Srila Gour Govinda Swami & His Ties To ISKCON.

Click Here to view my response to Dadlani's blog attack against me, in which I said, "Whenever anyone is critical about Sanjay's beliefs (particularly his Guru, Srila Prabhupada, or the Hare Krsna movement) Sanjay is right there arguing and defending his beliefs." Click Here to view Dadlani's response, in which he clearly implied that I was incorrect by making this statement (meaning that Srila Prabhupada is not his Guru and he does not defend the Hare Krsna movement). Dadlani said, "So I'm a member of the Hare Krishna sect and Srila Prabhupada is my guru? No wonder I laugh at MorOno and his "research", LOL. :-)) I MAY write a reply to Morono's reply soon, sometime when I stop laughing."

The only problem with Dadlani's jolly response is that (on the internet) he has left a digital trail of prostrations and praises to his eternal Siksa Gurus (Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gour Govinda Swami) and many references about his involvement with ISKCON (which Prabhupada founded).

Srila Prabhupada passed away on November 14th 1977. Srila Gour Govinda passed away on February 9th 1996. On November 25th 2002 (25 years after Prabhupada died and 6 years after Srila Gour Govinda died), on the Audarya Fellowship Forum, Dadlani said (using the name "Vaishnava_das108"), "I pray that I may never leave the shelter of my two siksa-gurus, Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gour Govinda Swami. I pray that their words may enter my heart and dispel the darkness of ignorance. I hope one day I may be intelligent enough to understand their instructions and follow them perfectly (Ref. 01). Even though his Siksa Gurus have long since died, Dadlani is still praising them and accepting them as his "Siksa Gurus" (whose guru status is not dependent on them being alive or dead).

Even as recently as Nov 2000, Sanjay was still preaching that Srila Prabhupada was alive (even though he died 23 years earlier). See for yourself.

Click Here to view the Hare Krsna page dedicated to Srila Gour Govinda Swami (henceforth referred to as "Srila Gour"). Srila Gour received 2 initiations and sannyasa from Prabhupada. Consequently, both Prabhupada and Srila Gour were Hare Krsna's who preached the Hare Krsna philosophy (Gaudiya Vaishnavism). If Dadlani accepted (as he publicly professed) Prabhupada and Srila Gour as his "Siksa Gurus", then Dadlani accepted the Hare Krsna philosophy they espoused through ISKCON. One cannot separate Prabhupada, Srila Gour and ISKCON. They are all one package.

On this same forum (Ref. 01), Dadlani said, "I do my best to chant my rounds, attend the temple, eat prasada and read books, etc. As far as I can see, my spiritual life is not suffering due to my involvement with the SB affair. As a matter of fact, my personal role in the SB affair is of a minimum even though I am confidentially apprised of any major international developments. My involvement with ISKCON (mental, physical, emotional, etc) is far more than with SB." Dadlani fully conceded to his involvement with ISKCON. However, this is not surprising. Dadlani in fact (admittedly) had attended ISKCON temples from his birth and was even made a Life Member (which entitled him to ISKCON literature). Dadlani strayed away from ISKCON to various religions and spiritual teachers and ended back up back at ISKCON in July 2001 (the time he defected from the SSB movement).

Click Here to view a tribute that "Bhakta Sanjay Dadlani" wrote for Tribhuvanatha Prabhu. In this tribute, Dadlani wrote, in part, "Just as with a sunset when the sun disappears out of our sight behind some clouds, it leaves behind its rays to illuminate the world for a little longer. So also, the sun-like Srila Prabhupada who is now out of our sight was merciful enough to leave some his ray-like devotees behind to illuminate the community of devotees for a little longer. Therefore I bow down and pay repeated obeisances to Srila Prabhupada for being so merciful enough to allow us little rascals to have the association of such a wonderful devotee like Tribhuvanatha Prabhu. We hope that one day we may join him in his eternal service to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha-Krishna in Goloka Vrindavan." This tribute reveals the profound devotion that Dadlani had for Srila Prabhupada (24 years after he passed away) and was referred to as a "bhakta" (devotee, disciple, follower).

Click Here to view the archives to In May of 2003, Dadlani said (using the name "Dark Knight"), "These things cannot help us. Srila Prabhupada and the scriptures are correct, the only GENUINE way is to chant the Holy Name and it will do EVERYTHING. Vaishnavism is correct, it will teach your everything. I have been everywhere and done everything and this is my opinion; Vaishnavism is where it's at." Again, Dadlani is citing Prabhupada as an authority, despite the fact that he had been dead for 25 years! On this same page, one can read (what surely must be very embarrassing for Dadlani) about his comments about his tantric sex years where he tried to maintain his erections and how his "magical skills decreased", etc.

