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Monday, July 03, 2006

Gerald 'Joe' Moreno: A Response

A Full Response To:
Sanjay Kishore Dadlani

Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK
From: Gerald Joe Moreno

The following are Sanjay's comments about me along with my responses:
Gerald 'Joe' Moreno (New Mexico, USA) - This guy is so troubling that I truly do not know where to start. Despite initially claiming not to be a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba (more on this later) he has gone ahead and eclipsed Lisa De Witt as the main protagonist of the pro-Sai team of defence. Needless to say, this involves abusing, defaming and slandering a variety of anti-Sai activists and ex-devotees with all manner of spurious claims and irresponsible half-baked arguments to support a self-serving agenda. A better and descriptive epithet for him: "King of Armchair Critics."

Sanjay has taken a venemous stance against me because I have fully exposed him for the deviant, low-class and trashy pervert that he is. Check for yourself.

Sanjay ignores his "abusing, defaming and slandering" of Sathya Sai Baba, devotees and proponents. Therefore, it is only befitting that Sanjay best be described by the epithets "King of Armchair Hypocrites" and "Hypocrite Extraordinaire". If anyone has been shown to make "spurious claims and irresponsible half-baked arguments to support a self-serving agenda", it is unequivocally Sanjay Dadlani. I can (and have) backed up all my comments about Sanjay with references, links, screen-captures and google caches. Sanjay (on the other hand) responds with hyperbole, deflection, pathological lies and garrulous diatribes.
Another of his troubling claims is the fact that he himself claims to have been 'oiled' by Sai Baba. Careful readers of the Sathya Sai controversy will note that genital oilings are a common feature of Sai Baba's private 1-2-1 meetings with younger male devotees, whether or not they admit that the oiling is sexual in nature. Despite the wide reports of genital oilings of young boys and men by the Baba, it is strange to note how Gerald Moreno claims that his own oiling by Sai Baba was not a sexual occurrence by virtue of Sai Baba's hands being placed on Moreno's lower stomach. Although Moreno cannot give any coherent explanation for Sai Baba's questionable behaviour and why such oilings take place in the first instance, some have questioned the veracity of his own experience as evidenced by an exchange that took place between Gerald and B. Premanand.

First and foremost, my genitals were never oiled by Sathya Sai Baba. At no time were my genitals ever exposed. As I described on my own Personal Website, Sathya Sai Baba put his hand up to my face, clearly made circular motions with his thumb on his forefingers and a wonderfully and profusely fragrant, green oil materialized. Sathya Sai Baba smeared this oil, in one motion of his hand, on my "lower stomach". That's all that occurred. When I wrote my account, on my personal website, I never foresaw that Anti-Sai Activists would use my story against me and claim that I was sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. Therefore, when I wrote my interview experience, I did not give a detailed description about what I meant by my "lower stomach". As I have said before, Baba smeared the oil just below my navel/belly button, i.e., "lower stomach" (not to be confused with one's lower abdomen or pubic area). My pants were never pulled down and my genitals were never touched or exposed. Anti-Sai Activists have the audacity to continue their defamatory campaigns, claiming I was sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, despite my clarifications. This proves that Anti-Sai Activists are a group of perverts who fantasize about Sathya Sai Baba inappropriately touching people. There is no rationalizing with these deviantly and sexually-focused individuals who hypocritcally claim that they are devoted to the truth, justice and morality.
One thing that is clear is that, despite claims to the contrary, Gerald appears to have suffered some sort of trauma along the way in his experiences with Sai Baba. As well as confessing on his personal webpage that he almost went insane twice, the thing that I find simultaneously curious and disturbing is his commitment to defending an alleged homosexual paedophile and murderer who claims to be God incarnated on earth, and that he is not a devotee of said pervert.

I have no idea what Sanjay is referring to when he said that I "appeared to have suffered some sort of trauma along the way in my experiences with Sai Baba". Once again, Sanjay never referenced this claim. On the GaudiyaDiscussion site, Sanjay formerly claimed that he suffered a "mini-breakdown" when he defected from Sathya Sai Baba. Not only this, Sanjay discussed his acute psychological problems on a blog he thought was private, which I happened to find. Sanjay even talked about how he'd love to cut his flesh with a razor and blow out his brains with a gun after licking the barrel with his tongue! Enough said. Apparently, Sanjay is still very bitter about me finding his "private" blogs and publicly exposing them. Sanjay is obviously obsessed with me and can only resort to lies to defend himself.

