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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Newest Defamation Campaign

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Today, Sanjay (obviously suffering from a fit of delusion) took his defamation campaign against me to an all new low. Just when one thought Sanjay's gutter couldn't get any deeper, it does. Sanjay made the following defamatory and unsubstantiated statements against me:
H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda wrote:

Gerald 'Joe' Moreno has been caught posting on teen porn sites.

If he's NOT as thick as he publicly displays himself to be, he might even know what I'm referring to but chances are that he doesn't.

In addition to sexually fantasising about smearing himself all over with animal excrement as well as connections to porn starts who star in vulgar and disgusting porn movies involving depraved scenes of (real) urination and simulated defecation, not mentioning his own developing fascinations for anuses, he has now been caught on teen porn sites. He repeatedly refers to teen porn as being illegal, and now he has been caught.

Oh, you want evidence?

Sure, I've got evidence. I guess it'll just go straight to the back of the queue for all the scandals I plan to make public within the next few days and weeks. I have so many Sai Baba scandals in my hands that it's making me dizzy deciding which ones to expose first! :-)

The implications of this scandal are ENORMOUS! It appears that Gerald posted the same article no less than SEVEN times. Besides that, there are NUMEROUS links to porn sites and porn webcams, not to mention a HUGE and disgusting picture featuring a man and a woman performing oral sex.

Gerald Joe Moreno has now done us the biggest favour he ever could have done! He has now dragged his hero Sathya Sai Baba's name into the gutter: teen porn, oral sex, anal sex, anus perversion, "shit and piss", excrement-smearing, yee gads! Bloody pervert!

I've already blogged a response that addressed most of Sanjay's irrational claims against me. Check For Yourself. Sanjay is a severely mentally disturbed person (by his own admission) who has been telling his pathological lies since the time he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.

As a matter of fact, Sanjay resorted to this very same type of defamation tactic against Tony O'Clery (when he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) in which he claimed that Tony O'Clery was banned from the Vancouver Sai Center for sexual molestation and that Tony O'Clery had sex with Sanjay's first-hand "informant" and David Bailey (a claim denied by O'Clery)! Sanjay also attemped to defame Glen Meloy in the same manner. So, isn't it of little surprise that Sanjay is doing the same thing against me?

Sanjay knows (and I know) that if he truly had any "evidence" to support his erroneous and defamatory comments against me (linking me to any porn site), he would have already posted it and be boasting about it like a madman. Isn't it strange that Sanjay is claiming to have "evidence" against me that would utterly destroy all my crediblity, yet is withholding his alleged "evidence" for some future date? It is obvious that Sanjay is very bitter (admittedly) that I have exposed him for the liar and pervert he is. Since Sanjay cannot find dirt on me, he is just making stuff up as he goes along, doing what he does best: Defame & Libel others.

It doesn't work anymore Sanjay. The only people who believe you are one's who believe in a geocentric universe (like the scriptures you promote and defend) and your little coterie of snippy and vindictive Anti-Sai Banditeers.

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge his alleged "evidence" against me as claimed above.


>>> On Februrary 4th 2003, Sanjay claimed that he was in contact with his "legal friends" who were interested in bringing a legal suit against sathyastra and Lisa. Sanjay said:
I cannot talk too much about this any longer because I have consulted with my lawyer friends, and they are very interested in bringing legal action against sathyastra and Lisa. It will be a matter of ease to find out their addresses, but I suppose all will be in good time. They have also advised me not to talk too much, and with the advice of my legal friends, I am going to collect ALL the posts on this forum pertaining to this matter so I can see the weaknesses in the arguments, and then I shall hand it over....I will compile all the posts and hand it over to my legal friends. It may also be posted here, or if not, I will be able to send it to you privately Reinier, and you shall see exactly how many holes we have shot in their argument. (Reference)

To date, Sanjay has yet to file any legal suit against sathyastra or Lisa. One can only imagine the countersuit if a legal suit was filed and how Sanjay would be publicly shamed for his perversions and defamations.

>>> On May 25th 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed the following:
I'm sorry to inform overybody about this but today I found out some incredibly disturbing information about Gerald 'Joe' Moreno. I cannot say much more at this time as the issue is being investigated by concerned authorities, but I CAN say that it will be made public at the appropriate time (Reference).

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge the "incredibly disturbing information" he claimed he found against me. I wonder why?

>>> On May 5th 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed the following about Alaya Rahms' Self-Dismissed Lawsuit:
This is hilarious! I KNEW that this would be inconsequential! Ha ha ha, I am gonna have so much fun with this! Thanks SO much, Joe! LOL! :-)) (Reference)

Needless to say, to date, Sanjay has yet to "have so much fun with this".

>>> On June 21st, 2006 (on the SSB2 Yahoo Group) Sanjay claimed, regarding the allegation that Dr. Naresh Bhatia Molested Females:
Bhatia did NOT molest women in the hospital he worked in. This is a typical propaganda lie put out by the Sai organisation and, unlike certain people, I have DOCUMENTED PROOF of it. In fact, I'm looking at it right now, LOL. :-) (Reference)

To date Sanjay has yet to provide his "DOCUMENTED PROOF".

>>> On October 25th, 2006 (on the QuickTopic forum) Sanjay claimed:
Plenty of people at GD emailed/PM'ed me about Gerald Homoreno's scandalous and unprovoked attacks against me which he made by e-bombing several members. Want proof? Have to wait sir, Sai Baba is my Number One priority. :-)

To date, Sanjay has yet to divulge his "proof" against me.

See a pattern?


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