Click Here to view a Google cache to a Hare Krsna site that lists Dadlani as (believe it or not) "His Grace Bhakta Sanjay Dadlani". Dadlani would not have been put on this list if he was not known to associate himself, in some way, with ISKCON.

On the SathyaSaiBabaDiscussionClub (which Afshin made private so Dadlani's past words cannot be used against him), Dadani also cited Prabhupada as a spiritual reference and was grieving on the death anniversary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura (one of the primary Gurus in the Hare Krishna movement). Click Here to read Dadlani's post (under the name dark_knight_9) about Bhaktisiddhanta's death anniversary. Click Here to read a passage where Dadlani cited Prabupada as an authority.

In 2003, Dadlani was posting in the Vaisnavacouncil Yahoo Group, which is described as "A cyber istagosthi for the disciples of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada." (Ref. 02 - Ref. 03). On Ref. 03, Dadlani is still praising Prabhupada and said, "It was never in any doubt that Srila Prabhupada is alive."

Click Here to view Dadlani's response to someone who criticized Prabhupada teaching as being "idiotisms". Dadlani prompltly responded by saying (like a devotee), "Kindly restrain your opinions about His Divine Grace. You only further commit offenses to your name."

One of the primary reasons why Dadlani is trying to distance himself from Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON is due to the fact that the Anti-Sai coterie he belongs to has classified the Hare Krsna's as a "cult". Anti-Sai Activists have taken a very strong "anti-cult" stance and Dadlani's Hare Krsna beliefs are included in that stance. Dadlani refuses to unequivocally state that Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gour are NOT his "gurus", "siksa gurus" or "any other type of guru". Dadlani also refuses to state that he does not actively affiliate himself with ISKCON or promote and believe in the Hare Krsna philosophy. The reason for Dadlani's vacillations, on these points, are clear. Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gour are his Gurus and as such, he accepted the teachings of these two, which embody the teachings of ISKCON. It appears that Dadlani is trying to mislead others into thinking Prabhupada and Srila Gour are not his Gurus because they are no longer alive. Nevertheless, my previous comments adequately refute this view.

Because Dadlani never received formal initiation into the Hare Krsna sect, Dadlani is dissociating himself with them by saying he is not one of them. Although this is literally true, Dadlani's positive and continuing involvement with ISKCON shows that has not dissociated himself with them. As a matter of fact, even upto the present time (Ref. 04), Dadlani continues to visit ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta Manor, and joins them in various festivals (eulogizing the experiences like a devotee). Consequently, Dadlani's public distancing from Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON are nothing more than public posturing to deflect from his own beliefs that would solidly situate him between a rock and a hard place in the Anti-Sai movement.

Of course, Dadlani could always come forward and clearly state the following:
  1. Srila Prabhupada is not his: a) Guru; b) Siksa Guru or c) Any other type of Guru.

  2. Srila Gour Govinda Swami is not his: a) Guru; b) Siksa Guru or Any other type of Guru

  3. That he does not believe in the Hare Krsna Philosophy.

  4. That he does not actively associate himself with ISKCON or ISKCON activities.

  5. That he does not actively promote or endorse ISKCON's teachings.

Until Dadlani comes forward and states these things, he will continue to be seen as being duplictious and resorting to deceit regarding his affiliation with ISKCON and his allegiance to Srila Prabhupada.

Click Here to view the Gour Govinda Katha Yahoo Group that was created by Sanjay Dadlani (out of his fervent devotion to his Siksa Guru, Srila Gour). This Yahoo Group was created in 2003 and Dadlani is still active on it (as of July 2006). Dadlani posted on this group as "killuminati108" and as "gaurasundara_108". The following pages show how Dadlani is fully associating himself with the Hare Krishna's and promoting one of the Hare Krishna Acharyas, Srila Gour: Main - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07

Click Here to read a post from Sanjay Dadlani (using the name "x_zecutor") where he admitted (twice) that he was a "congregational member" of the Hare Krsna Bhaktivedanta Manor. Sanjay said, "Believe me, I am a congregational member of Bhativedanta Manor, of which he is the Temple President...I am a congregational member of Bhaktivedanta Manor."