Readers can also see how Sanjay purposely distorts information to suit his own smear campaign against me. Sanjay said that I claimed I "almost went insane twice". Of course, Sanjay left out the entire context to this comment. I made this comment in association with a botched appendectomy operation I endured, after which I became severely dehydrated from a secondary infection and almost died! Read the full story for yourself. Just more proof of Sanjay's selective, misleading and inaccurate paraphrasing.
This non-devotee status is an interesting issue in itself. An earlier version of his webpage stated the following: "I am not a Sathya Sai Baba devotee. Nevertheless, I have had many positive, powerful and spiritual experiences with SSB, as I have had with any other spiritual personalities. I do not belong to, go to, or affiliate myself with SSB Centers or the SSO." Later, there was a significant change: "I am not a Sathya Sai Baba devotee. I was a devotee from the age of 18 to the age of 25. I had/have basic philosophical differences of opinion, with several aspects to SSB's teachings (in particular, God Concepts & Karma), and I left the Sai Movement for that reason. Nevertheless, I have had many beautiful, powerful and spiritual experiences with SSB, as I have had with many other spiritual personalities. My opinion about Sathya Sai Baba (based on my personal experiences with him) is positive. I do not belong to, go to, or affiliate myself with SSB Centers or the SSO. I am an open-minded (but not gullible) agnostic."

There was no change. I was (past tense) a devotee from the ages of 18 to 25. I have not been a devotee for 11 years and was not a devotee when I started my site exposing the lies, deceit and dishonesty of Anti-Sai Activists. So when I said "I am not a devotee", this statement was (and is) 100% true. At no time did I ever state or imply I was never a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. As a matter of fact, Sanjay has only recently begun to twist my words to make his case that I "changed my position" about my devotee/non-devotee status. However, I made my former-devotee status public in my Email Correspondence With Lisa Tice dating back to December 2004. Obviously, Sanjay likes to make blind assumptions without performing the most remedial of research (similar to his premature assumptions that I never tried to contact Geyerhahn or the Rahm family when, in fact, I did). When Sajay is exposed for his poor and shabby research, he attempts to twist the facts in his favor because he has a compulsive need to be right.
Uh huh. I have strong suspicions that the reason he changed his position thus was because he was feeling the heat from people who were openly wondering why he has committed a significant amount of time and energy writing in defence of a troubled avatar who he does not believe in. It appears to have been a cynical move to gain legitimacy for his viewpoint by claiming that he has a reason for investment. Even then he fails, as his current activity does not represent his current beliefs about Sai Baba. He maintains a total of three pro-Sai sites and possibly more, two of which include devotional content with pictures, biographies, and the like. The amount of time he spends defending an individual he claims not to believe in frankly makes him look a little silly. Suffice it to say, he has no need to make "excuses" for Sathya Sai Baba because he himself believes that Sai Baba has sexually abused men.

As one can see, my position about my devotee/non-devotee status did not change. Therefore, Sanjay's "suspicions" simply reflect his Anti-Sai paranoia (more than likely stemming from his self-professed and deeply rooted psychological problems). After remaining silent about the lies of Anti-Sai Activists for years, I decided to do something about it. The reason why my sites contain information, pictures and resources about Sathya Sai Baba is simply to bring public attention (to the Sai-interested community) to my findings about Anti-Sai Activists and their smear and hate campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba. Since I maintain a favorable view on Sathya Sai Baba, it is only natural that the content on my sites will reflect my favorable views. I also provide pictures of Jesus, Buddha and other saints (with who I have had spiritual experiences as well) although I am not a Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. I enjoy a simple life and have plenty of free time to dedicate to causes I believe in.

