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Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Effeminancy" On Wikipedia?

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

On Sanjay's blog against me, he said:
I couldn't help laughing to myself when reading Gerald Moreno's user page on Wikipedia. Take a look for yourself: Can you believe it? This guy is so outrageously gay. Drowning in an ocean of his own conceit, he actually believes that people may want to talk to him or even email him!

Below is the screencap that Sanjay gasped about:

The text reads:
This is a personal page. Please do not edit it. Want to see what I am discussing? Go To My Talk Page. Want to drop me a line? Email Me.

That's it!

Poor Sanjay! Such a pitiful and lamentable person! I can't help but to wonder why Sanjay has a flaming and unremitting tendency to homosexualize everything I say. Personally, I think Sanjay is projecting his inherent homosexuality onto me. As funny (and as sad) as it may sound, Sanjay's God-Concept was actually assimilated from the fictional cartoon character He-Man! After becoming devoted to Lord Krishna, Sanjay posted excited smily faces (like this one: ) and orgasmically extolled Krishna's "bulging biceps"! See for yourself.

Sanjay also likes Batman (coincidentally, he has bulging muscles too) and apparently loves to watch Elvis swing and gyrate his hips. Sanjay even claimed that after watching (actual quote) "a niiiiiiiiiiice 2-hour programme on TV about Elvis", he felt (actual quote) "Elvissy"! How gay is that? lol

Sanjay has an unhealthy obsession with me, stalks me and cannot stop fantasizing about me being a homosexual. This is no surprise considering Sanjay's homoeroticism, gender confusion and his incestuous homoerotic feelings for his own cousin!

Sanjay also babbled about my flower pic:
I also noticed the following change in Moreno's Wikipedia profile. In the 'About Me' section, he has simply uploaded a close-up picture of a flower!

The world has ended! I posted a picture of a FLOWER! Of all things! Of course, when Sanjay posted over 300 pictures of teenagers, mothers and Middlesex University Students (secretly taken up their dresses and under tables) on his StreetBitches Blog, calling them "bitches" and "sluts", he thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with those pictures! Apparently, Sanjay has become SO pathetic, he has nothing better to do with his time than to whine, snivel and babble about a flower pic I put on my Wikipedia page and homosexualize my words!

This type of deviant behavior towards me is the very same type of deviant behavior that Sanjay exhibits toward Sathya Sai Baba. Very revealing, if you ask me.

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