Of course, Sanjay's devotee persona is entirely different than his non-devotee persona, as evidenced by the public exposure of Sanjay's StreetBitches Blog, his Jesus Sex Fetish, his views on Child And Teen Pornography, his self-admitted Psychological Problems, his Disturbing Views About Women, his self-admitted Drinking Problems, his Satanic Inclinations, his Shocking Confessions, his Long And Established History As A Pathological Liar, his outward Denial Of His Own Hare Krishna Guru - Srila Prabhupada, his public Lie About Meeting Aghori Vimalananda, his Homoeroticism And Gender Confusion, his Inability To Keep A Girlfriend, his Pseudo-Devotee Posturing, his He-Man Inspired God Concept, his Lies About Being A Vegetarian, his weird claim that He Was Dying, his amusing Belief That Semen Can Be Sucked Up From The Testicles, Via The Spine, To The Brain and his Suicidal And Self-Injurious Statements.

Anti-Sai Clowns don't come much scarier or weirder than Sanjay Kishore Dadlani.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad Pudgy Finger Day

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay's pudgy fingers that he loves to poke people with:

Definitely a bad pudgy finger day!
And a bad "fashion-statement" day as well! lol

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Sathya Sai Baba, Lord Krishna & Terrorism

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay recently blogged about terrorist blasts in Mumbai (that killed 180 people with as many as 660+ injured) and stated that Sathya Sai Baba did not give a warning to "protect his own country from terrorism, despite his frequent meetings with Cabinet ministers and other government representatives".

What is amusing about Sanjay's comments is that he is a Hare Krishna Wannabee.

It is alleged that the Kurukshetra War (a war that if true would be the bloodiest war in recorded history) arose from a dispute between the Kauravas and the Pandavas after which the Karuavas won a game of dice through deceit, thereby exiling the Pandavas for 13 years. After the Pandava's exiled term expired, Duryodhana (the eldest Kaurava) refused to concede the throne back to the Pandavas.

The Pandavas were personally advised by Balarama (whom, according to the Hare Krishna's, is the first plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead).

Lord Krishna himself (whom, according to the Hare Krishna's, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead out of which innumerable universes emanate) went on a peace mission to convince the Kauravas to accept peace and avert a war. Needless to say, Lord Krishna failed, the war was not averted and it is said that literally millions of men died within a period of 18 days (leaving innumerable wives widowed and children orphaned).

Isn't it strange that Sanjay Dadlani (a Hare Krishna Wannabee) is whining about a terrorist blast in India and Sathya Sai Baba's inability to give a warning to protect his own country when Lord Krishna personally got involved to protect his own country, failed and whose failure resulted in one of the bloodiest wars ever recorded in human history (in which literally millions of men perished in a matter of 18 days)?

Of course, Sanjay will resort to brainwashed babble to defend his beliefs and why Lord Krishna failed to avert the Kurukshetra War. One can similarly argue that whatever excuses Sanjay uses with Lord Krishna, Sathya Sai Baba's devotees will use with Sathya Sai Baba.

Of course this is only one example out of many.

During the life of Lord Krishna, there were allegedly numerous instances of violence, curses, demon-attacks, etc. that resulted in the deaths of many people, children and even babies (as in the case of Kamsa where he bludgeoned babies in anticipation of Lord Krishna's birth). The Yadava Clan succumbed to a curse and slaughtered themselves in an orgy of bloodlust. Lord Krishna cursed his 16,000 wives to be carried off by barbarians after his death (which happened before Arjuna's eyes). Sanjay accepts all these horrific stories and atrocities without doubt or question and even defends these stories.

Far be it for Sanjay to point his pudgy fingers at Sathya Sai Baba when his own personal God (Lord Krishna) arguably suffered from far greater deficiencies in far greater ways. Of course, Sanjay will probably point out that my criticism of Lord Krishna is peculiar, considering that Sathya Sai Baba is alleged to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna (in which case, Sathya Sai Baba's alleged failures could be justified using the very same spiritual explanations used to defend Lord Krishna).

The point is that Sanjay does not consider Sathya Sai Baba to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna yet metes out one-way and selective criticisms, ignoring his own belief system. Sathya Sai Baba's alleged failures pale in comparison to Lord Krishna's failures. There is no arguing with a failed peace effort that resulted in the deaths of millions of men (in a mere 18 day period) in which rivers of blood flowed from the carnage!