Although I originally stated that I believed there was some truth to the allegations of sexual abuse against Sathya Sai Baba (based solely on the testimonies of Alaya Rahm), I have since retracted my former position due to what I consider overwhelming evidence that casts valid doubts on Alaya Rahm's credibility. Like many, I was swayed by the packaged, one-way and selective information regarding Alaya Rahm's allegations. After researching Alaya's allegations for myself, I discovered startling contradictions, inconsistencies and information that significantly altered my perception of his allegations. However, I maintained my open-mindedness due to my own personal sensitivities regarding sexual abuse. When Alaya Rahm Self-Dismissed his own lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society (before it ever went to trial), this action cemented all my doubts and I no longer consider Alaya to be credible. Apparently, Alaya's case was not credible enough to survive a trial, even though he had the representation of a well-known and experienced sexual abuse trial lawyer. Period.
In any case, and despite his efforts to defame ex-devotees, it appears that the general public do not seem very much interested in what he has to say. I know of at least three incidents where his arguments were ridiculed either in private or in public and where he lay thoroughly defeated and humiliated. The last one, which by all accounts left him suffering a pretty savage beating (under the name of 'Equalizer'), took place at the Guruphiliac blog during a comment-war on a negative piece about Sai Baba. That's a wonderful example of how, despite the rabid frothing-at-the-mouth caterwauling that Sai-defenders indulge in, people are far too uninterested and keep their eye on the ball with regards to Sai Baba's own crimes against his devotees. Whenever Gerald Moreno comes across a place where the Sai sex stories have entered the mainstream consciousness, you can be sure that is guaranteed to suffer a crushing defeat.

I am not "defaming" ex-devotees. Ex-devotees are fully responsible for their online behavior, past comments, lies, deceit and dishonesty. If something is negative, but true, it is not defamation!

It is amusing that Sanjay tries to mislead readers (again) claiming I was "thoroughly defeated and humiliated". One will note that Sanjay likes to make exaggerated claims without referencing them fully. Unlike Sanjay, I will reference my claims and will let the reader assess the situation for him/her self.

The "three incidents" that Sanjay referred to are:

1) The Guruphiliac Blog
Regarding the Guruphiliac Blog, I rightly pointed out how Jody Radzik lied about Sathya Sai Baba. Needless to say, anonymous, Anti-Guru individuals showed up to argue with me. This was to be expected as the Guruphiliac Blog provides a forum for those inimical towards gurus. However, when some of these same Anti-Guru individuals found out about Sanjay's Gaudiya Vaishanava ties, they similary bashed him, his Hare Krsna beliefs and his Gaurasundara Blog! Sanjay forgot to mention these facts! One will also notice the hateful and irrational comments made by some of these Anti-Guru individuals. On the Guruphiliac Blog, Sanjay has been very careful not to divulge the fact that he believes that the Hare Krishna founder (Srila Prabhupada) is still alive although he has been dead for 29 years! Sanjay obviousy suffers from Elvis Presley Syndrome (where people think Elvis is still alive). Call it coincidence, but Sanjay also happens to be a huge Elvis Presley fan! lol Sanjay was caught offering his obeisances, prostrations and cult-like praises to his Gurus (Srila Prahbupada and Srila Gour Govinda Swami: both Hare Krishna Acarayas), on the internet. See For Yourself. Jody Radzik not only promotes Sanjay's blog on his own blog, he also deleted one of my comments (maybe more) and currently refuses to allow Pro-Sai Activists to submit posts on his Anti-Guru blog (as I was informed by others).

2) Dinakaran Blog: Sathya Sai Controversy; Response From Brian Steel; Response From Sanjay Dadlani.
Regarding Dinakaran's blog, one can read how Dinakaran misunderstood my comments. I promptly clarified my position for him. No one "defeated and humiliated" me on Dinakaran's blog. Dadlani and Steel inevitably had to bite their tongues because they were trying to convince Dinakaran (a neutral party) about their positions and arguments against Sathya Sai Baba and me. The end result? I had the final word to which neither Dadlani or Steel further responded. And with good reason!

