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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dadlani's Proxy IP On QuickTopic

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Ascertaining Sanjay Dadlani's Proxy IP On QuickTopic
It is a fact that Sanjay Dadlani used Proxy servers to view my websites and blogs. Sanjay accidentally posted a response on the SSB2 Yahoo Group in which he divulged a link to my website using Proxify (Reference). Needless to say, I immediately confronted Sanjay about his use of a proxy server to view my website (Reference).

In one of Sanjay's blogged articles attacking me, he provided the following screencap to my blog:

If one views the blogged post in question, one will notice that the screencap does not match the color theme or linking method used on my blog. The reason why Sanjay's screencap does not match my blog is because he viewed my blog through a proxy server (which explains the removal of the background and the exposure of the full link). The screencap should have looked like this:

It has already been established that Sanjay Dadlani posted as "Marquis de Sade" and "Om Sai" on QuickTopic under two of his known IPs. Sanjay also used the proxy IP "" that is directly associated with both "Marquis de Sade" and "Om Sai" on QuickTopic.

I found one more post made under the name "Jehosaphat" matching this proxy IP. The posts say:
Marquis de Sade: ""Father," my sister said most imprudently, "we thank you for your proposal. But at our age we have no inclination to have ourselves locked up in a cloister in order to be whores for priests, we’ve had enough of that already."

The Superior renewed his arguments, he spoke with a heat and energy which illustrated his powerful desire to have the thing succeed; finally observing that it was destined to fail, he hurled himself almost in a fury upon my sister.

"Very well, little whore," he cried, "at least satisfy me once again before I take my leave."

And unbuttoning his breeches, he got astride her; she offered no resistance, persuaded that by allowing him to have his way she’d be rid of him all the sooner. And the smutty fellow, pinning her between his knees, began to brandish and then to abuse a tough and rather stout engine, advancing it to within a quarter of an inch of my sister’s face.

"Pretty face," he gasped, "pretty little whore’s face, how I’ll soak it in my fuck, by sweet Jesus!"

And therewith the sluices opened, the sperm flew out, and the entirety of my sister’s face, especially her nose and mouth, were covered with evidence of our visitor’s libertinage, whose passion might not have been so cheaply satisfied had his design in coming to us met with success. More complacent now, the man of God’s only thoughts were of escape; after having flung a crown upon the table and relit his lantern:

"You little fools, you are little tramps," he told us. "You are ruining your chances in this world; may Heaven punish your folly by causing you to fall on evil days, and may I have the pleasure of seeing you in misery; that would be my revenge, that is what I wish you."

My sister, busy wiping her face, paid him back his stupidities in kind, and, our door shutting behind the Superior, we spent the remainder of the night in peace.

"You’ve just seen one of his favorite stunts," said my sister. "He’s mad about discharging in girls’ faces. If he only confined himself to that... but the scoundrel has a good many other eccentricities, and some of them are so dangerous that I do indeed fear..."

But my sister was sleepy, she dozed off without completing her sentence, and the morrow bringing fresh adventures with it, we gave no more thought to that one." (Reference)

Marquis de Sade: "All the hens in the chicken coop had been so terrified that, on the morrow, no misbehavior was discovered, and amongst the boys, only Narcisse, whom, the evening before, Curval had forbidden to wipe his ass, wishing to have it nicely beshitted at coffee, which this child was scheduled to serve, and who had unfortunately forgot his instructions, only Narcisse, I say, had cleaned his anus and he had done so with extreme care. It was in vain the little chap explained that his mistake could be repaired, since, said he, he wanted to shit there and then; he was told to keep what he had, and that he would be none the less inscribed in the fatal book; which inscriptions the redoubtable Durcet instantly performed before his eyes, thus to make him sense all the enormity of his fault, a veritable sin and possibly by itself capable of upsetting or, who knows? of preventing Monsieur le Président’s discharge." (Reference)

Om Sai: "joe homoreno, i think that if u r attracted to sai baba who is a lallupanju and a bhangi this is proof." (Reference)

Jehosaphat: "According to one poster Erlender Haroldson didn't investigate Sai Baba himself under controlled conditions, is this true?" (Reference)

Enough said.

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