The hypocrisy never ends from Sanjay Dadlani.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Meat Eating Vegetarian

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay said on his saibabaexposed blog (in Nov. '05):

This year I have successfully completed 12 years as a vegetarian. Even now, close friends and family are still amazed as they remember the shocking change...So while I understand the "addiction" of meat and the reluctance to give it up, I can conclusively state that life is much better and healthy without meat.

On May 30 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Nu Metal":
Before that, I felt a bit hungry, so I stopped into Quizno's at the Plaza for a quick turkey & guacamole sub. It was nice, but I'm not very keen on these sub things.

On May 25 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Trains Jesus Girls Sex Rant":
Now I felt a bit hungry. I remembered that there was a lil restaurant up the Plaza that sold subs. I noticed that Pizza Hut had a £5.49 buffet lunch deal going on, but surprisingly enough I didn't feel like pizza since I had already decided I wanted a sub...Too bad I fogot how much I hate ham, it was terrible but edible. I decided that I would definitely pick something different next time I went back there.

On December 24 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Blog Revival":
For some reason I just feel like eating some serious meat. I'm in the mood for a juicy lamb shish kebab but I guess I will have to make do with KFC tomorrow if we don't go to that Chinese buffet place. I think I'll warm up some pizza right now.

On Sanjay's former Streebitches Blog, Sanjay took a picture of a woman wearing boots in a KFC Restaurant. Now what is Sanjay doing in Kentucky Fried Chicken, ordering food, if he is a vegetarian and a Bhaktivedanata Hare Krishna Congregational Member?

Sanjay already conceded that he is a huge fan of Pizza Hut and orders their cheese pizza often. What Sanjay obviously fails to understand is that cheese is made with rennet and Sanjay is literally feasting on cheese products that are coagulated with an ingredient taken from the lining of a slaughtered calve's stomach! Hare Krishna!

Sanjay admitted (on his former "private" blog) he ate turkey, pork, rennet-infested cheese pizza and possibly KFC and relished the idea of sinking his teeth into juicy lamb shish kebabs. Now, however, Sanjay Dadlani is trying to convince everyone that he has not eaten meat in 12 years.

The lies never end from Sanjay Dadlani.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Newest Defamation Campaign

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Today, Sanjay (obviously suffering from a fit of delusion) took his defamation campaign against me to an all new low. Just when one thought Sanjay's gutter couldn't get any deeper, it does. Sanjay made the following defamatory and unsubstantiated statements against me:
H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda wrote:

Gerald 'Joe' Moreno has been caught posting on teen porn sites.

If he's NOT as thick as he publicly displays himself to be, he might even know what I'm referring to but chances are that he doesn't.

In addition to sexually fantasising about smearing himself all over with animal excrement as well as connections to porn starts who star in vulgar and disgusting porn movies involving depraved scenes of (real) urination and simulated defecation, not mentioning his own developing fascinations for anuses, he has now been caught on teen porn sites. He repeatedly refers to teen porn as being illegal, and now he has been caught.

Oh, you want evidence?

Sure, I've got evidence. I guess it'll just go straight to the back of the queue for all the scandals I plan to make public within the next few days and weeks. I have so many Sai Baba scandals in my hands that it's making me dizzy deciding which ones to expose first! :-)

The implications of this scandal are ENORMOUS! It appears that Gerald posted the same article no less than SEVEN times. Besides that, there are NUMEROUS links to porn sites and porn webcams, not to mention a HUGE and disgusting picture featuring a man and a woman performing oral sex.

Gerald Joe Moreno has now done us the biggest favour he ever could have done! He has now dragged his hero Sathya Sai Baba's name into the gutter: teen porn, oral sex, anal sex, anus perversion, "shit and piss", excrement-smearing, yee gads! Bloody pervert!

I've already blogged a response that addressed most of Sanjay's irrational claims against me. Check For Yourself. Sanjay is a severely mentally disturbed person (by his own admission) who has been telling his pathological lies since the time he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.

As a matter of fact, Sanjay resorted to this very same type of defamation tactic against Tony O'Clery (when he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) in which he claimed that Tony O'Clery was banned from the Vancouver Sai Center for sexual molestation and that Tony O'Clery had sex with Sanjay's first-hand "informant" and David Bailey (a claim denied by O'Clery)! Sanjay also attemped to defame Glen Meloy in the same manner. So, isn't it of little surprise that Sanjay is doing the same thing against me?