3) The Gaudiya Discussions Site.
Regarding the GaudiyaDiscussions site, I started a thread regarding problems with a literal interpretation of the Srimad Bhagavatam. This thread struck at the core of Gaudiya Vaishnava beliefs (which Sanjay professes to follow). The end result is that I was blindly attacked by followers (never "defeated and humiliated" because none of them, except Madhava, gave rational or sober responses to my questions). It is amusing to note how Sanjay fully believes the authority of the Srimad Bhagavatam when it comes to the alleged miracles of Lord Krishna, but disregards the authority of the Srimad Bhagavatam when it comes to things that science have shown to be completely false. The Srimad Bhagavatam promotes the belief that we live in a geocentric universe, the Sun is closer to the Earth than the Moon, Rahu (a demon's head floating in outer space) causes eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, the Himalayas extend into outer space (a quarter the distance to the Moon) and that the entire universe ends just prior to Pluto! This is the scripture that Sanjay believes in and cites as an authority regarding amazing miracles allegedly performed by Lord Krishna. Sanjay's only comment on this thread was "Thanks for those! I'll add them to the list" (referring to some links posted there). That's it!

There are no signs that my site, or my point of views, are suffering any sort of "crushing defeat". As a matter of fact, the overwhelming majority of responses to my site have been incredibly positive. This positive feedback has only increased and continues to increase. Anti-Sai Activists are no longer credible and Sanjay is the least credible of them all.
I mentioned the above in relation to his most recent activities; his embarassing failure at Guruphiliac enabled him to become full of rage and he promptly created an attack-page on his website against the webmaster of the Guruphiliac blog. A large part of his attack consisted of several references to human excrement (thirteen in all) which, to me, seemed entirely unreasonable. I had also noticed that, like his friends Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace, he also seemed to be developing an unhealthy fascination with the anus. How bitterly ironic that whereas Lisa and Simon develop fascinations for the orifice in question, Moreno goes even further and preoccupies himself with what is expelled from said orifice.

I was not "full of rage" when I created my page about the Guruphiliac Blog. As a matter of fact, I was filled with amusement when I discovered that Jody Radzik (a basher of Gurus) has a Guru himself, claims he is self-realized (no kidding) and publicly promotes and uses psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs. It's amusing that both Jody (a self-professed promoter and user of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs) and Sanjay are fully associating themselves with each other by linking to one another's blog. Using Sanjay's logic (that he used against me regarding Rasa von Werder), Sanjay is a promoter of psychedlic and hallucinogenic drugs because he directly associates himself with a known promoter and user of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs! Funny how Sanjay's logic comes back to bite him.

Sanjay's very disturbing tendency to deviantly sexualize my comments points to a very disturbed, obsessed and sexually perverted individual. Of course, this was confirmed with the public exposure of Sanjay's StreetBitches Blog, his Jesus Sex Fetish, his views on Child And Teen Pornography, his self-admitted Psychological Problems, his Views About Women, his self-admitted Drinking Problems, his Satanic Inclinations and his Long And Established History As A Pathological Liar.

I used the word "poo" 14 times in my article about Jody Radzik (the Guruphiliac webmaster). Although Jody Radzik specifically used the words "poop" and "shit" to make his arguments against Gurus, Sanjay thought nothing of Jody's reference to fecal material. However, when I used the word "poo" 14 times (out of a 5,484 word article or a .0025% word density percentage), Sanjay irrationally and neurotically concluded that I was a "toilet sex pervet" and had a "fascination for fecal material"! This speaks volumes for Sanjay's filthy and perverted tendencies to sexualize my comments when there was nothing sexual in them at all.

Sanjay has repeatedly made dozens of comments about my alleged "fascination" with fecal material. Using Sanjay logic, this must mean that he has a fetish for people who have a fascination with fecal material (and apparently can't stop fantasizing about other's fascination with feces)!
Judging by his personal website, Gerald appears to be something of a highly emotional fellow. When he doesn't suffer fits of plaintive weeping, he chants what he refers to as 'positive affirmations' to himself. Here is an example of one such affirmation: "I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Grow! Grow! Grow! Despite being chopped, poisoned or pulled! My Roots are Deep and Alive! I Thrive where others fail! I never give up! I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Rule the Garden of My Life!" Yes, this is the limit of Gerald Moreno's sense of self-esteem; he is a weed in the garden of his life. Upon realising how embarrassing this and other affirmations sounded for him, he remarked that I am providing him with plenty of 'fertilizer'. Indeed, just see how this connects with the anus and excrement fascinations as shown above; Gerald views himself as a weed covered with manure, animal excrement.

