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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sanjay's Satanic Inclinations

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani:
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

After making my post about Sanjay And The Satanic Bible a debate ensued between Sanjay and I on the SSB2 Yahoo Group. Within minutes of publishing my post about Sanjay's admission to reading the Satanic Bible and his "seriously contemplating on and accepting the possibility of the darker forces in life", Sanjay's Satanic image (used as his profile pic on various sites) abruptly disappeared offline. After pointing this out, the picture re-appeared online as mysteriously as it disappeared. The picture used is as follows:

The images below shows how the photo was deleted. See before and after:

Sanjay denied that he used the Satanic image for his profile pic, claiming the image was of batman! However, here are screen caps that verfify that he used the Satanic photo as his profile pic as well as using it at under the name "Azra'il" (who is the Angel of Death):

Although Sanjay's profile picture depics a typical hell scene, situated in a pit of fire with a man wearing black, sitting on a stone throne surrounded with numerous human skulls, Sanjay claimed that this profile picture was not "Satanic" but was a "cartoon" of Lemmy Kilmister from the Hard Metal Rock Group, Motorhead. Let us look at the Heavy Metal Rock Group, Motorhead. First of all, some of Motorhead's albums come with parental warning labels on them because the lyrics are extremely graphic. Secondly, take a look at the main iconography and album covers associated with Motorhead:

I guess Sanjay will similarly argue that these images are "cartoons" and are not Satanic or evil in the least? This is the Heavy Metal Group that Sanjay eulogizes and promotes. Sinjay even devoted a blog exclusively for Motorhead named: Whore House Blues and entitled "Die You Bastard!".

Let us read some of Sanjay's deeply disturbing posts about his inclination to listen to Heavy Metal Music and how it helps him deal with deeply rooted psychological issues:
I hear the guitars and it feels like a blade of steel cutting through my soul and my flesh, and it's so plesurable. I wonder how thos people feel, those people who take a razor blade to themselves and cut their flesh. I wonder how it feels. I think I want to try that, if only as a release to this intense pain that I feel.

It is no wonder that, to appease my tortured soul, I listen to metal. Not just any metal, mind you, Motorhead and a little Metallica is the stuff that oils my wheels these days. Regarding my taking a turn for all of this negativity, what else is there?

Metal seems to have the special quality of slicing through your flesh and gliding straight into a pain-wracked soul. As such, I do not NEED to cut myself. I just need to listen to some good metal, as the guitars do all the cutting for me that I need. And so I can just open my heart to the steel sword that begs to cut through my flesh and intertwine itself with my nerves, and like a violin let it play the most mournful music anyone has ever heard. While raining hellfire spills forth from my eyes...

Therefore, direct from Sanjay's mouth, we read how he was so seriously disturbed that he considered cutting himself with razors to release his inner pain. Sanjay said that Heavy Metal music does the cutting that he does not have the nerve to do himself. The iconography associated with Motorhead is clearly and unequivocally Satanic, evil, hellish or demonic (take your choice). Sanjay refuses to accept these descriptions and chooses to describe his Lemmy picture as a "cartoon", in the category of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Care Bears!

Sanjay denies that he has Satanic inclinations. Nevertheless, I think the evidence speaks to the contrary. Why does Sanjay, who claims to be a Gaudiya Vaishnava, use a picture depicting hell and Satan as his main profile pic and eulogize and promote a Heavy Metal Group (even devoting a blog to them) when their iconography is clearly Satanic? Does this sound like the behavior of someone who denies having Satanic inclinations and instead has loving devotion to Bhagavan Sri Krishna? I think the answer is self-evident.

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