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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog Index Of Articles This Month

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Blog Index Of Articles For November 2006:

Exposure Of Vir Sanghvi:
- The Truth About Vir Sanghvi

Exposing Anti-Sai Bias:
- BBC 'Secret Swami' Programme Bias
- Michelle Goldberg Bias
- Paul Lewis, The Guardian & The Anti-Sai Hack Job
- To Flip-Flop Or Not To Flip Flop?

Sanjay's Gay Bashing Backfires In His Face:
- Sanjay Worships Pink, Girly & Gay Gods
- Bhaktivedanta Manor, Sanjay Dadlani And 3G
- Pink Is In. Sanjay Isn't.
- Sanjay's Pink G-String

- Sanjay Dadlani The Energizer Braggart
- Sanjay Rekindling His Love For Sathya Sai Baba
- Sanjay's Disgusting Feces Obsession
- Sanjay's "Stalking" Paranoia
- Sanjay's "Direct Experience" Of Sathya Sai Baba's Godhood
- Sanjay's Christian Supporter
- Bow Or Bow-Wow?

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- Blog Index Of Articles For October 2006:
- Blog Index Of Articles (Dec 05 - Sept 06)

The Truth About Vir Sanghvi

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay recently referred to Vir Sanghvi's Anti-Sai article entitled, "The Truth About Sathya Sai Baba", which he found on a Hare Krishna site. Apparently Sanjay is lagging behind because I already fully responded to the article before he mentioned it. The following is my response:

Vir Sanghvi Menu (click on a link to go to relevant section):
Introduction To The Indian Journalist Vir Sanghvi
Vir Sanghvi's "Counterpoint" Columnist Article
Did Sathya Sai Baba Just Celebrate His 80th Birthday?
Did Sathya Sai Baba Engage In Questionable Behavior With "little boys"?
Are The Homosexual Allegations "too numerous to dispute"?
Is There A List Of Western Complainants That Run "into triple figures"?
Can All Of Sathya Sai Baba's Miracles Easily Be Performed By Conjurors?
In Conclusion

Introduction To The Indian Journalist Vir Sanghvi:
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Vir Sanghvi is an Indian journalist who is a staunch critic of Sathya Sai Baba. He is currently the editorial director for the Hindustan Times (which may explain why they almost exclusively report negative information about Sathya Sai Baba), former editor for Sunday, former consulting editor for Anada Bazaar Patrika, former editor for Imprint, founder-editor for Bombay Magazine and currently writes a Counterpoint weekly column in the Hindusan Times. Vir Sanghvi was allegedly educated at Mayo College, Ajmer and Oxford University, is reputed as being one of the youngest editors in India and is also a television personality.

Don't let all of these credentials fool you. Vir Sanghvi is willing to compromise his integrity and reputation as a journalist by resorting to disrespectable research, bias and sensationalistic propaganda to promote his views against Sathya Sai Baba.

Vir Sanghvi's "Counterpoint" Columnist Article:
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On November 25th 2006, Vir Sanghvi wrote a Counterpoint columnist article in the Hindustan Times entitled "The Truth About Sathya Sai Baba". Not only did Vir Sanghvi not know that Sathya Sai Baba turned 81 (he claimed Baba turned 80), he admitted that he is "not big on Sathya Sai Baba" and referred to him as the "old boy".

In his Counterpoint article, Vir Sanghvi made the following inaccurate claims about Sathya Sai Baba:

  1. Sathya Sai Baba just celebrated his 80'th birthday.

  2. There is a "sordid controversy" about Sathya Sai Baba engaging in questionable behavior with "little boys".

  3. The homosexual allegations against Sathya Sai Baba are "too numerous to dispute".

  4. That the list of Western complainants runs "into triple figures".

  5. All of Sathya Sai Baba's miracles can easily be performed by conjurors.

Did Sathya Sai Baba Just Celebrate His 80th Birthday?
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The answer is "no". Sathya Sai Baba just celebrated his 81st birthday. Nice double-checking there, Mr. Vir Sanghvi.

Did Sathya Sai Baba Engage In Questionable Behavior With "little boys"?
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Those opposing Sathya Sai Baba wage an unremitting smear campaign against him that accuses him of "serial pedophilia" and the sexual abuse of "boys" and "children". These allegations are fallacious, unsustantiated and wholly untrue. There are no testimonies from "boys", "children" or parents of children that support the erroneous claim that Sathya Sai Baba is a pedophile who engaged in sexual interactions with children. To date, there are no court cases, police complaints, affidavits, public grievances or lawsuits from any parent alleging that Sathya Sai Baba sexually abused his/her child. Not even one single legitimate complaint. Sathya Sai Baba has never been charged with any crime, has never been convicted of any crime and has never had even one single complaint lodged against him, first-hand, by any alleged victim (child, teenager, parent or adult) in India.

Vir Sanghvi cannot cite even one single police complaint or court case that supports his erroneous claim that Sathya Sai Baba engaged in questionable behavior with "little kids". One would think that a journalist of Vir Sanghvi's calibre would have the basic integrity to research and confirm allegations before publishing unsupported opinions, speculations and conspriacy theories in the Hindustan Times. To date, neither Vir Sanghvi or anyone else have been able to confirm even one single case where Sathya Sai Baba engaged in questionable behavior with "little kids".

Are The Homosexual Allegations "too numerous to dispute"?
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To support his claim that the homosexual abuse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba are "too numerous to dispute", Vir Sanghvi suggested that one enter "Sathya Sai Baba" and "homosexuality" into a Google search. Because there are almost 18,000 returns, Vir Sanghvi concluded that these allegations are "too numerous to dispute" and some of these allegations must be true. What kind of journalist bases facts and figures on Google results? This is not only shabby research, it is poor journalism.

For example, enter "George Bush" and "homosexuality" into a Google search and you will get an astounding 1,250,000 (plus) returns: View Results. Enter "Jesus" and "homosexuality" into a Google search and you will get an astounding 1,300,000 (plus) returns: View Results. Enter "Mother Teresa" and "homosexuality" into a Google search and you will get 330,000 (plus) returns: View Results. Using Vir Sanghvi's lamentable logic, one must conclude that some of these results are indicative that George Bush, Jesus and Mother Teresa engaged in acts of homosexuality. What kind of journalist uses this type of propaganda as "evidence" against others? In my opinion, the only type of journalists who engage in this type of low-class propaganda are tabloid journalists who care less for facts and care more for sensationalism and fiction.

Furthermore, enter "Vir Sanghvi" and "homosexuality" into a Google search: View The 500+ Results. Enter "Vir Sanghvi" and "stupid" into a Google search: View The 1,300+ Results. Enter "Vir Sanghvi" and "offensive" into a Google search: View The 1,200+ Results. Enter "Vir Sanghvi" and "corrupt" into a Google search: View The 1,000+ Results. Enter "Vir Sanghvi" and "bias" into a Google search: View The 1,100+ Results.

Since Vir Sanghvi is not an internationally revered guru like Sathya Sai Baba (who has millions of followers), these results are high for one person. Are we to conclude that Mr. Sanghvi engaged in acts of "homosexuality" and that he is "stupid", "corrupt", "biased" and "offensive" based on Google's results? Using Sanghvi's standard, the answer is "yes". After all this is the standard and "evidence" that he attempted to use against Sathya Sai Baba. Why can't others use the same standard against Mr. Sanghvi?

For those who are not gullible, naive or sensationalists, Google's results are not indicative of guilt, evidence, complaints, behavior or anything else for that matter. Google's results simply return webpages (many duplicates) with all possible combinations of keywords located on any given webpage. This explains the Google results obtained for George Bush, Jesus and Mother Teresa. This also explains why Vir Sanghvi had 500+ Google results when his name was combined with the word "homosexuality".