My Positive Affirmations Page was originally written many, many years ago (around the age of 20). I simply duplicated my past writings about positive affirmations on my personal website for others to read and enjoy (there happens to be a lot of interest in positive affirmations on the internet). Although I still believe that positive self-expression is healthful and conducive to well-being, I do not "chant" or repeat positive affirmations. One will also notice how Sanjay is once again obsessing about excrement.
What ensued next in the Guruphiliac episode was interesting because it appeared that the Guruphiliac had enemies of his own. What else could Gerald Moreno do but ally with them in his own hateful crusade? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", indeed! Unfortunately for Gerald, this alliance was to prove his undoing. His new friends were and are the ardent followers of Rasa von Werder, a female guru who appreciates monetary donations to build her own matriarchal church. A fair ambition you'd think, until it becomes clear that there is more to Ms. Werder than meets the eye. For a start, Rasa (real name Kellie Everts) believes that stripping for men at the age of 45 is an effective fundraising and recruitment strategy. Having slept with more than a thousand men by 1978 by her own admission, she has also made around nine appearances in Playboy magazine. If that wasn't enough to send you into a stunned silence, it turns out that Ms. Werder (a.k.a. 'Kinky Kellie') is a porn star who produces her own movies that regularly involve depraved and disgusting scenes of urination and simulated eating of excrement. Her website also hosts several pages of soft-porn pictures featuring her in licentious poses with other female models. And Gerald 'Joe' Moreno is affiliated with these people?

I do not have friends who are "ardent followers of Rasa von Werder". Nor have I ever communicated with Rasa von Werder (link provided for referencing purposes only) in any way, fashion or form (via phone, email, letter or otherwise). It appears that Rasa has an ongoing dispute with Jody Radzik (the Guruphiliac webmaster) and linked to my page exposing him. That's it! Since Rasa linked to my page about Jody Radzik, Sanjay irrationally concluded (as he often does) that I am "associated" with her and am therefore associating myself with a porn star who makes "shit and piss porn movies". Don't ask me how Sanjay knows what kind of pornography Rasa allegedly engaged in. Apparently, Sanjay researched the matter thoroughly for himself and apparently watched pornography of her and therefore is making his detailed comments on what she allegedly did in her porno films. Now Sanjay may think this type of porn is "disgusting", however it appears that Sanjay doesn't think that illegal teen porn sites are "disgusting" (he linked to them on his former StreetBitches Blog). Sanjay also doesn't think that requesting Jesus Pornography is "disgusting" either. Sanjay's "disgust" is one huge facade. Sanjay obviously wasn't "disgusted" enough to not peruse Rasa's "soft porn" pics and look at her allegedly performing sexual acts involving urine and feces in porno movies!

As discussed earlier, Sanjay is directly affiliated with Jody Radzik, who openly promotes and uses psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs. Using Sanjay's logic, Sanjay is a promoter of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs and defends the promotion and usage of drugs. If Sanjay can use this type of logic against me, I see no reason why I can't use this same type of logic against him. Ironically enough, Sanjay also divulged the fact that he purchased illegal drugs. So it is of little wonder that Sanjay is directly associating himself with Jody Radzik.
It looks like his crusade to "expose the Sai Baba exposers" is doomed. Considering the haughty tone he often takes in his criticism of ex-devotees, it is unsurprising to note that he has nothing to say about the unsavoury proclivities of his compadres Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace. Another one bites the dust. Unsurprisingly, Gerald Moreno withdrew from public discussion after all of these embarrassing facts about his disturbing associations and scatology became public knowledge, although it is only a matter of time before he resurfaces elsewhere at another time.

