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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dadlani's Fake Name Of 'James' On QuickTopic

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani Posted As 'James' On QuickTopic
Under all three of Sanjay Dadlani's known IPs on QuickTopic, he made 16 posts under the name "James" and said:
James: "My names is James not sanjay, i told you once already. Is he another dead guy you talk to you stupid cunt? I checked out your shiddi guy on google and he's dead, you talk to dead guys when youre drunk you stupid slut. too funny for life!" (Reference)

James: "Still rattling off like a stupid cunt I see." (Reference)

James: "Ugh, still talking to dead people?" (Reference)

James: "no wonder you're a nutty drunk, you see dead people and accuse me of being someone else! Too funny for life." (Reference)

James: "My name is James not Sanjay you stupid cunt, are you blind as well as drunk? So which dead guy did you talk to today?" (Reference)

James: "You see and talk to dead people, maybe you were drinking? Yes you were" (Reference)

James: "You haven't got a fucking clue what you're talking about you nutjob, you see and talk to deaf people as if they were real that's too funny for life!" (Reference)

James: "Look at you telling other people to get help. You see and talk to dead people, you are a fricking stupid nutcase how can you talk to dead people? Its so funny." (Reference)

James: "You said that you see dead people and TALK to them. You are the last person to talk other other people's level of intelligence. Go and see a doctor you fucking nutjob." (Reference)

James: "These are not conversations, and they cannot be carried on with people who see other dead people. That's too funny. I haven't got a clue what you guys are all talking about but its pretty funny. If there's dead people involved then its even funnier. I expect you believe in God as well?" (Reference)

James: "I googled it already, I told you. I discovered this forum while searching for something else you inquisitive fuckhead. Stop asking stupid questions and tell me all about how you fags can see dead people." (Reference)

James: "No I don't find your comments interesting, very puerile actually. You're the only one arguing and abusing everybody. I just did some googling on Shirdi and turns out he is dead. So you see dead people? You're nuts." (Reference)

James: "No I'm not usedbybaba and I'm not illiterate, I have a college qualification in English, thank you very much. Which is more than what I can say for you fellows. I repeat, try finding something interesting to say instead of calling everyone dumbo. So I didn't get an answer to my question? Who is Shirdi, and is he still alive? How can you see dead people?" (Reference)

James: "Who is this Shirdi person you guys keep talking of? Is he dead? Do you see dead people? Is that what you're saying?" (Reference)

James: "You have a pretty bad level of vocab. Think of something interesting to say other than calling people dumbos." (Reference)

James: "What's with all this dumbo dumbo stuff? Don't you guys have something interesting to say? Every single post has dumbo in it." (Reference)

Sanjay Dadlani (aka "James") lied about his identity and denied (thrice) that he was Sanjay. Not only did Sanjay pretend he did not know who Shirdi Sai Baba was, he spoke in his typical vulgar, confrontational and filthy ways and called others names like:

  • "stupid cunt" (x3)

  • "stupid slut"

  • "nutty drunk"

  • "nutjob"

  • "fricking stupid nutcase"

  • "fucking nutjob"

  • "fags"

  • "nuts"

Needless to say, I had a strong feeling that Sanjay was posting incognito as "James" and even said so (Reference). Wherever Sanjay goes, his gutter-mouth follows him and gives him away.

It is also amusing that Sanjay Dadlani (aka "James") bashed people who claim to "see dead people". Putting aside Sanjay's dreams about his dead guru (Srila Prabhupada), he is good friends with the self-professed psychic and Anti-Sai Activist, Anthony Tony O'Clery. Not only does O'Clery believe that he can see and speak to dead people, he also believes he can enter demon trances and that his whole family are psychics.

On post 2329, Sanjay (aka "James") said:
James: "You haven't got a fucking clue what you're talking about you nutjob, you see and talk to deaf people as if they were real that's too funny for life!"

What's so amusing about this comment is that Sanjay made a typo and said "deaf" instead of "dead". Sanjay has suffered from deafness since the age of five. When one reads the post while taking into consideration Sanjay's handicap (and his attempt to deceive others about his identity), the post is really quite funny.

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