Is There A List Of Western Complainants That Run "into triple figures"?
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I am not aware of any list composed of Westerner complainants that "runs into triple figures". Where did Vir Sanghvi obtain this information from?

On the sites run by ex-devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, they provide a list of alleged sexual abuse victims. The list is composed of sixteen names (many are fake names). That's it. See For Yourself. All of these alleged victims (except one 16 year old) are adults 18 to 31 years of age. No "little boys" are listed. Perhaps Mr. Sanghvi could inform us as to which reliable source he viewed to support his claim that there is a "list of complainants" that runs "into triple figures" (for Westerners only)?

It is my strong suspicion that Vir Sanghvi is either referring to the bogus online-petition against Sathya Sai Baba on (in which anyone can submit multiple fake entries under multiple fake names) or he is referring to Robert Priddy's bogus list of "Prominent Ex-Devotees Of Sai Baba" (a majority who were never "fondled" by Sathya Sai Baba and whose names were mostly lifted from the bogus online-petition website). Why is it that a notable journalist like Vir Sanghvi cannot back up his claims with verifiable and reliable sources? Are these the low standards that Vir Sanghvi must utilize in order to promote his Anti-Sai bias and poorly-constructed arguments in the Hindustan Times? Sadly, this appears to be the case.

Can All Of Sathya Sai Baba's Miracles Easily Be Performed By Conjurors?
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Mr. Sanghvi claimed that "every single one" of Sathya Sai Baba's miracles can be easily performed by even "moderately-talented conjurors". Although it is true that any alleged materialization that Sathya Sai Baba performs will be inextricably tied to doubt, I have yet to see any "conjuror" who can heal people from incurable diseases, appear to people all around the world (in dreams, visions and physical form) and manifest vibuthi, amrita, kumkum, tumeric, holy water, mishri, coins, statues of gods and goddesses, siva lingams, crystals, gems, fragrances, flowers, lights, and various other substances on the altars of devotees all around the world and in the privacy of their own homes (like Sathya Sai Baba is reputed as doing).

There are literally thousands of such stories and first-hand accounts. Even some ex-devotees (to this day) still attest to Sathya Sai Baba's paranormal abilities.

The following links show a small sampling of manifestations and materializations typically associated with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. These manifestations occur in the privacy of devotee's homes all around the world, thousands of miles away from Sathya Sai Baba's physical form. Any "conjuror" up to duplicating these alleged miracles?:

In Conclusion:
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I think Mr. Vir Sanghvi owes Sathya Sai Baba an apology and should immediately retract his erroneous, inaccurate and dishonest comments until a time comes when he can factually document his current speculations and assumptions with verifiable, accurate and truthful data from reliable and reputable sources. The style of Vir Sanghvi's article is emotional, as opposed to objective. This behavior is not what one would expect from the editorial director of the Hindustan Times. Or is it?

The internet version of Vir Sanghvi's article allows for people to submit responses. Although several responses (pro and con) were published, mine was not, hence this webpage. Just more proof of the suppression and dictator-like control weilded by Vir Sanghvi on the Hindustan Times and his abject failure to accept responsiblity for his blind guesswork, second-rate research, overemotionalism and ludicrous claims against Sathya Sai Baba.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sanjay Worships Pink, Girly & Gay Gods

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay has a big problem with the color pink. Sanjay repeatedly associated the color pink with homosexuality and made frequent homosexual-slurs against me because I chose the pink template used on this blog. As a matter of fact, Sanjay said:
WHEREAS Gèrald Morèno has recently re-formatted his stalkblog in a neon pink theme,...I have hereby concluded that Gèrald 'Joe' Morèno is a homosexual.

Not only does Sanjay have a problem with the color pink, he also recently started attacking Sathya Sai Baba as being a "girly" and "gay" God. Funny enough, Sanjay completely ignored (and continues to ignore) the fact that the Bhaktivedanta Manor deities (that he worships as God Incarnate) are not only extremely "girly" and "gay", they are often dressed in effeminate pastel colors, including pink! I blogged about this on my former article entitled Bhaktivedanta Manor, Sanjay Dadlani And 3G.

Now, let us take a look at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Deities of RadhaKrishna and Lord Ramachandra all dressed in pink:

Lord Krishna And Radharani Wearing "Girly" and "Gay" Pink and Hot Pink Attire:
01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

Lord Ramachandra, Lakshmana, Sita And Hanuman All Wearing "Girly" and "Gay" Pink And Hot Pink Attire (Notice the hair on Rama and Lakshmana: Would look like Sathya Sai Baba's hair if the headpieces were removed):
01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Funny enough, ALL of Sanjay's homosexual slurs about the color pink and "girly" and "gay" Gods are now directed to the very deities that Sanjay bows to, prays to and worships as God Incarnate! One must remember that Sanjay himself admitted that he is a Bhaktivedanta Manor congregational member and that he literally gets down on his hand and knees and bows to these deities (see: Bow Or Bow-Wow?).

Is it just me or does it sound rather queer that Sanjay (the self-professed "complete studmuffin" among men) ceaselessly mocks others as being "homosexuals", "girly" and "gay" yet expressed the desire to wear a Pink G-String and himself worships effeminate-looking male deities (replete with earrings, rings, necklaces, wigs, lipstick, nail-polish, eyeliner, sparkle make-up around the eyes, jingling bell-anklets, bracelets, bangels, toe-rings, butterfly and flower barrettes, pearls, flowery garlands, shawls, colorful decorations and elaborate head-pieces)?

Couple all these facts with Sanjay's orgasmic gushing about Lord Krishna's Biceps, his passion for Elvis Presley, his acknowlegement of having homosexual friends, his sexual attraction for Jesus Christ, his fantasies of males sexually desiring him, his incestuous homoeroticism, his gender confusion and homoerotic confession for Kiedis, his views that He-Man is "very powerful", "handsome" and was his "ultimate role model" and everything seems to take on a very homo-erotic and very hypocritical tone. Don't you agree?

Sanjay is full of contradictions and he miserably fails to live up to the same standards he continually uses to measure Sathya Sai Baba with.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sanjay Rekindling His Love For Sathya Sai Baba

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

On the QuickTopic forum and on his blog, Sanjay recently admitted that he attended Sathya Sai Baba's birthday celebrations in London! Sanjay said:
By the way, I went along to the birthday celebrations here in London just to check it out. Just the usual platitudes and shit, nothing new.

Don't ask me why, but I just thought it would be fun to attend the 81st Birthday (2006) celebrations here in London...Just to stick the knife in, I also got photos taken of myself with top-level Sai Organisation. ;-)

As I have said many times before, Sanjay not only stalks Sathya Sai Baba, he also has an unhealthy obsession with him as well. WHY would Sanjay feel even remotely inclined to attend Sathya Sai Baba's birthday celebrations in London when he ceaselessly labels him as a "homosexual pedophile" and a "faggot"? Mind you, at these birthday celebrations Baba's pictures are everywhere, movies are shown about him, songs are sung in his praise and all the talk revolves around him! WHY would Sanjay throw himself in the middle of all that?

It seems to me that Sanjay has hidden and secret desires to see Sathya Sai Baba and hear songs sung in his praise. Sanjay's life revolves around Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sanjay tracks every news article pertaining to Sathya Sai Baba, devoted a blog to Sathya Sai Baba, searches the internet for information and pictures about Sathya Sai Baba, is regularly informed about the events surrounding Sathya Sai Baba and now he attended Sathya Sai Baba's birthday celebrations in London! Sanjay also blogged the following:
Whoop-de-doo, I am regularly informed about happenings in Puttaparthi and I knew about these events weeks in advance.

Sounds devotee-ish? Doesn't it?