It is amusing how Sanjay keeps desperately trying to affirm that my efforts are "doomed" and have "lost all credibility". It is a well established fact that alcoholics (like Sanjay) are incapable of thinking rationally. I never withdrew from public discussion. Another bold-faced lie from Sanjay (notice the pattern?). As I have told Sanjay before, I don't care to read his concoted, passive-aggressive and rambling slop. Sanjay is an established liar and embellisher (Reference). He makes many claims without backing them up whatsoever. Sanjay did the same thing when he was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and continues to do the same thing now. I have yet to see any type of credible evidence to support Sanjay's erroneous claims against Lisa and Simon. Until Sanjay provides me with factual and verifiable proof to support his claims against Lisa and Simon, I will not comment on what appears to be nothing more than Sanjay's all-too-typical smear tactics.
UPDATE: Just seventeen minutes after this blog was last published, Gerald Moreno resurfaced and issued a denial of his affiliation with Rasa von Werder. After several weeks of this information being discussed in full public view, it took just seventeen minutes for him to do some damage control and save what was left of his reputation. Employing a pretence of innocence, Gerald claims that the only connection that exists is because Rasa von Werder provided a link to his SaiSathyaSai website on her own site. Clearly he forgot the extensive linking to his site on Rasa's other websites, yahoogroups and blogs as well as high praise for a "scholarly analysis" of Guruphiliac's psychology. The fact that Gerald holds no recognised qualifications in psychology or psychiatry, as well as the fact that his "scholarly" analysis was born out of being defeated on Guruphiliac's website and centered around excrement, says it all.

This post shows how Sanjay has some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is stalking me and is literally counting minutes like a person who has an unhealthy obsession. Although Sanjay publicly bashed me for allegedly associating myself with a porn star, etc., he never mentioned Rasa's name or cited any references to support his comments against me. I finally figured out whom he was referring to (i.e., Rasa von Werder) and promptly made a public statement that I have never had contact with Rasa and do not affiliate myself with her in any way, fashion or form. I do not control the internet and cannot prevent others from linking to my site or my webpages. I also cannot control others opinions about the content on my site. If Rasa von Werder linked to my webpage about Jody Radzik in her Yahoo Groups, etc., I cannot control that. Sanjay confessed that he thoroughly researched information about Rasa von Werder and implied that he viewed her porno movies (as he described scenes in them). Apparently, Sanjay's involvement and fascination with Rasa von Werder (by his own admission) is far stronger than my alleged, indirect involvement with her. Therefore, one must conclude (as Sanjay did with me) that he is a "shit and piss" porn pervert. Sanjay's illogic comes back to haunt him.
Gerald Moreno has slandered and maligned respectable and elderly people as being anti-Semites and much worse, simply because their writings were passed on from person to person and eventually ended up on sites of questionable affiliation. Using the same paltry standards, we have no problem with connecting Gerald Moreno to ex-porn stars who produce the most vile and disgusting perverted pornographic movies, what to speak of his direct affiliations with abusive and hateful Sai devotees who suffer from alcoholism and grow their own marijuana.

This is fantastic logic. Sanjay just made a strong case that Barry Pittard has Anti-Semitic ties. Since Sanjay is making the case that one is guilty through association, then Sanjay just poked his pudgy fingers in Pittard's eyes and is making the case for me that Barry Pittard has Anti-Semitic ties. Thank you Sanjay.

Sanjay also makes the case for me that the ExBaba site is Anti-Semitic because they directly link to (and quote material from) (Ref 01 - Ref 02). is a site that celebrates Ernst Zundel (calling him a "modern day Galileo"). Ernst Zundel had run Samisdat Publishers, one of the largest distributors of Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda and memorabilia in the world. The Exbaba site directly links to Therefore, using Sanjay's standards and arguments, the Exbaba site openly promotes and endorses an Anti-Semitic site and therefore has an Anti-Semitic agenda. Sanjay associates himself with the Exbaba site! Once again, thank you Sanjay.

