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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sanjay Dadlani - Hypocritical Preacher

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Although Sanjay Kishore Dadlani has been thoroughly exposed as a sexual deviant, potty-mouthed extremist, pervert and pathological liar, he is attempting to deceive readers of his gaurasundara blog that he is a devotee of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Amusingly, Sanjay changed his blog title from "Gaurasundara's Musings" to "Adventures in Humility : News, Views, and Chews on spiritual issues", actually claiming that he possesses humility (which has been bestowed on him by God Almighty nonetheless)! *rolls eyes*

Some amusing, hypocritical and self-serving quotes from "Bhakta" Sanjay aka Gaurasundara Das' blog:
"A devotee never considered himself great but took a most humble position. Although Sri Krsna Caitanya was God Himself, He nevertheless maintained the humble mood of a devotee...This made me realise that even the principle of humility is observed by the mercy of Gaura as it is ia function of His kripa, and that those who are truly humble are such because they have received said kripa. At the same time, by virtue of the trinad api sunicena verse, His followers are enjoined to practice humility in all their dealings...I thought about it for a long time, but I eventually decided against writing my reflections on recent less-than-civilised events in certain forums as I felt that that little good would be accomplished by my doing so. However, the said events did make me realise just how easy it is to give lip-service to the principles of Vaishnavism and to perhaps project an image of oneself as a 'perfect' practising devotee. It then becomes interesting to observe the standard of behaviour employed when events happen that disrupt the general understandings of people. It seems to me that people are very quick to rip apart and demonise before first taking a step back and wondering if their reactions are really justified, or will they inflame the situation further. In any case, history has usually shown that it is not humble behaviour...I think it is vertaibly impossible to describe the wondrous nature of humility as a large number books can be written about the manifold ways in which this principle can be observed in all sorts of situations. Maybe that's why it is written in Bhakti-Ratnakara above that true happiness lies in humility and this is why Sriman Mahaprabhu made it a point to teach it to His followers. More so that humility descends as a a result of His mercy. What else is there to say?" (Reference)

If one says 'Krishna' even once without offense, I will certainly deliver him."
(CB 3.19.210..213-214)

"Dear me, such a beautiful image. Beautiful Mahaprabhu raising His arms aloft and imploring the world to chant 'Krishna' without offenses and promising to personally deliver them!" (Reference)

"For years I have been telling anyone who'll listen about the glories of Mahaprabhu's beautiful Golden Lotus Feet. Mahaprabhu's lotus feet are the most beautiful golden colour, softer than a rose. His toenails are so shiny, you can see your face in them." (Reference

Yes, we've all heard this little story before: When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing right back at you. Ergo, be mindful of what/who you're pointing at and refrain from criticism lest you be hypocritical and end up being judged by your own standards...You point a finger at someone and criticise them with your mouth, why not point a finger and say something nice about them? Or better still, use your mouth to glorify Hari instead of wasting your time criticising a Vaishnava. And didn't you know that criticising Vaishnavas makes Mahaprabhu angry? So there you go: Mahaprabhu's secret formula to bring out the best in you when you're attempting to do your worst." (Reference

These quotes amount to nothing less than public deception, self-promotion, ego-boosting and hypocritical 'devotee' posturing. Sanjay Kishore Dadlani attempts to deceive others into thinking he is something he is not. Preaching love, humility and devotion, Sanjay makes the case for me that he is a con-man, spiritual fraud and a sciolist who attempts to ciphon respect (much in the same way he attempts to ciphon semen to his brain) from Vaishnava Devotees because he can't get it anywhere else.

Sanjay Dadlani viciously defames others, wages brutal personal attacks, pathologically lies and then pretends he is humble, truthful, pious, meek and devoted to Sri Chaitanya and Bhagavan Sri Krishna and mushes and gushes about their lotus feet, merciful glances, glory, beauty, etc. Sanjay believes that he can act as grotesquely as he chooses because all he has to do is say "Krishna" once "without offence" and all his sins are forgiven!

Sanjay even created a new webpage at and goes by yet another name (one of 36 known names) of "Sayana Dvadasi" (also spelled "Sayana Dwadasi"). Sayana Dvadasi is the dvadasi (following Sayana Ekadasi) when Lord Vishnu takes rest on the Ocean of Milk for four months during the period called "Chaturmasya". Sanjay also used the following picture of Gaurasundara on his blog (yes, that's a man):

Although the picture above is aesthetic and beautiful, it is strange that Sanjay is so attached to it considering he has problems with (as he put it) "girly and gay gods", which he termed "3G".

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