As a matter of fact, Sanjay seemed to admit that he is a "wicked person" who is devoted to Sathya Sai Baba through hate. Sanjay posted the following quote at the end of his posts on the SSB2 Yahoo Group:
"For [the] Lord, both abuse and praise have no meaning. However, in the world many persons secure liberation Moksha by abusing the Lord, many other achieve salvation by adoring God ... But wicked persons achieve liberation more easily than those who love the Divine. The wicked person achieves merger in the Divine very quickly." - Sathya Sai Baba, 9th September 1992

Sounds to me like someone is rekindling a past love affair.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bhaktivedanta Manor, Sanjay Dadlani And 3G

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani (aka "Gaurasundara") has developed a new-found sensitivity for "girly and gay gods" and thinks that since Sathya Sai Baba wears "dresses every day" (they are actually gowns/robes) he is a "cross-dresser transvestite drag queen" who is "androgyne". On the QuickTopic forum, Sanjay said:

Now Sai Baba is known as 3G. :-) No, this is not the cool abbreviation for third-generation mobile phones, it stands for the 3 Gs: Girly Gay God....Last but not least, Sai Baba is an androgyne. Since he started his mission in 1943 (not 1940, lol), he has been a cross-dresser transvestite drag queen who still wears dresses every day! Yes, go and worship your light of the world. 3G = Girly Gay God. Lol. I feel nothing but pity for your faggot-worship.

What is amusing about Sanjay's comments is that he is a self-professed Hare Krishna Congregational Member who prostrates, sings, prays, worships and offers repeated obeisances to the deities of Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in the UK. This is the same temple where Sanjay claimed he was (sexually?) abused and whose president (Gauridas) personally told me, "Shocking...Whatever connections he (Sanjay Kishore Dadlani) has professed to have with ISKCON are fictitous. Therefore do not link him to Bhaktivedanta Manor!"

At the Bhaktivedanta Manor, both of the deities of Radha-Krishna wear elaborate, embroidered and effeminate-looking dresses (mostly in pastels), earrings, rings, necklaces, wigs, lipstick, nail-polish, eyeliner, sparkle make-up around the eyes, jingling bell-anklets, bracelets, bangels, toe-rings, butterfly and flower barrettes, pearls, flowery garlands, shawls, colorful decorations and elaborate head-pieces!

The following links are pictures of deities at the Hare Krishna Bhaktivedanata Manor (the temple Sanjay attends in the UK). These are the alleged non-"gayish" and non-"girly" deities that Sanjay prostates to, prays to and fervently worships as God Incarnate:

Lord Krishna (male): Examples:
Examples: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

Radha-Krishna (male on left, female on right):
Examples: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

Lord Krishna's Feet With Anklets, Toe Rings, Nail Polish, etc. (male):
Examples: 01 - 02 - 03

Click Here To View All BhaktiVedanata Manor Pictures

After looking at all these pictures, it is nothing less than utter absurdity and sheer hypocrisy for Sanjay to point his pudgy, self-righteous fingers at Sathya Sai Baba and accuse him of being a "Girly Gay God". Especially when the deities Sanjay worships and prostates to are extremely "girly" and profoundly "gayish". These deities look like they just emerged from the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Although I have never given it much thought before one could certainly reason (especially like the Indian Rationalists that Sanjay superficially sides with, although he is a Gaudiya Vaishnava) that these marble deities are dressed like "cross-dresser transvestite drag queens" who are "androgyne". I have met many people who thought Lord Krishna was a woman and who could not tell the difference between Lord Krishna and Radharani. This is because Lord Krishna is usually depicted as a very effeminate male. Here is a popular picture of Lord Krishna that proves my point:

Why does Sanjay worship such effeminate looking deities in the first place if he is so offended by and sensitive to "girly" and "gay"-looking gods?

Putting aside Sanjay's indirect mocking of the "girly" and "gay" gods at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, he also implied that these deities are lifeless marble stones that are devoid of any living presence! Hare Krishna! Sanjay said:
Oh by the way, remember that when Moreno blasphemes Hindu religion, he is talking about marble deities. When I am laughing my ass off at Sai Baba, I am talking about a living breathing human being who wears dresses every day since 1945.

Sanjay just "blasphemed" his own Hindu religion when he contrasted a "living breathing human being" with "marble deities" that are apparently lifeless and do not embody any living presence! Why should I say anything against the worship of stone dolls when Sanjay just made the case for me? Apparently, Sathya Sai Baba is not allowed to wear a gown/robe but stone deities that are worshipped as God Incarnate can wear effeminate dresses, make-up, jewelry, etc., and it is actually encouraged and eulogized!

Although Sanjay was quick to accuse me of "blaspheming" his Hindu religion (as he often does), he is feigning self-righteous religious fervor. Sanjay publicly defends and promotes the Anti-Sai Activists Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard, both who explicitly "blasphemed" Gaudiya Vaishanvas, Hare Krishnas, Hindus and their scriptures when they said that people who believe in the Ramayana are "backward intellectually" "ignorant peasants" who believes in "impossible concocted stories of the 'Superman' kind" (Reference). Needless to say, Sanjay casually dismissed these comments and was not offended by them whatsoever! Sanjay is a religious hypocrite who is willing to compromise his own religious beliefs when it comes to Sathya Sai Baba. Let one Sai devotee or proponent say one word remotely critizing Sanjay's religious beliefs and he gnashes his teeth, foams at the mouth and cries "blasphemy". However, when Anti-Sai Activists directly, unequivocally and explicitly attack Sanjay's religious beliefs, he is wholly unconcerned and ignores it.

Sanjay has a very strange sexual obsession with Sathya Sai Baba. What is disturbing about this is that Sanjay has a proven sexual obsession with Jesus Christ and a proven sexual obsession with boots and strappy shoes. Factor in Sanjay's orgasmic salivations over Lord Krishna's Biceps, his Disgusting Feces Obsession and the numerous exposures against him (Refs: 01 - 02) and everything reeks of deviancy, hypocrisy and perversity.

If it moves like a snake, looks like a snake, slithers like snake and hisses like a snake, it's a snake. Sanjay (the snake of the Anti-Sai Movement) keeps slithering, hissing and spitting venom at everything that moves, including his own religion. All I have to do is say a few words and watch Sanjay self-destruct in a fit of anger and bitterness. Sanjay has solidly situated himself between a rock and a hard marble deity. I say "3G" across the board. So what do you say, Sanjay?

(P.S.: For Bhaktivedanta Members who may still be unsure as to Sanjay's identity, he is the author of the Gaurasundara Blog, which has his picture displayed on it.)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sanjay's Disgusting Feces Obsession

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

For those who are familiar with Sanjay and his weird obsessions, fascinations and perversions, it will come as no surprise that Sanjay has a deeply rooted and disgusting fascination for feces.

To begin with, Sanjay went on a hissing and shrieking rampage accusing me of having a "fascination for faecal material" and being a "toilet sex pervert" because I used the word "poo" 14 times in my article about Jody Radzik (the Guruphiliac webmaster). Although Jody Radzik specifically used the words "poop" and "shit" to make his arguments against Gurus, Sanjay thought nothing of Jody's reference to fecal material. However, when I used the word "poo" 14 times (out of a 5,484 word article or a .0025% word density percentage), Sanjay irrationally and neurotically concluded that I was a "toilet sex pervet" that had a "fascination for fecal material"! This speaks volumes for Sanjay's filthy and pig-like tendency to soil others with his own sewer-like mentality.

Here are some of Sanjay's accusations against me because I used the word "poo" in my article about the Guruphiliac Webmaster and because Rasa von Werder (an alleged former porn star with whom I have never spoken or associated myself with) linked her own critical webpage about Jody Radzik to my critical webpage about him. Sanjay said (typos left in tact):
...perverted sexual fetish for faeces...

SEXUALLY SIGUSTING PERVERSIONS for his urine and faeces fetish.