It is also important to point out how Sanjay lives in perpetual denial and blame-mentality. He accuses others of suffering from alcoholism and growing marijuana, etc. What Sanjay forgets to mention is that he is a Self-Professed Drunk and admitted that he Purchased Marijuana (and even fully associates himself with a known user and promoter of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs)! Far be it for Sanjay to talk about others being "abusive and hateful" when he embodies these characterisics himself! He even admits it! Check for yourself.
UPDATE May 5 2006: Embarrassed at his situation of being the most vocal defender of Sathya Sai Baba, of the latter's alleged crimes of homosexual paedophilia and murder amongst other things, Gerald 'Joe' Moreno has changed his own views on the issue of Sai Baba's sexual molestations of young males. Whereas previously he believed that Sai Baba was guilty of sexual abuse, he now claims to have retracted this view due to a development in a legal case against Sai Baba (to be discussed at a future date). The fact remains that the case itself does not in any way deny the sex abuse claims of the plaintiff, and therefore we submit that Gerald has simply tried to find a convenient excuse to rid himself of the embarrassment he felt whenever his beliefs were pointed out to contradict his own actions. While also claiming not to be a Sai devotee, Gerald has exhibited the exact behaviour of a Sai devotee which is to flip-flop on his position on Sai Baba whenever facts are brought to light that further enunciate the fraud that is Sai Baba. After this, he went back into hiding.

Click Here to view my comments about my retraction regarding Sathya Sai Baba's alleged sexual involvement with men. For over a month, Sanjay has claimed that he is going to respond to the failed legal case that Alaya Rahm filed against the Sathya Sai Baba Society. One of the main reasons why Sanjay has been very conservative in his comments regarding this legal case is because he knows full well the legal implications he would be faced with if he were to attempt to publicly slander, libel and defame his way into this matter. The fact remains that Alaya's legal case lacked so much credibility, Alaya self-dimissed his own lawsuit. Alaya was represented by an experienced sexual-abuse trial lawyer and the case did not even make it to trial! Therefore, I think it is entirely fair to say that Alaya's allegations are without substance.

Unlike Sanjay, my life does not revolve around the SathyaSaiBaba2 Yahoo Group. Therefore, if I do not post or respond to Sanjay's idiotic rantings there, this does not mean I "went into hiding". It means I am doing other things that I value more than listening to Sanjay's drunken and boring prattle.
UPDATE June 15 2006: Gerald Moreno recently confessed to having dreams about me on his stalkblog. Among the more disturbing elements, he alleges dreaming of spying on me while being present in my private bedroom. His esteemed colleague, Lisa De Witt, also let slip on a public discussion board that Gerald had been having dreams of me on several other occasions.

I already blogged my response to this comment. First of all, I never blogged about "having dreams" (plural) about Sanjay. I blogged about "a dream" (singular) I had about Sanjay. Therefore Sanjay lied about what I posted on my blog. Lisa never "let it slip" that I had dreams (plural) about Sanjay. Where did Lisa say that? Lisa specifically said that I had "a dream" (singular) about Sanjay in which he was psychotic (Reference). Therefore, Sanjay lied about what Lisa posted on the SSB2 Yahoo Group as well. It is also amusing how Sanjay is attempting to draw a sexual inference because (according to him) I was "spying" on him in his "private bedroom" (as if it actually happened)! Tell me that Sanjay is not a weirdo?
Considering the extent and the efforts that Gerald has expended in demonising me on his stalkblog as well as publishing scurrillous attacks about me on his website, it has now become tragically evident that Moreno is completely consumed in his crazed and pathological obsession with me. WHEREAS Gerald Moreno regularly updates his stalkblog by rehashing his malicious and distorted propaganda against me, as well as distorting issues in ways that suit his aggressive agenda, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has claimed to be observing complete celibacy on Sai Baba's direct and personal order to him, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has agreed that an apt description of his psychosexual state is that of asexuality, effectively stating that he harbours no attraction or sexual desires towards women, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has publicly displayed an engrossing fascination towards me, even going so far as to confess the contents of his dreams, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has publicly presented himself as an oversensitive and effusive spiritualist and bordering on outright effeminacy, Whereas Gerald Moreno has created and regularly maintains not one, but two stalkblogs against me, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has recently re-formatted his stalkblog in a neon pink theme, WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has recently confessed to having intimate dreams about me, I have hereby concluded that Gerald 'Joe' Moreno is a homosexual. For clarification I should state here that the issue of sexuality means very little in the exposure of Sathya Sai Baba, but for the purpose of bring this information to public attention I decided that people should know the disturbing and documented facts about those who publicly defend Sathya Sai Baba, who is himself an alleged homosexual pedophile. Moreover, I find it extremely disturbing that, along with his homosexual colleagues, Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace, he would keep the issue of his sexuality a closely-guarded secret.

