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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Meat Eating Vegetarian

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay said on his saibabaexposed blog (in Nov. '05):

This year I have successfully completed 12 years as a vegetarian. Even now, close friends and family are still amazed as they remember the shocking change...So while I understand the "addiction" of meat and the reluctance to give it up, I can conclusively state that life is much better and healthy without meat.

On May 30 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Nu Metal":
Before that, I felt a bit hungry, so I stopped into Quizno's at the Plaza for a quick turkey & guacamole sub. It was nice, but I'm not very keen on these sub things.

On May 25 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Trains Jesus Girls Sex Rant":
Now I felt a bit hungry. I remembered that there was a lil restaurant up the Plaza that sold subs. I noticed that Pizza Hut had a £5.49 buffet lunch deal going on, but surprisingly enough I didn't feel like pizza since I had already decided I wanted a sub...Too bad I fogot how much I hate ham, it was terrible but edible. I decided that I would definitely pick something different next time I went back there.

On December 24 2004, Dadlani said under his former killuminati blog, post "Blog Revival":
For some reason I just feel like eating some serious meat. I'm in the mood for a juicy lamb shish kebab but I guess I will have to make do with KFC tomorrow if we don't go to that Chinese buffet place. I think I'll warm up some pizza right now.

On Sanjay's former Streebitches Blog, Sanjay took a picture of a woman wearing boots in a KFC Restaurant. Now what is Sanjay doing in Kentucky Fried Chicken, ordering food, if he is a vegetarian and a Bhaktivedanata Hare Krishna Congregational Member?

Sanjay already conceded that he is a huge fan of Pizza Hut and orders their cheese pizza often. What Sanjay obviously fails to understand is that cheese is made with rennet and Sanjay is literally feasting on cheese products that are coagulated with an ingredient taken from the lining of a slaughtered calve's stomach! Hare Krishna!

Sanjay admitted (on his former "private" blog) he ate turkey, pork, rennet-infested cheese pizza and possibly KFC and relished the idea of sinking his teeth into juicy lamb shish kebabs. Now, however, Sanjay Dadlani is trying to convince everyone that he has not eaten meat in 12 years.

The lies never end from Sanjay Dadlani.

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