It makes me laugh to see how he continues to point out fault sin other peopel (and stalk other people now) when his own disgusting sexual proclivities with references to faeces and urine have been exposed, proclaiming as arguably the most disgusting pervert ever!

...disgusting toilet sex fascinations evidenced by his own writings about anuses and faeces...

Moreno is a toilet sex porn pervert who dreams about people's faeces and anuses...

DOCUMENTED facination for faeces and anuses...

Is Gerald a coprophiliac? I actua Yes?

Nope, sorry pal. I don't do faeces, you do.

He also fantasizes about anuses and faeces by virtue of his connection with Rasa von Werder, an ex-porn star who makes disgusting pronographic movies feauturing scenes of urination and simulation of eating excrement.

(Reference For All The Quotes Above)

One is left to wonder how exactly Sanjay found out that Rasa made pornographic movies that involved "scenes of urination and simulations of eating excrement" if he did not watch the porn-movies himself? Sanjay apparently obtained Rasa's porn movies and watched every "disgusting" second of it, documenting "scenes of urination and the simulation of eating excrement".

Perhaps Sanjay will try to rationalize viewing Rasa's porn as his job for the IWF? Perhaps Sanjay will resort to the excuse that he was "curious" whether or not her porn movie really had porn or whether it was an innocent movie flick (as he similarly tried to do in justifying his requests for Jesus, Biblical and Disney Pornography on adult Google groups)? Or perhaps Sanjay will simply say he related stories he read on the internet but never verified for himself?

Sanjay is very much into pornography and this was proven with the public exposure of his StreetBitches Blog, in which he linked to illegal teen porn sites and pornographic boot-fetish sites. Sanjay also likes to post pictures of skimpily clad women in public forums (Reference) and admitted that, "The best sex anybody can ever have is kinky" (Reference).

Sanjay's alleged "disgust" for pornography is one huge and hypocritical pretense.

Funny enough, I am not the first person to make the observation that Sanjay has an unhealthy obsession with feces. "Truth_Bliss" made these observations far before I came on the scene. "Truth_Bliss" said:
September 5th 2003:
You really have a fascination with feces dont you? Just cant get it, or where it comes from, out of your mind. How do you like wallowing in the gutter? A lot obviously...And dont waste our time with your fairy tales kiddo. We are grown ups here.

March 3rd 2004:
Why? What did you do you sick pervert? Download some more child porn?

Its pitiful to see such a PROVEN lowlife, ignoramus and retard such as
you congratulating yourself:

1. You are a busted child porn addict

2. You are a busted LIAR whose claim that he was working as a 'child porn investigator' for IWF was PROVEN false.

3. You are an imbecilic ignoramus who thinks that stars shine with the Sun's light!

4. You are a clueless yet pretentious poser who still doesnt know that the Upanishads are a part of the Vedas and are considered Sruthi.

5. You are a self-loathing delusional wacko who claims he is 'white' when you are obviously colored.

6. You are a demented, depressed-looking dork who used to pass off a picture of a bollywood actor as his own.

7. You are a hatefilled jerk who insults India's greatest saints and sages with the foulest language just because they teach Upanishadic truth: Advaita.

8. You are am utterly sleazy gutter-mouth who has a noxious fascination for feces and anuses.

9. You are a servile, spineless worm who preens with pride when patted on the back by mediocrities such as Priddy, Steel, Pittard etc who are merely using you as a colored face for their white mischief

10. You are a loser who needs to get a life

WHAT's there for you to be proud of you pitiful perv????

March 10th 2004:
Fortunately it DOES show your disgusting fascination with feces, farts, anuses. You are a sleazebag with sewage in your skull. Its hilarious to watch you fake 'good' behaviour for a short while and then suddenly relapse into your true filthy nature. (Reference)

Even going back to December 2001, Sanjay was telling bold-faced lies and making references to feces. Sanjay said:
He's loved, by brainwashed people who would eat his faeces given half the chance. (Reference)

And to top it all off, Sanjay has a penchant to use the words "shit" and "bullshit". Here a few of many quotes taken from his former and current blogs and the QuickTopic forum:
Now it's October and I haven't even heard shit...They all fucking try this shit with me...I am NOT gonna be letting this shit go, especially from fucking nervous cowards who ain't even got the guts to come and face me...And she just turned all of that to shit...Little bitches, brought up as sluts. fucking shitty females, my ass. They can go die...A lot of shit went down in Sri was a load of bullshit...her own problems and fucking insecurities, stupid insecurities which never meant shit to me...Fuck that lame made me feel like shit...I think I might have needed to get seriously drunk before I could get down to some serious shit with her...Bhavna, really and shittily screwed me up so bad that I'm almost burnt for life...Why is it that this fucking shit happens to me EVERY time?...warm, honest, loving, trusting and all of that shit...start beliving in that love shit...the whole thing goes to shit...So now alcohol ain't gonnabe enough to deal with this shit?...I've been feeling like shit all week...shit I been going through lately...It's shitty...companionship and all that emo his shit...I am gonna die like this, in this shit, I swear I am...Shit, he had a whole brick of weed...Shit!..."Oh shit," I thought to myself...Nice shit...Shit, no matter how much people hate Syed...the irritating shit who everyone wanted to be fired since Week 1...nothing but shallow shit...No shit, Mr. Chakravarthi!...No shit, Swami!...Sto pputting words in my mouth and stop talking bullshit...So don't give me any bullshit...Stop talking bullshit, Moreno, LOL!...Stop talking bullshit and stop trying to play with the big boys you silly little amateur...LIMF's "reason" is bullshit, and they have made many more bullshit explanations...Just the usual platitudes and shit...Simon eats cowshit and loves it!

Since Sanjay accused me of being a "toilet sex pervet" that had a "fascination for fecal material" simply because I used the word "poo", what does Sanjay's usage of the words "shit" and "bullshit" make him? Undoubtedly, this makes Sanjay a flaming fecal fetishist, using the very same standards he used against me!

Sanjay, don't you just hate it when your own illogic comes back to bite you? Judging from Sanjay's words, we know exactly what he is full of (and I can tell you now, it isn't "love").

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sanjay's "Stalking" Paranoia

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay apparently has some sort of paranoid personality disorder in which he imagines that people are continually stalking him. Let us look at a few of Sanjay's many quotes about other's "stalking" him and being "stalkers":
Oh yeah, and stop following me around from forum to forum like a pair of crazy obsessed stalkers.

...carries out his round-the-clock perverse stalking of various individuals with obvious glee...

...psychopathic obsessive and stalking behaviour by keeping silent and saying NOTHING in disapproval...

Remember how he joined THAT forum for the sole purpose of STALKING me?

...stalking me all over the Net, adding his own slanderous comments...

...exposes the both of you, you crazy wacky stalking braindead zombies, you...

...fails to recognise is that he dreamt of stalking me, floating around in my house and then SPYING on me in my bedroom...

...he has been kicked out of Gaudiya Repercussions three times in a row for stalking behaviour...

On his latest stalkblog...

...his increasing number of fanatical obsessive stalkblogs is that they only reflect badly on HIM and his psychoactive nature...

...more proof of his rabid stalking...

Shamelees twisted creepy stalking little boy...

Gerald and Lisa, who make CAREERS out of stalking me everywhere and getting...

...he can continue stalking me in a bid to satisfy his increasing homosexual love for me...

The homosexually obsessed stalk-blogger is so full of desperation to slake his homosexual thirts... Stalker Moreno...

...a maniacal obsessive STALKER who just WON'T leave people alone...

...and who only came out later to STALK me and create a fuss with pointed posts...

That's what happens to naughty little boys who have nothing better to do than stalk people all over the place...

...goes in the Guinness book for being the most obsessive and creepiest stalker ever...

Speaks volumes about the intellectually dishonest obsessive stalker who desperately tries to pin down things on me that are not mine. :-)

What an obsessive stalking creep!