Sanjay can make as many speculations about my sexual orientation as he wants. I am un-concerned. Apparently, Sanjay loves to fantasize about the possibility that I am a homosexual (I wonder why?). The fact remains that I have never expressed homoerotic feelings for another man, like Sanjay did: Reference. The fact remains that I never allowed another man to lay his head on my lap while I ran my fingers through his hair and then blogged about the experience claiming that "my blood likes it" and "I know I like it and I know he likes it too", like Sanjay did: Reference. The fact remains that I never created a public profile in which I referred to myself as a "female" twice, like Sanjay did: Reference. Since Sanjay's homosexual interests and comments have been publicly exposed by me, he is simply retaliating out of vindicitiveness. Click Here to read my comments regarding the pink theme used on this blog and why I used it.
UPDATE June 17 2006: A full twenty hours and five minutes after the publishing of the last update, Gerald Moreno made moves to disguise his discovered sexuality issues by indulging in some serious projection. Inventing a story about my own supposed sexuality confusion, he proceeded to state this as the reason for daubing his blog with a neon pink theme. Unfortunately for Gerald, this is not a logical proposition as even the most 'greenest' professional knows that presentation is everything. Consequently, the choice of a neon pink theme says more about Gerald Moreno than it does about anybody else.

This post shows how Sanjay has some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is counting minutes and hours like a person who has an unhealthy obsession. Apparently, Sanjay is stalking me and my posts, writhing his fingers and gnashing his teeth as he stares at his clock with an expectant gaze counting seconds, minutes and hours like a psychopathic stalker.

Notice how Sanjay is repeating himself like a broken record again? This blog is not about me. It is about Sanjay Kishore Dadlani. Therefore, it is true that "presentation is everything". I am "presenting" Sanjay is a light that reflects his own admission to having homoerotic feelings for another man and his enjoyment in running his fingers through another man's hair so much, he blogged about the experience! In light of Sanjay's comments, I think the pink theme is entirely appropriate.
Gerald Moreno would be well-advised to seek counselling in order to come to terms with his surfacing homosexuality, as well as several other disturbing issues such as his perverse sexual fetishes, his own experience of sexual molestation as well as his constant flip-flopping on fundamental issues to do with Sathya Sai Baba all documented in this post. As we can only envision more childish retorts from Gerald, it is considered that no more updates will be made.

Notice how Sanjay is obsessing with homosexuality and fetishes again? Since Sanjay is repeatedly referring to "homosexuality", this must mean (as Sanjay concluded with my usage of the word "poo") that he is a Flaming Homosexual who likes to project his latent desires onto others. lol
It's official: The slander campaign against Sai Baba's ex-devotees has lost all credibility and is beyond repair. It's all over bar the shouting.

Keep dreaming Sanjay! I am sure it is "all over the bar the shouting" considering your Self-Professed And Serious Drinking Problems. lol

Only in Sanjay drunken stupor does he have the audacity to make these looney, ridiculous and asinine comments! It is apparent that Sanjay penned his attacks against me when he was drunk at some bar. Unfortunately, the only people who seem to believe Sanjay are drunks who bitterly weep in their glasses of whisky (very much like Sangay professed doing himself).


  • At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, one thing is for certain 'here'..
    Sanjay Dadlini has been totally and throughly exposed, as a man of zero credibility!

    His abject dishonesty, and perverse wickedness...can only be described, as absolutely disgusting!

    As you point out, Joe..
    you document, justify, and clarify, the exposure of Sanjay Dadlini - something, that he fails to do.
    is a HUGE, and telling difference.

    Of course Sanjay cannot do the same as you have done...because his claims are totally baseless, and without any foundation, whatsoever.

    As you said..
    all Sanjay has, is 'hyperbole'.

    He is an established - and prolific liar!


    No allegations, here.
    This is a fact, and a provable one, at that.

    Could Sanjay respond ...say the same about yourself?


    Sanjay Dadlinin, is an example of a boy gone bad.


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