Sanjay knows (and I know) that if he truly had any "evidence" to support his erroneous and defamatory comments against me (linking me to any porn site), he would have already posted it and be boasting about it like a madman. Isn't it strange that Sanjay is claiming to have "evidence" against me that would utterly destroy all my crediblity, yet is withholding his alleged "evidence" for some future date? It is obvious that Sanjay is very bitter (admittedly) that I have exposed him for the liar and pervert he is. Since Sanjay cannot find dirt on me, he is just making stuff up as he goes along, doing what he does best: Defame & Libel others.

It doesn't work anymore Sanjay. The only people who believe you are one's who believe in a geocentric universe (like the scriptures you promote and defend) and your little coterie of snippy and vindictive Anti-Sai Banditeers.

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge his alleged "evidence" against me as claimed above.


>>> On Februrary 4th 2003, Sanjay claimed that he was in contact with his "legal friends" who were interested in bringing a legal suit against sathyastra and Lisa. Sanjay said:
I cannot talk too much about this any longer because I have consulted with my lawyer friends, and they are very interested in bringing legal action against sathyastra and Lisa. It will be a matter of ease to find out their addresses, but I suppose all will be in good time. They have also advised me not to talk too much, and with the advice of my legal friends, I am going to collect ALL the posts on this forum pertaining to this matter so I can see the weaknesses in the arguments, and then I shall hand it over....I will compile all the posts and hand it over to my legal friends. It may also be posted here, or if not, I will be able to send it to you privately Reinier, and you shall see exactly how many holes we have shot in their argument. (Reference)

To date, Sanjay has yet to file any legal suit against sathyastra or Lisa. One can only imagine the countersuit if a legal suit was filed and how Sanjay would be publicly shamed for his perversions and defamations.

>>> On May 25th 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed the following:
I'm sorry to inform overybody about this but today I found out some incredibly disturbing information about Gerald 'Joe' Moreno. I cannot say much more at this time as the issue is being investigated by concerned authorities, but I CAN say that it will be made public at the appropriate time (Reference).

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge the "incredibly disturbing information" he claimed he found against me. I wonder why?

>>> On May 5th 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed the following about Alaya Rahms' Self-Dismissed Lawsuit:
This is hilarious! I KNEW that this would be inconsequential! Ha ha ha, I am gonna have so much fun with this! Thanks SO much, Joe! LOL! :-)) (Reference)

Needless to say, to date, Sanjay has yet to "have so much fun with this".

>>> On June 21st, 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed, regarding the allegation that Dr. Naresh Bhatia Molested Females:
Bhatia did NOT molest women in the hospital he worked in. This is a typical propaganda lie put out by the Sai organisation and, unlike certain people, I have DOCUMENTED PROOF of it. In fact, I'm looking at it right now, LOL. :-) (Reference)

To date Sanjay has yet to provide his "DOCUMENTED PROOF".

>>> On October 25th, 2006 (on the QuickTopic forum) Sanjay claimed:
Plenty of people at GD emailed/PM'ed me about Gerald Homoreno's scandalous and unprovoked attacks against me which he made by e-bombing several members. Want proof? Have to wait sir, Sai Baba is my Number One priority. :-)

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge his "proof" against me.

See a pattern?

Practical Tips For Sanjay

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay recently posted an article by Brian Steel on the SSB2 Yahoo Group that is entitled, "Practical Tips on How NOT to Defend SB from Criticism". I happend to write a response to Steel's article on my January 2003 News Page.

Being inspired by Steel, I have compiled some "Practical Tips For Sanjay Dadlani On How NOT To Defend The Anti-Sai Movement From Criticism":

01) First of all, do not divulge the facts that you have a chronic drinking problem, love to mix drinks and throw up in your sink after getting drunk and then try to make sober arguments against Sathya Sai Baba: Reference

02) Secondly, do not attempt to take a moral and ethical stand against Sathya Sai Baba when you were caught secretly stalking innocent teenagers, mothers and female university students, taking pictures up their dresses and under tables and then posting over 300 pictures on them on a "private" blog for internet savvy people to find: Reference

03) Do not attempt to call Sathya Sai Baba a "homosexual" when you professed having homoerotic feelings and enjoyed running your fingers through another man's hair (while his head was laying on your lap) and enjoyed the experience so much, you blogged about it: Reference