...has taken to obsessively stalking other people, because evidently I have stopped satisfying his lust for voyeurism...

...has been obsessing over me since September 2005 or thereabouts, stalking me all over the Internet...

Since BOTH Gerald Moreno and Lisa De Witt have taken to STALKING me around the Net, they would of course have seen my profile at GaudiyaDiscussions.Com...

...regularly updates his stalkblog by rehashing his malicious and distorted propaganda...

...trolling through the archives of this board and is busy collecting a record of all the posts I have made is his hateful crusade of stalking me...

Being as you stalk me...

...are back in their comedy double-act of harassing and stalking ex-devotees...

...she has now reduced herself to stalking me and the comments I've left on other blogs...

Anyway Lisa, why are you researching my blog comments and passing them along to Joe, so he can stalk me like the weird creep that he is and follow me everywhere?

Poor Gerald, utterly obsessed with me insofar as to become a raving loony, STALKING me everywhere...

What more can we expect from an admitted stalker (who's proud of that too)...

Good to see that Gerald is STILL obsessively stalking me with homo-erotic fervour.

And because of admitted stalkers like him, Guruphiliac went into comment moderation mode. with his arms in the air at being officially appointed a stalker. Not just any old stalker, mind you, but a PERSONAL stalker...

Now he is completely free to stalk me and obsess over every single detail of my life. Have fun, geek! :-) favourite sexually-obsessed critic and online stalker...

This ridiculous person obsessively stalks me and comes up with "conclusions" on his website that are illogical, dubious and disingenuous.

I didn't have proof because I can't be bothered qto check ALL of his pages like the obsessive stalker he is.

He really should stick to writing fictitious stories about me and following me around the Internet stalking me.

Not to mention an obsessive and sick stalker. :-) nothing but an insidious, abusive, obsessive stalking liar...

Not to mention obsessively STALKING ex-devotees everywhere and interfering in their online and private lives.

...for his obsessive and borderline-insane stalking behaviour...

Given that you're so good at stalking me...

He couldn't have made his presence more obvious, and his obsession with stalking me is beginning to manifest itself fully. :-)

...they seriously need to get a life and do something about their stalking and obsession...

...serves NO purpose except to feed his sick stalking obsession with anti-SB peeople...

What more evidence do we need of Moreno's sick stalking and obsession with anti-SBs?

...has shown by his dastardly conduct that he is a sneaky and obsessive online stalking troll...

Says the sleazy, slimy, muck-raking obsessive online stalker who thinks nothing about broadcasting private diary entries in public.

...he has proved himself to be a malignant online stalker...

HOW many times have I ALREADY said that this was a story to get you OFF my back, you stalker bitch? It didn't stop you stalking me anyway, psycho nutcase.

Reference For All Quotes Above

...Sai Baba groupies feel the need to stalk me since 1998 in failed bids to make me look bad... (Reference)

How pathetic these stalkers are that they try to go as far back as 1998 to stalk me, they are truly obsessed with me. :-) (Reference)

Strange enough, Sanjay claimed (twice) that Sai Devotees were "stalking" him going back to 1998, 3 years before he became an ex-devotee! Why were Sai Devotees "stalking" Sanjay and trying to make him "look bad" when he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba? Apparently, devotees caught Sanjay engaging in some sort of questionable behavior and Sanjay let it slip out of the bag.

In Sanjay's looney-tune-world, he plays the role of a helpless and forlorn victim who hopes that He-Man, Batman or Elvis will save the day. In Sanjay's looney-tune-world, everyone else is after him, stalking him, watching him, defaming him, obsessing over him and fantasizing about him (talk about being on an ego-trip). In Sanjay's looney-tune-world, everyone else is wrong, stupid, mistaken, brainwashed and gullible.

The irony of it all is that Sanjay is a fully exposed stalker who went around stalking innocent teenagers, women, mothers and university students with his digicam, filming them up their dresses, under tables, at bus stands, on the subway, in bookstores, in restaurants and even at school and posted his lustful escapades on his StreetBitches Blog.

Sanjay is a nut who relentlessly stalks Sathya Sai Baba on the internet like a groupie or junkie addicted to cocaine. Sanjay tracks every single news article, blog and conversation pertaining to Baba that he can find. Since Sanjay often equates "stalking" between males as being indicative of "homoerotic fervour", one is left to question why Sanjay has such an unhealthy sexual obsession with Sathya Sai Baba (especially when Baba has never been convicted or charged with any crime)?

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, I think it is obvious why Sanjay has a sexually-focused stalking obsession with Sathya Sai Baba. The following links help clarify the situation immensely:

Dadlani's Homoeroticism:
- Sanjay's Homoeroticism: A Closer Look
- Sanjay's Homoeroticism And Gender Confusion
- Move Over He-Man - Here Comes He-Krsna!
- Pink Blog Theme
- Dream About Sanjay
- Pink Is In. Sanjay Isn't.
- Sanjay's Incestuous Homoeroticism
- Sanjay's Pink G-String

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sanjay's "Direct Experience" Of Sathya Sai Baba's Godhood

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Here are some amusing, sappy and warm-and-fuzzy devotee-quotes from Sanjay when he was praising Sathya Sai Baba as God Incarnate. Sanjay said that his realization of Baba's divinity was based on direct experience and was not based on books or stories as told by others!
He helped me rediscover my own religion, as he himself teaches us to be a better person of our own religion. Be a better Hindu, be a better Muslim, etc.

I do accept Him as God. Why? Well it's really hard to explain. Anyone who receives information about his miracles, etc, will naturally be attracted, but I think the realisation that "He is God" comes through a totally personal and individual set of circumstances.

Many people believe that he is God for a variety of reasons. Even today many people regard him as no more than a "holy man."

My own realisation happened like this: I had heard various stories of his miracles, like stopping natural disasters, raising people from death, etc, and I soon realised that this person was indeed performing "God-like" miracles. But the question still remained in the back of my mind, 'WHO is he? Is he God? Or just a holy man with great powers?'

Soon enough, I received a magazine which contained the various prophecies predicting Sai's advent, and that did it for me. There was really no turning back. Since I have a scholarly background, I know that it is a fact that whenever Avatars appear, there MUST be prior indication in scriptures. Since Sai Baba was predicted in not only Hindu scriptures, but in the other scriptures of the world also, well, WOW! (Reference)

Yes I currently believe that Sai is God (much like the rest of the 80 million devotees!), and that "faith" is based on direct experience, not on the stories I hear from books, or ofrom other people. In fact, it may interest you to know that I am a bit of a "revolutionary" devotee, because I tend to disagree with most. (Reference)

Let us be clear on what type of devotee Sanjay was. Sanjay was one of those "brainwashed" devotees who mushed, gushed, shrieked, melted and swooned over Sri Sathya Sai Baba like a girly teenager. Need more proof? Just read my past article entitled "Swaaaami!!! La la la la laaaaa!!".

Does the weirdness ever end?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sanjay's Christian Supporter

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Shocking Defamations By "Barbara J . Dent-Walton": A Fanatic Christian, Self-Professed Channeler Of Mother Mary And Supporter Of Sanjay Kishore.

