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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sanjay & Gomorrah: Dadlani's Jesus Sex Fetish

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani:
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani, aka "saibabaexposed420", is a shady character with some very deviant sex fetishes. Besides his kinky Boot Sex Fetish, Dadlani also has a Jesus Sex Fetish. No kidding!

Sanjay was caught, with his pants down, requesting "Naughty Jesus" porn pics on Google's Adult Group (Reference)

Click Here to view the Google Group results for Dadlani's name "X Zecutioner" (look for: "", "" and "" on Page Two).

Click Here to view the Google Groups results for Dadlani's email "" (look for: "", "" and "" on Page Two). One does not need to be 18 years of age or older to view these results. However, if one chooses to see Dadlani's actual posts, one must confirm that they are at least 18 years of age. This section contains adult content.

Funny enough, Sanjay fully conceded that he did, in fact, request Jesus, Biblical and Disney pornographic images in 2001: Reference.

Sanjay became so psychotically immersed in his Jesus Sex Fetish that he even grew out his hair and imagined himself to look like Jesus Christ (although I have yet to see any artistic rendition of a pudgy Jesus with owl-rimmed glasses and hearing aids)!

As if this could not get any worse, Sanjay claimed that his "Jesus Look" was bringing him more sex with women and he thanked Jesus for it! Sanjay said on his former Killuminati Blog, under the post "TRAINS JESUS SEX RANT: May 25th 2004" (vowels to profane words have been replaced with asterisks by me):
Therefore I look a bit like Jesus Christ I suppose. Some girls on IRC have shown some serious interest in this description. No fear, photos are coming. I gotta admit, looking like Jesus has had its good points especially since the release of "Passion of the Christ." It seems to me that there is a general awareness in the public relating to Jesus' sacrifice. Other than that, it occurred to me the other day that look of Jesus Christ - long hair and beard - has a primeval look about it. Jesus-fashion has always been 'in' amongst New-Age hippies and fringies also I suppose. I know, since I saw enough of them in India. The long hair and beard seems to go well with my eyes, in my opinion. I always thought that I had pretty intense eyes. Anyway, so it seems to go well with my eyes, this Jesus look. It has also helped when I am in a rough area. Previously I have gotten looks as if I am easy to mug or something. This hasn't been the case since I got into the Jesus look. It seems that I have a 'don't mess with me' look, which can be pretty cool in an awkward situation but it has the disadvantage of making me look too tough and unapproachable or something. Does it attract the girls, is what I wanna know? Some girls just don't like beards, which is fine since I don't happen to think they are that pretty too, haha. But yeah, I gotta admit, I've found that I've been getting a few more looks since I got this Jesus-face. Who knows why, it can't be all that bad.

The girl I took out the other night seemed to get off on it too. In fact she told me that she seriously got off on the fact that I look like Jesus. Maybe that's why she was so wild in bed. Although I had never slept with her before, I got the distinct impression that she was somehow 'extra wild' that night. That was certainly a primeval night anyways. Ahhh, I'm still catching my breath from it.

Boots are great, they confer automatic sexiness on whoever wears them. A girl who wears boots has got Goddess Status. Just try it out and see girls, put on a pair of boots and see how many guys have their tongues hanging out licking the dirty pavement behind you, all willing to be your slave. But eh, its one of my fetishes so sue me. Strappy shoes are cool too but they are so last year. It was fun when just a few women were wearing them but it got a bit boring when everybody and anybody had strappy shoes. Otherwise seriously, some girls I totally RUINED them when they wore strappies in bed. God, they look so amazing and so horny. I'm not into feet, I'm into the shoes. The way the designer made these shoes so that they swirl perfectly around a girl's ankles is just PURE ECSTASY. Sometimes you come across a picture of a porn star (like Sylvia Saint, cough cough) or some other woman wearing these high-heels with straps that swirl themselves all the way up the girl's calves: Paradise. Last summer I was seriously into strappy shoes - I would have been anybody's slave if they wore strappy shoes - until the summer ended and everyone started wearing knee-high boots instead, ostensibly to cover up their legs.

My earliest fantasies used to revolve around licking p*ssy - I was seriously into that then, too - and I know for a fact that I ain't THAT much into it now. Yes, you heard. My idea of having sex in those days was simply to go down on a girl and make her scream. Lucky girls eh. These days, muff-diving well, I'll do it but I ain't keen on it. Sorry.

Sanjay said on his former Killuminati Blog, under the post "ROCK PICK UP: May 28th 2004":
What can I say? Rock chicks, umm.. ROCK! It's gotta be the Jesus look, I swear. Too many ladies have been passing me stares ever since the Jesus thing started. Jesus, I love you so much man. You know I been a bad boy at times, but you ROCK! Your look is massive, I love it!

This is the guy who is the current mouthpiece and spokesperson for the Anti-Sai Movement! That's right, Sanjay (who goes around bashing Sathya Sai Baba) is a confirmed Jesus Sex Fetishist who was caught requesting "Naughty Jesus" porn pics and even tried to look like Jesus so he could get more sex with women!

And to think that Anti-Sai Activists continue to promote, cheer and support Sanjay Kishore Dadlani. Apparently, Anti-Sai Activists see nothing wrong with this behavior. Nothing like a pervert with a potty mouth to defend the Anti-Sai Movement.

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