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Saturday, February 21, 2009

NeuroWhoa - Hesitant Iconoclast - Neuronerd - Brainiac

NeuroWhoa - Hesitant Iconoclast - Neuronerd - Brainiac
“Mad Neuroscientist, Crackpot, Enfant Terrible”

Sanjay Dadlani has been actively attempting to cover-up and suppress any and all internet sources that may lead readers to unsavory information about him (especially in relation to his proven defamations, libels, sexual deviancy, perversions and involvement in the Sai Controversy). For example, Sanjay Dadlani has subsequently changed his Azra‘iL (Angel Of Death) nic on the Gaudiya-Repercussions website to “Brainiac” and also changed his featured blog from “SaiBabaExposed” to “NeuroWhoa!”. Sanjay Dadlani also deactivated public access to several of his blogs (which contained graphic, sexually perverse and defamatory material) and even blocked access to them from

Blogger does not automatically block access to Only the blog webmaster can request to block access to his/her blog. For example, see the result for SanjayDadlaniExposed. Apparently, Sanjay Dadlani has much to fear (and with good reason).

Sanjay Dadlani’s other blogs, however, are still available on the internet and can be traced directly to him. These blogs reveal Sanjay Dadlani’s venom, vitriol and bold-faced hypocrisy (especially in relation to his pseudo-Hare-Krishna-devotee posturing). The following blogs are publicly accessible as of February 21st 2009:

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This is the disgusting truth about Sanjay Kishore Dadlani, aka “NeuroWhoa” aka “Hesitant Iconoclast” aka “Neuronerd” aka “Brainiac” aka “Ekantik” aka “Gaurasundara” aka “Gaurasundara Das” aka “H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda” aka “Jay” aka “saiexposed420” aka “Dark Knight” aka “Azra‘iL”, etc., etc., etc.

Sanjay should change his name from “NeuroWhoa!” to “Neurotic Woe!”

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