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Monday, May 29, 2006

A Seminal Discussion On Ojas, Urdhvaretas And Kishore Dadlani

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani:
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

On (under the name "Azra'iL" - Angel of Death) Sanjay claimed:
"The term 'urdhvaretas' refers to a person who preserves ojas and instead of being dissipated through the penis, it is sucked upwards via the spine and spread out all over the brain, which will enable the practitioner to acquire all of those benefits mentioned above."

On the SathyaSaiBaba2 yahoo Group, Sanjay cited 6 sources to defend his comments on "urdhvaretas" and how semen is "drawn up" from the testicles, via the spine, to the brain (no kidding): Reference.

Sanjay also made some very amusing comments on the former website about this very topic. These posts prove that Sanjay is a habitual and chronic liar who went as far as to claim that he met and studied under Aghori Vimalananda in 1998 (Reference). The only problem with this claim is that Aghori Vimalananda died in 1983 when Sanjay was 5 years old! Click Here for a full exposé on Sanjay's "Vimalananda Lie". Kishore Dadlani said:
"I am actually interested in conserving my semen, and especially my store of ojas. The benefit of my past training in various Tantrika schools and other philosophies (including Kundalini Yoga) has taught me that the conservation of semen is a most important thing. It is actually an art. If you conserve your semen PROPERLY, you can live to be thousands of years old. That is, if you want to. Personally I don't want the hassle, I have better things to work for. Sheesh, now I'm starting to sound like Vimalananda.."

"Physical brahmacharya may be good, however, mental brahmacharya is the key. Even thinking of sex with women will cause the penis to drip something that is known in lay terms as 'pre-cum'. This pre-cum is actually the revered ojas that is in fact a liquid form of your own life-force."

"The real key to sadhana is to not think of women at all, let alone sex. This makes me wonder about the incident between Lord Caitanya and Junior Haridas. What exactly did Junior Haridas do? Look at a woman? Obviously this is a very deep topic, but it is plainly obvious that celibacy brings very great benefits if you know all the tricks of the trades. Otherwise what is the point of performing so many austerities without knowing how to get the benefit."

First of all, Sanjay's "mental brahmacharya" is so well maintained, he ended up creating a StreetBitches Blog to vent his sexual frustrations! What was that again about "the real key to sadhana is to not think of women at all, let alone sex"? lol Yes, celibacy brought "great benefits" to Sanjay. It turned him into a uncontrollable and raging boot fetishist, Jesus fetishist, porn pervert, defender of teen porn and a stalker of innocent teenagers, women, mothers and students! Sanjay even referred to the mothers he exploited on his StreetBitches Blog as "MILF's" (an acronym for "Mothers I'd Like to F*ck"). Enough said.

Secondly, there is no proof that semen can travel from the testicles to the brain via the spinal cord. "Pre-cum" (as Sanjay referred to it) is actually pre-ejaculatory fluid. It is always secreted before an ejaculation and comes exclusively from the bulbourethral glands (Cowper's glands). The anatomy of these glands is well known and well documented and there are no vestibules, ducts or tubes that connect the testicles or the bulbourethral glands with the spinal cord, the brain or anything other than the reproductive system. Therefore, there is no empirical or objective data to support the erroneous claim that the practice of urdhvaretas "draws up" semen from the testicles to the brain. Anyone who believes this, will believe anything. Of course, Sanjay is a Hare Krsna wannabee who pubicly defends scriptures that say we live in a geocentric universe and that the Sun is closer to the Earth than the Moon! So it really shouldn't come as a shock that Sanjay believes that semen can be sucked up from the testicles to the brain. lol

Based on Sanjay's past (and very predictable) behavior, there is little doubt that he will neurotically start claiming I have a "semen fetish" and will start obsessing about it (like he does about feces, piss and homosexuality) and will begin posting it everywhere he can. Updates will be forthcoming.

Oh, and by the way, Sanjay also claimed that he met "sadhus in India who lived to be over 300 years old". *rolls eyes*

As I said many times before, Sanjay is the laughing stock of the Anti-Sai movement.


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