04) Do not publicly request Jesus Pornography: Reference

05) Do not call Sathya Sai Baba's devotees "brainwashed" when you believe in scriptures that claims we live in a geocentric universe, the Sun is closer to the Earth than the Moon and that the entire universe ends just prior to Pluto: Reference

06) Do not criticize Sathya Sai Baba as a "pedophile" when you hold the view that there is nothing wrong with a picture of a child being sexually abused and you happen to believe that teen porn is "relatively legal" (implying that teenage consent is legitimate and valid). Also, do not claim you are a "porn investigator" when you are not: Reference

07) Do not blog about your desire to slice your flesh with razors to release your inner pain or contemplate suicide by licking the barrel of a gun with your tongue before you blow your brains out: Reference

08) Do not criticize Sathya Sai Baba's views on women when you think that girls and women are "sluts" and "bitches": Reference

09) Do not lie: Reference

10) Do not go around worshipping dolls as God incarnate and then confess that you are so full of hated and anger that you read the Satanic Bible and have Satanic Inclinations: Reference One - Reference Two

11) Do not purchase illegal drugs and make vile racist comments against black people: Reference

12) Do not hide your association with the Hare Krishnas (who happen to be listed on the very same cult pages that Anti-Sai Activists cite against Sathya Sai Baba). Also do not be ashamed of your Hare Krishna Gurus: Reference

13) Do not divulge your acute psychological problems on the internet: Reference

14) Do not try to present yourself as rational when you claim that people can literally "suck up" their semen from their testicles (via their spine), spread their semen "all over the brain" and thereby live to be thousands of years old. Also, do not claim that you met people who lived to be over 300 years of age: Reference

15) Do not post "merged" images of Sathya Sai Baba on your blog that you find to be funny and entertaining, but when the same thing is done to you, you whine like a crybaby and claim that merged images of you are "childish", "slanderous", "ridiculous" and "tarnishing your reputation": Reference

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

saibabaexposed Not Number One

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay recently wrote the following about me on his blog:

On May 11 2006, Gerald Moreno - my avid cyberstalker - wrote an extremely fanciful post that detailed his contemplations about the state of this blog. Under the ominous title of "SaiBabaExposed Blog Failing Fast", Gerald linked to my blog about IndianBloggers that discussed how I had reached the #1 position. It appears to me that some people are so blinded by their hatred and jealousy that they feel extremely bitter at seeing a simple measure of success. Gerald proceeded to make several untrue and false statements which we will comment on here. After commenting on my rise to #1, Gerald stated the following:

Sanjay's comments are based on my former blogged post entitled SaiBabaExposed Blog Failing Fast.

Funny how Sanjay is once again misinterpreting and misrepresenting my blogged post. Obviously Sanjay has been drinking again. First of all, my blogged post had to deal exclusively with Sanjay's blog ranking as it was listed on the site. My comments had nothing to do with Sanjay's statistics (as they are hidden and I can't comment on them). Sanjay boasted that his blog hit number one on the site. What Sanjay did not divulge, however, is that shortly thereafter, his blog rank slid all the way down to the number 4 position with the lowest rating given to any blog listed on that page! Sanjay got so excited, by his brief stay at number one, he exclaimed "time to break out the champagne" (whisky is more like it).

Sanjay trivialized the fact that there were "only" 21 registered sites. Most of these 21 registered sites get very little to no traffic (as can be verified by the recorded hits listed beside the blog entries). So it is of little surprise that Sanjay's blog managed to slither its way (very briefly) to the number one position. Sanjay gloated over this momentary (and rather insignificant) incident but ignored the fact that his blog didn't stay at the number-one position for even one day!

As a matter of fact, I listed my own blog on the site and my blog rapidly jumped to the 9th ranking in a matter of 1 week, even surpassing Sanjays SaiCopyCats blog!

When Sanjay realized how fast my blog was climbing the ranks, he immediately complained to the webmaster (whining and sniveling) to remove my blog (which the webmaster did). However, after personally speaking to the webmaster, he also removed Sanjay's blog (which is the reason why it is no longer listed there). Sangay failed to divulge all these facts because he is a sneaky, slimy and sleazy deceiver.
In any case, what Mr. Moreno doesn't realise is that on sites such as IndianBloggers and BlogTopSites, ratings do not affect a site's ranking. As such, the position of a blog in their repective indexes is determined by the total amount of unique hits that a site receives. The unique hits are tracked by the indexing bot and the index itself is updated several times a day with a complete reset carried out every week or so when all rankings return to zero. In short, a site's ranking is determined by the number of people who visit it within a certain time period, and this ranking can change several times a day.