MENU (click on a link to go to relevant section):
Introduction To Barbara Dent
Mother Mary Gives Me A Message Through Barbara Dent
Mother Mary And Mother Earth Speak Through Barbara Dent
Mother Mary Bashes Gays And Lesbians Through Barbara Dent
Barbara Dent's Many Lives With Mother Mary
Enter Mother Mary, Jesus, Joseph And Princess Diana
Barbara's Near Insanity, Homelessness And Astral Rapes
Barbara Dent Can Hear Dead People Speak To Her
Barbara Claims She Has The Gift Of Telepathy And Can Astral Travel
Barbara Dent Knows The Cure For AIDS
Barbara Confuses Mother Mary And Joseph With Adam And Eve
Barbara J. Dent Had Sex With A Married Man: Blames Sai Baba
Spiffy Quotes Direct From Barbara Dent's Potty Mouth
In Conclusion

Introduction To Barbara Dent:
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Barbara Dent is an ex-devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. She submitted a signature to the "" site in which she claimed to have been a devotee from 1987 - 2004 (a period of 17 years). Barbara Dent is one of many Anti-Sai Activists who wage a flaming, vulgar and defamatory smear campaign against Sathya Sai Baba on the internet. Barbara has taken her psychotic Anti-Sai crusade to two QuickTopic forums (where one can listen to her endlessly garble about Satan, Mother Mary, Sai Baba and her holy war). Barbara Dent uses several names such as:

  1. Carolyn

  2. Carolyn Dardee

  3. Carolyn Feice

  4. Barbara

  5. Barbara Osler

  6. Barbara Dent

  7. Barbara Walton

  8. Barbara Dent-Walton

  9. Barbara J. Osler

  10. Barbara J. Dent

  11. Barbara J. Walton

  12. Barbara J. Dent-Walton

  13. Amen

  14. Kickbaabaa's Ass

  15. Mother Bear

She uses the email: Barbara is a Christian whacko who now claims that she is an internet psychic and that the spirit of Mother Mary possesses her, speaks through her and types through her fingers! Strange enough, Mother Mary cusses up a storm, bashes gays and lesbians and speaks exactly like Barbara does. She was formerly married to John Walton who had a spirit guide named "Hinono" and he wrote a book that Barbara edited entitled "For the Land of the Lost: How to Get Ready for God: Fire, Earth, Water, Air".

Mother Mary Gives Me A Message Through Barbara Dent:
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Barbara relayed the following message to me from Mother Mary herself:
"When I said I channeled Mother Mary, I MEANT it!!! So does Carolyn, you wretched and rotted idiot!!! AND THE NEXT IS FROM MOTHER MARY HERSELF:

To Joe108: "And you, bloody bastard, you said of me, and I quote, 'I do not need channels to voice my message.' I don't need you, fool. For when I said I use these two to carry my word into the world, I wasn't kidding. That's the second lie you told. It will cost you even more of your mind, mindless one. I don't tolerate such injustices and filth like you. I never did. I only allow your mindless twitter to continue, so that others may also learn just what and who you truly are. You are not Divine. You are hated by God. You lied to the world again and again, saying these two girls are the same person. For this lurid attempt to destroy yet two more feminine children of mine, I shall shatter your mind in four more pieces for the four names of mockery you dared utter against these two innocent victims, who dared to write down my words exactly as I spoke them. Did you think I would not return to you what you sought to lay upon these two good girls, who I sent into the world to take out you and your filthy kind? Want to bet I don't talk like this? This crap you wrote and send out to the entire world about me will cost you dearly. I don't pussy-foot around. I intend to take out more than your lights, you dark one who dared call himself ME. I am not you, nor will I ever be. If you think I can't and don't and won't and will not continue to use people I love as guides and channels and voices I speak through, think again, little faggot queen. I don't use queers and assholes and demon whores and would-be studs, a.k.a. Sai fag queens, to ever bring my word to any people anywhere, not in any time or dimension or plane or "heaven" or fun house like earth. I hate your kind on my earth. You never belonged here. You seek to join your energies with anyone or anything. It doesn't matter. You know nothing. You never did. You are un-learned, like Sai. You can only copy life. You don't impress anyone. You thought to overpower me, and that was your fatal mistake. I don't take shit lying down. I throw up false "prophets" like you daily. Enjoying your "think tank" sessions with blank minds that also "think" like you? I enjoy laughing at your "serious wit", witless old Fool. I capitalized Fool, foolish one, because you think to "take Mother Mary out" by banging out some foolish, unfounded crap on some ancient keyboard? When did you ever write or type or chalk or pencil or voice or "sing" a heartfelt word of love or praise to any of my children about anything, EVER??? You never did. Not ever. Nor will you ever, for it is not within you to be kind. You have NO attributes of God. You seek your own demise, for it is the thing that "attracts" you the most… your death. It is the black hole you live in, the door into Hell you will never be able to walk out of. You can FEEL its Presence, the Holy Spirit, and yet you abhor it. It terrorizes you to be left out, so you try to be included everywhere. You would say you are a God devotee, but you are not. I know ALL of my own God Children, for they are identical to me. There is nothing of me that they cannot be, know or have. I have given all that I am to each of my children. They, like me, know who you are through and through. They laugh at God's opposite, because they have good, wise wit. I make it my play to toy with you for awhile. Of course they act like me. They have my Good Will inside. It makes them fun to be around."

Too funny. Mother Mary has a potty mouth and uses phrases like:
  • "bloody bastard"

  • "I don't pussyfoot around"

  • "faggot queen"

  • "Sai fag queen"

  • "queer"

  • "asshole"

  • "demon whores"

  • "I don't take shit lying down"

Call it coincidence, but Mother Mary sounds exactly like Barbara. Barbara obviously thinks she is fooling people into believing that Mother Mary speaks through her. A very unconvincing act, if you ask me.

Mother Mary And Mother Earth Speak Through Barbara Dent:
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Mother Mary (also known as "Mother Earth", didn't you know?) defended Barbara by resorting to verbal abuse:
"I am called Mother Mary and this woman who channels me just fine is called Barbara Dent and was severely beaten, raped, animals tortured by him and his filthy crew called Kumar and obviously you too...I am speaking to the demon traits in you,dear one, for you obviously are a part and parcel of this ancient crap called dirty Sai Baba devil filth. You know who you are as well as I. I say you are dirty, filthy Satan, and you came to my earth to rape and pillage and plunder all that was good. But look at you now. You are dead almost. Yeah. We have won our earth back from you and your kind, even the little snots like you who you try to get to defend your so-called good name, will,like you, be all dead shortly. That is why I send so many earthquakes, earthshakes, floods and torrential rains, and more, to wash and shake and blast you once and forever off my sacred bones and earth. This is Mother Earth that speaks to you as Mother Mary and more. Anyone sane knows this pig called Satchya Sai Baba is not God, but his original name was none other than devil Satan, and I don't mean maybe...See the mind of God or die. Open your third eye as this one typing has done. And when she did, she saw it was your dear Sai Baba raping her and none other. So don't open your fifth chakra, your big mouth and fib to yourself or any other about the "greatness" of evil Sai. You must be blind, deaf and dumb if you never witnessed this at your school or ashram. Millions of others did... AND THEY DO NOT LIE, you filthy little snot. Get off my earth, Kumar, you and all other like you as well, for when you support another of such filth, you must be equally filthy, stupid and mentally lazy and evil!!! Goodbye forever, you will not inhabit my earth for long."

Mother Mary aka Mother Earth claimed that she is responsible for "earthquakes, earthshakes, floods and torrential rains, and more, to wash and shake and blast you once and forever off my sacred bones and earth"! Barbara also claims that she opened her "third eye" and sees into the astral world.

Mother Mary Bashes Gays And Lesbians Through Barbara Dent:
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"Barbara, you keep right on writing these words we all know you bring from our True Mother and Father God. I join forces with you in helping you rid the earth of all filthy gays and queers and lesbians and rapists and whores, for underlying such filth is nothing but Satan rot. Take heart, my friends, I too feel they won't last long on Mother Earth. They all think they are special when Sai Baba sucks their dicks. Brainless wierdos."

Barbara Dent's Many Lives With Mother Mary:
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"I have incarnated with Mother Mary more times than you can begin to count. I know so many of my past lives through her kind guidance, it's humerous. Since when was Mother Mary not found on earth, taking out these ragged queers? You think she doesn't hate shit and evil, like that many times over split fool, who posts his crap under so many various names?"

