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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kishore Dadlani - Vicious Slanderer Extraordinaire

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani:
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Kishore Dadlani has a very long and very troubled history of chronic and habitual lying, slander and defamation: Reference.

Dadlani accused me of the following:
"I wonder how much Pro-Sai defenders/devotees/admirers make a year. :-) Joè Morèno is unemployed and leeching off the state, we know that, but how much is the Sai Org paying you to do such a crappy job of defending an indefensible homosexual paedophile?" (Reference)

"Gerald himself is not squeaky-clean either. He has recently been exposed as a sexual pervert, a possible alcoholic and has a continuing affiliation with ex-porn stars/Playboy playmates who make "shit and piss" porn movies. That too, on top of his extremely worrying fascination for faecal material." (Reference).

I'm still waiting for ANY factual documentation, information, data, testimonies, witnesses or anything else that factually supports Dadlani's erroneous and low-class slander that:

  • I am "unemployed".

  • I am "leeching off the State".

  • The Sai Org. is paying me money or that I have ANY ties or connections with the Sai Org.

  • The evidence that Sathya Sai Baba is a "homosexual paedophile".

  • The evidence that I am a "sexual pervert".

  • That I am affiliated with "ex-porn stars/Playmates who make 'shit and piss' porn movies".

  • That I am fascinated with "faecal material".

It appears that Sanjay is desperately trying to associate and link me to Rasa Von Werder, with whom I have never communicated (it appears Sanjay is accusing this woman of being an "ex-porn star/playmate", etc). Rasa Von Werder simply posted a link to my article about Jody Radzik (the Guruphiliac Blog webmaster with whom she has been debating for some time). For Sanjay's information, I cannot control the internet or who chooses to link to my site. One would think that Sanjay, whom allegedly has a degree in IT, would know this remedial fact. Apparently, Sanjay does not know.

It is also clear that Sanjay (with the true gutter mind that he has) accused me of having a "faecal" fascination and fetish because I simply used the word "poo" about 13 times in my article about Jody Radzik. Of course, when Jody repeatedly referenced "faecal material" on his site, Sanjay thinks nothing of it. Apparently, Sanjay is a "faecal" fetish expert who can diagnose those afflicted with the fetish.

So where is the proof, evidence, documentation and information that supports ANY of these defamatory claims made against me? I've been waiting a long time for a response. But then again, Sanjay never retracted (since 2001) his comments about Tony O'Clery being banned from the Vancouver Sai Center for sexual molestation and that Tony O'Clery had sex with Sanjay's informant and David Bailey (Reference). The truth is alien to Sanjay. Untruths, however, are the basic building blocks to his mental constitution. Sad.

Such are the "exposers" of Sathya Sai Baba.

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