Oh too funny! Sanjay just made a solid argument for why his blog briefly hit number one spot (i.e., because the rankings change several times a day). Sanjay's saibabaexposed blog never regained the number one spot. Consequently, Sanjay clung to his momentary and fleeting number-one ranking, screen-capturing it before it disappeared (which happened a few hours later)!
On the more hilarious side I have discovered that since Mr. Moreno wishes to carry on his cyberstalking activities by employing two stalkblogs all about me, he appears to have completely copied all of the methods that I have used to promote my own blog! For a start he has burned his own RSS Feed and made use of the accompanying promotional HTML codes to be used in advertising his stalkblog, even going so far as to register his stalkblog on BlogTopSites, that too in the 'religion' category! It makes me laugh to see my favourite critic defaming my blog and then copying my promotional strategies to advertise his own hate-blog against me.

Like the egotist he is, Sanjay seems to think that he is the only person who promotes his blog. Actually, I got my ideas for promoting my blog from the Konkani Catholic Blog (look at the section entitled "Subscribe To Feed" and at the very bottom of the page). Obviously it is Sanjay's deeply rooted psychological problems that makes him neurotically conclude that I am copying his methods to promote my blog. This couldn't be further from the truth. The BlogTopSites forum does not belong to Sanjay. There are literally thousands of blogs listed there and I see no reason why I can't list my blog there as well. Of course, Sanjay is a shady character who thinks everyone is stalking, watching and following him (he whines about this all the time). Perhaps Sanjay can show us which promotional strategies he is using that are unique to him alone? The fact remains that all of my "promotional methods" are very common and are used on numerous blogs.
Furthermore, he seems to make an issue out of the fact that I keep my blog statistics hidden from public view. This is likely the only truthful sentence in Mr. Moreno's entire diatribe and it deserves explanation; In the past Moreno has written critical articles about Exbaba.Com after viewing their public site statistics and similarly declaring the site as a "failure". When I registered this blog with Sitemeter, I decided to keep the statistics hidden from public view because I was suspicious of similar articles being written about this blog. It looks like I had nothing to worry about because the figures state that this blog is a wild success!

Sanjay is a pathological liar. To my knowledge, I have never made any comments about "site-statistics" on the Exbaba site and declared their site to be a "failure" (an alleged quote from me). Why doesn't Sanjay ever reference his comments? I can tell you why: Because Sanjay would rather mislead others with his poor memory and inaccurate paraphrasing than letting readers verify his claims first-hand. That's why. Sanjay's blog is not a "wild success"! What a wild exaggeration! As I stated before, my blog rapidly climbed up to the 9th spot within its first week of being listed on the site. Sanjay was so disturbed that my site was going to outrank his, he contacted the webmaster and had it removed (as the webmaster shared with me). Unfortunately for Sanjay, his complaint against my blog was directly responsible for the removal of his blog from (that's why it is not listed there anymore). Sanjay not only keeps his site statistics hidden for reasons of subterfuge, he also peruses my site using anonymous proxy servers (as he accidentally posted on the SSB2 Yahoo Group). The truth of the matter is that Sanjay has a lot to hide. This blog is testimony to that fact.
The story doesn't end here; out of sheer interest I decided to take a look at the statistics of Mr. Moreno's hateful stalkblog against me at BlogTopSites and this is what was reported: No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Mr. Moreno's stalkblog really does have zero visitors even after shamelessly copying my own promotional strategies. If that wasn't all, the situation has remained the same (at zero) for at least the last two weeks as I have been monitoring these statistics. Proof positive that, for all of his blathering, hateful and jealous ravings and rantings about me, no one even bothers to read any of his tripe. So whose blog is failing fast? :-)

Sanjay must be really dumb. The reason why the statistics show as "zero" is because I removed the counter-code for the BlogTopSites forum from my blog! Without the counter-code, no hits are recorded! Duh! Leave it to "Dumbo Dadlani" to distort the facts once again!

As a matter of fact, anyone can verify this for him/her self. Since you (the reader) are obviously visiting my blog, now go to BlogTopSites For SanjayDadlaniExposed and see if any hits were recorded there. They aren't. The number of total hits and total unique hits were from the prior time when I had the counter-code on my blog. There are no hits being recorded because I removed the counter-code snippet because BlogTopSite' downtime is ridiculous and leaves error images on my blog.

