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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pious Pretenses

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Hypocritical Public Posturing

On January 12th 2006, on the GaudiayaDiscussions site, Sanjay said:
Why is everybody so obsessed with sex?

Unknown to the other Gaudiya Vaishnavas on that forum, Sanjay was active on his StreetBitches Blog until December 2005 (and it was still online to March 2nd 2006)! Needless to say, Sanjay made around a thousand (maybe more) images of teenagers, mothers and university students (from his digicam) and posted 300+ of his favorite pictures on that blog! Sanjay also discussed his boot sex fetish in no uncertain terms. Sanjay said:
YES ALRIGHT! It should be obvious to you by now that I get off on three main things about women: Long hair, strappy shoes and knee-high boots. Miniskirts are always good...Of course personality counts for a lot, but come on, anyone gotta agree with me that its so much better if the female you're with is adorned (yes, adorned) with boots that reach right up to your knee. Who knows why it is so sexy? It just is! And I wouldn't wanna take 'em off either. The best sex anybody can ever have is kinky. Slightly kinky or mega-kinky, whichever works for you...Boots are great, they confer automatic sexiness on whoever wears them. A girl who wears boots has got Goddess Status. Just try it out and see girls, put on a pair of boots and see how many guys have their tongues hanging out licking the dirty pavement behind you, all willing to be your slave. But eh, its one of my fetishes so sue me. Otherwise seriously, some girls I totally RUINED them when they wore strappies in bed. God, they look so amazing and so horny. I'm not into feet, I'm into the shoes. The way the designer made these shoes so that they swirl perfectly around a girl's ankles is just PURE ECSTASY. Sometimes you come across a picture of a porn star (like Sylvia Saint, cough cough) or some other woman wearing these high-heels with straps that swirl themselves all the way up the girl's calves: Paradise. Last summer I was seriously into strappy shoes - I would have been anybody's slave if they wore strappy shoes - until the summer ended and everyone started wearing knee-high boots instead, ostensibly to cover up their legs. Does it mean that my fetishes are according to the latest fashion? The Permanency of People's Sexual Kinks - that would make an interesting psychological study, I'll say!

My earliest fantasies used to revolve around licking pussy - I was seriously into that then, too - and I know for a fact that I ain't THAT much into it now. Yes, you heard. My idea of having sex in those days was simply to go down on a girl and make her scream. Lucky girls eh. These days, muff-diving well, I'll do it but I ain't keen on it. Sorry. When I finally lost my virginity, it was to a girl who initially refused to do anything except suck dick, so I guess I was into that for a while. Who doesn't like a girl who sucks dick anyway? It was not like I had any choice though.

Later I did other things with this girl and that became fun, but the memory of those earliest oral pleasures have always stayed with me. She was a girl who had her own house and whose boyfriend was away for long periods. It was fun to go around to her house and fuck her while she was washing the dishes, she only lived up the road. The kitchen is such an inventive place to fuck; all sorts of positions can be got into and all sortsa things can be played with. This reminds me of a fantasy I had about two years ago. Picture this: a woman in the kitchen, doing whatever she's doing - cooking, making tea, whatever - and engrossed in that activity, completely naked except for high-heeled strappy shoes. Nothing too kinky about that, sorry to disappoint. But this fantasy didn't turn out to be REAL for you did it?! ;) And that girl constantly teased me about it by muttering "Clack clack" under her breath every time she saw me. It turned me on every time (Reference).

So what was that again about "Why is everybody so obsessed with sex?"

Scared Of Child Pornography!

On April 21st 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
I think I've seen this site before - or at least a similar one - when someone passed me the URL. I got so scared that this was child porn that I refused to enter the site. I still do, that site scares me (Ref: Post #51).

Sanjay is not "scared" of child pornography. As a matter of fact, Sanjay thinks there is nothing wrong with a picture of a child being sexually exploited and abused (Reference). Sanjay fully conceded that he did, in fact, receive "illegal porno pics". Since Sanjay stated that he felt teen porno was "relatively legal" and child porn was definitely "illegal", then Sanjay de facto admitted to receiving child pornography! Sanjay said:
When I did a little work experience for the IWF in 2001, I used many different emails and IDs, and carried out my research into many newsgroups. I did in fact receive illegal porn pics from some newsgroups which I duly reported to my seniors, which eventually led to the shutdown of those illegal newsgroups as per IWF policy. I didn't receive any pics from jesus and, frankly because well, I didn't receive any pics there. This is why the NG was judged as relatively "harmless" and was not shut down as per IWF policy. Any more questions, retardio?

Why would Sanjay lie about working for the IWF and about receiving illegal pornography (child porn) if he did not? Sanjay was not afraid to request Jesus Pornography. Nor was he afraid to link to illegal teen porn sites on his StreetBitches Blog. So when Sanjay said he was "scared" of entering a site that may have contained child pornography, he was putting on his pious, holier-than-thou clown act.

Never Touched Cannabis

On April 3rd 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
So where are all the recipes? 'Cannabis Cookbook'. One time I walked into a bookstore and I suddenly realised that there were a lot of cookbooks around all featuring 'green leaves'. I flicked through one of them and was astounded at the variety of recipes there were! Whoever knew that people could be so inventive. What's next, the Cannabis Diet? What a shame I couldn't put any of those recipes to use since I've never touched the stuff (Ref: Post # 35).

What is amusing about this post is that Sanjay admitted he purchased cannabis/marijuana (Reference) on his former killuminati blog (dated October 22nd 2005) under the post: "A Change Of Direction?". Sanjay said:
This young black motherfucker was there selling weed on the street without a care in the world. I had no idea what he was doing as I ignored his calls to me, but as I was heading back the same way I noticed that he was obviously selling something to this guy. Shit, he had a whole brick of weed and was pulling bits off and selling it. I got caught up in the moment and asked him for £10 worth. He looked at me with dismay and suggested that I should part with at least £20. I lied and told him that 10 was all I had. So he pulled off a bit and gave it to me, which I promptly put in my pocket. Of course I knew that I was carrying 2 20's in my wallet and so I pulled one out. I was half-scared that he might not have any change but he did, and so I went on my way. As soon as this went down, I suddenly realised the implications of what I had done; all of this was in full public view! This guy sitting at a table drinking coffee saw the whole thing, what if there were fucking cops around? Shit! But funnily enough, I kind of got off on the adrenalin of it all.

Vegetarian For 13 Years

On April 28th 2006, on the Gaudiya-Repercussions site, Sanjay said:
My (meat-eating) cousin recently got married to a vegetarian girl who decided to temporarily eat meat so as not to "upset" the balance of the household. She told me that after a few months she would go back to being vegetarian, but she consistently reported "changes in her way of thinking". I do realise that changes in the way of thinking can attributed to a number of factors, but it seems to be something of a common denominator among people who move from a vegetarian diet to a meat diet, and vice versa. It's also consistent with my own experience too, though I haven't eaten meat for nearly thirteen years. (Ref: Post #18)

Sanjay admitted (on his former, "private" killuminati blog) in 2004 & 2005 that he ate turkey, pork, rennet-infested cheese pizza, possibly KFC and relished the idea of sinking his teeth into juicy lamb shish kebabs (Reference)! Now, however, Sanjay Dadlani is trying to convince everyone that he has not eaten meat in 13 years.

As I said before, Sanjay is a Hypocrite Extraordinaire.

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