Enter Mother Mary, Jesus, Joseph And Princess Diana:
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"I know you both like having it stuck up your backside. NOT ME. And I will take out every last drone, with the help of Mother Mary and Her very sacred crew... meaning you, dirty drag queens, killers of all that was good and sacred and true. It's over for you!!! That's why you are all losing your land, your money, your jobs... your dinner, etc...that's the Second Chakra the Holy Ones are taking out all over the earth. Look around you, ignorant fools.
The very blessed child of God called Ravindran actually said it best--you boys who never got a boy's form that could grow into a sane man (or woman) are pitiful little fruits. Without the sunlight of Truth and the God-given rain of sanity, you too will shrivel and dry and eek out your days in horror upon our blessed earth, like your dried up old prune Sai. Now figure this out... if you can. Who spoke these words? Was it I, Mother Mary, Jesus, Joseph or Princess Diana? Answer. All had a part in taking you out, little vile horrors, Ex-Sai student and dumb draby, poor boy Chandan who never got a diamond ring."

Barbara's Near Insanity, Homelessness And Astral Rapes:
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"I know more about him than most, as I too was a victim of "spiritual" rape, meaning, he came to me often over the period of 3 1/2 years, via the psychic plane, raping me at will...All I know is that I nearly died insane. I hated him bitterly. One day, Mother Mary came to be told me, showed me how to stop this horror that he insisted was good for my body. I hate him to this day, for subjugating me to such horror and evil and filth. I was a woman of some means, I mean money, and he took that too. After so much rape and emotional abuse, I became homeless for over two years. I lost eveything. My animals were raped on the psychic plane as well. Many lost their lives in the most vicious and cruel ways. My horse Wind Star was maliciously cut in so many places, I lost count. Several of my other cats were torn to pieces. They lost their minds as well. If this is not Satan, you tell me who it is. I will never forget the words of my mother Mary. She told me Sai Baba's original name was, in fact, Satan. and he has been changing names every since he first came to our planet. He was never invited here, he just came here with his many evil drones, sons, if you will. And they took everything from our earth. Some of these first idiots to come here were none other than folks like Napolean, Hitler, Stalin, Edi Amein, and on and on and on. When they first arrived here, however, they were known by their original demonic names, not by their latest incarnational names."

Barbara Dent Can Hear Dead People Speak To Her:
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"For what goes around comes around. He is dying slowly, so that others may see just exactly who he is and who he is not. Same with Avil Kumar, his first right hand man. who is also evil and an incestuous hog. Many others at his ashrams in charge know this man is a sadist, a murderer and a pediphile, yet they say nothing because they are the same. I know them well. A couple of my friends tell me he participated in their deaths, for I hear the dead speak. This is another reason he came to me so frequently... to shut me up. But I will never stop telling the world who he is, until he is dead and gone forever from this earth. One day he came to me on the psychic plane and said, "I will kill you for your words." That was the night my horse was butchered and nearly died."

Barbara Claims She Has The Gift Of Telepathy And Can Astral Travel:
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"We all hear your cries of foulness, the dirty and dishonest names you actually do call us... all under your breath, of course. And you think we can't hear you? Some of us actually have this thing called God's Gift to His own people. It's called the Gift of Mental Telepathy. It's call the Gift of Out-of-Body Travel. That's how we know Sai lies a lot, just like you. Even the Akashic Records tell everything about you... where you slumber and snore at night, who you slut around with... or rather who you tried to, but no longer can. You are all IMPOTENT queers, who can't get enough energy in your so-called penises to rape and sodomize any of us anymore. That's the only reason Joe isn't molesting or being "molested" any more. Don't think for a minute that he wouldn't, if he still could. How about that? Permanent IMPOTENCY for all you lifeless hogs and queers. I told you the Mother of All is rendering you all forever IMPOTENT!!! Without sexual fire, there is no fire to ignite the brain or any of the body's organs. Death comes slow and painfull to all you worthless sodomizing, raping whores."

Barbara Dent Knows The Cure For AIDS:
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"I want this innocent one called Hari haran to really know there is a cure for Aids. Start by cleansing the liver first of all. You can do that by drinking a lot of water with lemon. Then you boost the Immune System. It's not difficult to do, and it costs hardly any money at all… only a few lemons. Then you find folks like me who use massage and other good methods for removing sickness off an innocent form like yours. Then you send it back to the evil perpetrator , dirty slut Sai Baba… as well as really mean Chandan, who actually mocked your innocence. The nasty dirty unwanted little drone BASTARD!!! Meaning, he doesn't have a real mama or a real papa. No one wants that mean little freak. That's why he tries to hang out here with us. Unwanted fodder. Too ugly and mean and dirty and rude. Too stupid to get a life or a earn a living, poor sick and twisted, lonely, creepy, godawful, damaged, stinky-smelling fool."

Barbara Confuses Mother Mary And Joseph With Adam And Eve:
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"That favorite Mother is none other than Mother Mary. She has a husband called Joseph, and they were the First Couple to populate our Earth. Ask her sometime. See what you get... dirt ball."

Barbara J. Dent Had Sex With A Married Man: Blames Sai Baba:
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"I was given a test--a big test--one I found wanting never to take again. Through a strange set of circmstances, I was led by Sai Baba to believe that sleeping with my best friend's husband was an answer to solving their marital problems. I couldn't quite believe this, nevertheless, I thought Sai was a supreme guide. I made a weak attempt to comply. Confusion grew greater and greater. How could this be God telling me to do this? I had no doubt that the voice I heard was Sai Baba's."

Spiffy Quotes Direct From Barbara Dent's Potty Mouth:
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"You are absolutely correct in assessment of this most vile creature the world has even known. This man is not honest, nor is he good. He is a molester of men, women, children, even animals. He worships incest. Look at his statue of Saraswathi, seated in a lotus position, right at the bottom of the footseps of his darshan hall at Whitefield, Bangalore. Saraswathi is a product of incest, not rape... and this is the female diety he would have us respect, honor and worship, as well as him? Two birds of the same feather. Puke."

"The best part is, the rest of the world can see how stupidly nasty you truly are, just like your father, Satan Sai. You're just one more filthy, mentally defunct, creepy little drone, who acts and sounds just like your daddy, Satan Sai. On the psychic plane, of course."

"And why not include your REAL NAME, not just some mealy mouthed signature--'EX-Sai student'. Then others can know who you really are, hiding little snake. Takes guts, doesn't it, to put your name, right on the internet. You ain't got no testicles or penis, not even a womb nor a brain. For others who want a laugh, this one called Sai student has a penis size about one inch long, if that. And that's a fact!!"

"And for your information, filthy sai student, my letter clearly states that I CHANNEL Mother Mary. I never once said I was her. Are you crazy or just majorly retarded? Of course I am not her. Do you even know what a channel is, uneducated fool?"

"Wanna' guess who told me to tell you that, snotty little queer? Will your worthless "testimony" in favor of Sai, that of--I didn't see a thing or you're just a crazy bitch--actually get him off the electric chair? You think so, little demon snot and whore called Ex-sai student? You think I don't know exactly who you are and what you have done? Did you have a sister you liked to rape? Queer butt."

"One sure way to tell a nasty drone from a true Child of God is that they actually claim to be Mother Mary, God the Mother, etc. This is a very deep psychosis. What fractured mind would ever dare to make such a false claim? Only a mind possessed by the darkest evil—faggy-girl Satan Sai--who also "claims" to be our Mother. Duh!!! Don't you just want to puke when disgusting, woosie-toosie, whiney girlie Sai dons his disgusting glossy-white dresses and prissy-prances like a girl he ain't, saying he is our Mother God??? Where are his matching silk panties, his braziers and fancy laces? Where are his sleezy red high heels? His diamond rings for each lazy finger? His lipstick of pearly pink and his matching colors of rosey rouge? Where's his classy fox fur coat? (Probably buried with Marilyn drone-butt Monroe, another whore like Sai). For I know he always envied her. That's where he got his "moves." Ssb is as "transparent" as his coat of gay "armor". Meaning, it's easy to pierce though that faggot's defenses. That's what I do on this Internet, along with the real Mother Mary. We make sure Satan and Satan's evil creatures fry in hell for long past Eternity."