Dying But Still Not Dead

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

On the SathyaSaiBabaDiscussionClub Sanjay made some very amusing comments claiming that he was "dying". Sanjay misled everyone into thinking he was actually dying. As it turns out, Sanjay claimed the bliss, joy, love and compassion of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was killing him! lol
I'm Dying!

Here are some gems:
Reference: Hari I am dying, do you know that?

Reference: Believe me, talking about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is well worth it! He will give you joy in your heart that makes you want to sing, dance and cry all over the world. Just this past weekend I have been thinkiing about Him nonstop - and that is why my heart has suddenly become very light, which is hardly surprising considering His love and compassion. It's flowing out of my head everywhere. I'm actually dying slowly. Sanjay

Reference: No you misunderstood. I was simply referring to the joy I am feeling as of the past few days. It is "killing" me with it's sweet pain. Mahaprabhu is giving it. He is increasing vipralambha-bhava in me, I think. Regarding death, I also do not care for it. I can die or live, it is Krishna's will. Sanj

Reference: If you want to discuss it, I will be more than willing to. I love to talk about Chaitanya and Nitai. I can talk about Them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and STILL it is not enough. I have always felt like a Krishna-worshipper (God of Love) long before I knew what it was. That's great, but you must accept Him as He IS, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, above all. Anything less, and the path is diverted. I'll help you out. Ask away.:) are you really "dying" physically, or just in spirit? The joy that I am feeling is "killing" me with it's sweet pain. It is making me feel physically weak a little yes, but I am waiting to see what happens. Maybe Mahaprabhu is calling me. Never mind, I shall go gladly.

SO much love, praise and devotion for Chatianya, Nitai and Lord Krishna! SO much so, Sanjay thinks he is dying! lol

Fast forward a few years and Sanjay is still very much alive. Not only that, his former flowery devotion has become a necrotic and putrid mess, infested with maggots as can be seen by the public exposure of Sanjay's StreetBitches Blog, his Jesus Sex Fetish, his views on Child And Teen Pornography, his self-admitted Psychological Problems, his Disturbing Views About Women, his self-admitted Drinking Problems, his Satanic Inclinations, his Shocking Confessions, his Long And Established History As A Pathological Liar, his outward Denial Of His Own Hare Krishna Guru - Srila Prabhupada, his public Lie About Meeting Aghori Vimalananda, his Homoeroticism And Gender Confusion, his Inability To Keep A Girlfriend, his Pseudo-Devotee Posturing, his He-Man Inspired God Concept, his Lies About Being A Vegetarian, his weird claim that He Was Dying, his amusing Belief That Semen Can Be Sucked Up From The Testicles, Via The Spine, To The Brain and his Suicidal And Self-Injurious Statements.

Sanjay's alleged "dying" from "vipralambha-bhava" (maddening ecstasy caused by separation from God seen in supreme devotees like the Gopis) has now turned to "svadehaghata-bhava" (maddening ecstasy to kill one's self) and self-abusing tendencies. On his former killuminati blog, Sanjay said:

I wonder how thos people feel, those people who take a razor blade to themselves and cut their flesh. I wonder how it feels. I think I want to try that, if only as a release to this intense pain that I feel.

How quaintly romantic it would be to purchase a gun and put it into your mouth. Tasting the metal as you run your tongue around the barrel, close your eyes, and blow your brains out.

So now alcohol ain't gonnabe enough to deal with this shit? I need to progress to self-harm? What the fucking FUCK?!?! I'm losing touch with reality. Someone needs to save me. Who? No idea. Who? Someone, who? Mr. Motherfucker, I pray to be able to survive.

It is no wonder that I have started to feel full of rage, hate and anger. It is no wonder that I have started to seriously contemplate on and accept the possibility of the darker forces in life. It is no wonder that I have started to set my sights on the lower and fringe sections of society. It is no wonder that I read 'The Satanic Bible' by Anton Szandor LaVey. It is no wonder that I have started to lose my motivation and risk the future of several important life-projects that I am currently undertaking. It is no wonder that, to appease my tortured soul, I listen to metal. Not just any metal, mind you, Motorhead and a little Metallica is the stuff that oils my wheels these days. Regarding my taking a turn for all of this negativity, what else is there?

Scary. Very scary.

This is the guy who is the current mouthpiece for the Anti-Sai Movement and whose blog ( is promoted and cited by Ex-Devotees and Critics of Sathya Sai Baba.