"Look at the grief on their repulsively ugly and revolting faces. Anyone seen Sai Baba's pale and bloodless, crazed look of terror frozen on his huge face lately? Meaning, he's starting to re-metamorphize back into his original head of horror, the Beast of all beasts, the one branded with its own true number, 666. In case anyone has forgotten, ssb's birth time occurred at 6:26, in the year 1926…. This boils down to the exact description and number of the Mark of the Beast, 666, also known to some as the Antichrist. There is an old Biblical prophecy, among many other prophecies, that predicted the Antichrist would appear on earth, during the last epoch of earth's history. Ssb is definitely the Antichrist, ie Satanist, ie, monster from hell that we have all come to tag and identify--not just Christians everywhere, but Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sufi's, etc, etc… billions are now praying his Satanic whoring filth off our lands everywhere. That's why he dying so rapidly. We are also taking much needed action. Hence, the true purpose for this website. I encourage you to keep writing and praying and doing everything in your power to annihilate this ancient evil and all of his remaining copy-cat drones forever."

"We don't NEED to tell them off. I just enjoy it, really enjoy it."

"Get the point, asshole freak? Get off our earth, vile demon whores!!!"

"You see, queer butt, we hate sick queers, demons and vile gross whores like you who like to lie for a living. Sick sadistic freaks like you always crave verbal beatings and more. So here's some more right back to you. We don't like you. Never did. We don't want your kind on our earth. You got that yet? We intend to keep helping Mother Earth clean her very Sacred Body of you, until you are all screaming in hell."

"TO HOG N' WHORE, Putrid pud-wished-he-could-get-screwed-more-up-the-backside, completely IMPOTENT Joe 108, how is it being IMPOTENT? Hi honey, it's me, Barbara the Barbarian. Yipee!! So very thrilled you remembered my glamorous style of ripping off your pee-sized nuts with just my bare hands and teeth. Good for you, sweet sultry n’ sedutive, could-ya’-be-a girl queen??? What’s your name now? Liza Teaser? Emmie Eunuch? Or just plain WHORE??...Hey Joey, blowey, gay-girl guy, animal inserter, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Me-oh-me-oh-my. Sorry, loveless "lady", I like twisting out what little remains of your very nasty dong, as well as your pedophilic mind. How is it being IMPOTENT, queer butt?...Kinda' like ya'll, bill-do-dildo brain. Dinky-donkey messy frivolous what-ya-ma-call -it, thing, ya' sure ya' wanna' look into the mirror and be so happy-dappy, little freaky-friday?"

"How is it being impotent, little pickininny nun? Are ya sceeered 'cuz your wanger's never yet been found… and never will? Whee, I bet ya'll wanted us girls to think you was a real bad ass, drivin' all the girls crazy with your Harley Davidson, eh??? Ya’ motorcycle red-hot momma-man. Vrooom, vrooom. Now I'm gettin' REAL scared. Did I hurt your faggy-ass feelings, poor drippy Aids girl? Gettin' just a small hint of a picture of your fun-filled future? Hey karma queen, did ya' really mean to go "down south" so often? Who ya' bendin' over for now in your favorite, ass-over-tea-cup position? Slimmy slut! How was it being nuttin"? Sorry button. You're just a bedazzeled, "jewels-envy" kinda' guy. Sorry you lost all that you always stole from off our own Mother Earth... FOREVER AND forever... and forever...... What's hell for, except for toastin' gay cutters and sadist porn queens like you, come again to Earth for the very final time? How ya' doing, tootsie-wootsie?"

"I Would be King, said banana’s baba, but I only made the silly-thilly drag queens lists of common whores. I could go on. I promise I will take out more of your edginess real soon, ok drag whore, suckass jo-jo bean?"

In Conclusion:
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What to say? Barbara is just one of many Anti-Sai clowns and nutters on the internet who are tying to "expose" Sathya Sai Baba. The more these vicious Anti-Sai Activists say, the less I have to defend. Anti-Sai Activists make the case for me that they are a mob of angry, vindictive and mentally disturbed people who rather resort to defamation, deceit and dishonesty than the truth.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sanjay's Pink G-String

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Attempting to keep up with the never-ending exposure of Sanjay's homoeroticism and gender confusion, I found this gem from Sanjay's former killuminati blog (Reference).

Those who are familiar with Blogger will know how one can choose a random question for one's profile. Sanjay was given the following question:
If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

Sanjay responded:
Pink G-String!

Just the type of answer one would expect from a person with a long and amusing history of homoeroticism and gender confusion, but not the type of answer one would expect from someone who sees homosexuality as being inextricably entwined with the color pink!

"Pink G-String!" lol

I guess it could always have been worse, like Sanjay's response on his other blog under the name "Dark Knight". On that blog, Sanjay was given the following question:
The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig.

Sanjay responded:
It died a horrible death by someone's shoe and it's limpid body was dragged and smeared all over the floor! :-)

I hope nobody is allowing Sanjay to be alone with children. I shudder at the thought.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bow Or Bow-Wow?

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

For those who may not know, Srila Prabhupada is the founder of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna's.

On the Audarya-Fellowship forum, Sanjay made some amusing posts in which he clearly indicated that it was/is his custom to get down on his hands and knees and bow when entering and exiting the temple room. Sanjay worked himself into a self-righteous huff because others were "falling back on standards because of laziness" (clearly implying he suffered from no such laziness). Read for yourself:
It has been the custom since Srila Prabhupada's manifest presence to bow down when entering or leaving the temple room, even if one enters only for a minute.

However, I have noticed that this standard is starting to fall. Devotees now satisfy themselves with nodding their heads if not just touching the floor with their hands, with no thought if it pleases Srila Prabhupada or the Deities.

This can be understandable, since sometimes there is a need to place or remove heavy objects in the temple room, but that is not an excuse to fall back on standards simply because of laziness.

Just my opinion, and my regrets. (Ref: Post #8)

No Priitaaji, you are not an oddball. Believe it or not, I have a very high respect and admiration for Srila Prabhupada's disciples such as yourself, and I am glad to read your posts all the time.

I understand what you mean about kirtana. I am not aware if people bow down or not according to their respect (or lack of it) but perhaps it may be due to a very crowded temple room. I'll have to admit that sometimes I have not been able to bow down during the prema-dhvani or other occasions simply because of a lack of room. In these cases I bow my head and hear the prema-dhvani, and hope Krsna will not be too offended at my not bowing down.

As long as Krsna knows that it is not convenient, lol!! But sometimes I feel a little guilty, especially when I have to remain in a standing position due to some specific service, etc. I agree with what you say about Srila Prabhupada; I have also read a letter from him in which he says pretty much what you say; that one must bow for everything. I remember him specifically saying "there is no limit to bowing down."

Something I forgot to mention earlier; in Bhagavad-gita, Krishna says that offering obeisances is an austerity of the body. So hey! Is this some easy tapasya or what! All one needs to do is bow down out of respect!

Priitaaji, could you tell me more about the custom of knocking on the temple-room doors before entering? How did it originate, what did Prabhupada say about it, etc? I'd be most grateful. (Ref: Post #20)

Sanjay needs to bow more and bow-wow less.

Unfortunately, the only type of bowing that Sanjay does nowadays is under tables to film women up their skirts and under tables with his digicam. Read About It For Yourself.