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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sanjay Dadlani The Energizer Braggart

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

As strange as it may sound, Sanjay Dadlani (aka "Sai Baba EXPOSED") is very sensitive to "lies". Since Sanjay is SO righteous and truthful, let me set the record straight about his pathetic and amusing lies that he was the one who discovered my real name and my personal geocities site before anyone else.

On the Quicktopic forum Sanjay said (Reference):
11-06-2006 09:43 PM ET (US)
"And before Moreno comes back with some asinine remark about how everyone knows his full (real) name, let me be the one to reveal that I was the first person to discover his identity online. Back in the early days when he had the 'vishvarupa' domain, he was still passing himself off as 'Joe' to all of us without divulging his identity. I did some digging around and I found his personal website on Geocities where his full name and details were there, and I passed this info along to everyone else. Get that, Handbag? I discovered your website before anybody else and I found out your real name too. It's no wonder you started using your full name immediately afterwards, lol."

The very first public mention to my webpages (dealing with the Sai Controversy) occurred on October 2nd 2004 when I wrote my first email to Robert Priddy: See For Yourself. A judgmental nut with the name "Randi Godager" emailed me the same day (October 2nd 2004) and requested my full name. I told Randi Godager that my full name was "Gerald Joe Moreno" and that my full name was clearly published on the bottom of my webpage: See For Yourself. Therefore, when I first created my webpages, I divulged my full name on the bottom of all of them. Sanjay is a filthy and pathetic braggart who lied when he said he was the one who "discovered my identity online". He most certainly did not. In 2004 (as well as to this day) I respond to all emails using the name "Joe". My full identity was divulged at the inception of my webpages dealing with the Sai Controversy and Sanjay had nothing to do with it.

Secondly, my geocities site does not divulge my "full name and details". So when Sanjay boasted that he found my "full name and details" on my geocities site, he is obviously in a drunken and confused stupor.

As a matter of fact, when I first communicated with Lisa DeWitt (a Sai Devotee), I didn't think of telling her about my geocities site but she found it anyway the day after we talked. My geocities site has never been hidden and no attempt was ever made to conceal it from anyone. Sanjay's finding my site is no great accomplishment as anyone with remedial google-searching skills can find it.

Sanjay also said:
"And while I'm on the subject, Gerald Moreno hid his picture which was on his personal website. What a flaming hypocrite this guy is, who makes fun of people's physical appearances and even creates false and hurtful pictures of them by playing around with Photoshop-type programs, is himself afraid of his picture that he had to take it down to hide himself from the world? Never mind, we have it. :-) We know what he looks like. Couldn't you have chosen a better hairstyle, Homoreno? :-)"

Click Here To View Some Pictures Of Sanjay Dadlani (the Hare Krishna Congregational Member who loves to stalk innocent teenagers and students with his digicam and secretly film them up their dresses and under tables: Reference). Sanjay, couldn't you have chosen a better hairstyle than your Papa Smurf one? :-)

Click Here To View The Merged Photoshop-Type Images In Question or Click Here For The Blogged Version

It is utterly absurd that Sanjay (of all people) called me a "flaming hypocrite" and whined and whimpered about me creating "hurtful pictures" of others by "playing around with photoshop-type programs".

First and foremost, I was not the one who started the warring over "merged photoshop-type images". Sanjay was responsible. On several blogged posts, Sanjay posted "merged photoshop-type images" of Sathya Sai Baba and thought it was funny. As a matter of fact, Reiner Van Der Sandt also created "merged photoshop-type images" of Sathya Sai Baba as well: Reference.

Needless to say, Sanjay never complained about these "hurtful" images and even said about them, "hope these give you a good belly laugh as they did me". However, when the tables were turned (and thankfully they were) and a Sai Devotee (using the pseudonym "PremaPerm") made "merged photoshop-type images" of Sanjay, he didn't like it and threw a flaming, shrieking, girly hissy-fit and shrilly blurted "Not to mention the fact that he has stolen an image of myself from my website and regularly presents ridiculous composite images such as the one you see. Such childish behaviour hardly deserves any comment.".

Although Sanjay was allegedly deeply offended by the "merged photoshop-type images" of himself, within a few weeks time he stole my composite image of him and Bala Sai Baba and started using it as his picture on his blog! See my article entitled Sanjay: Multiple Personalities?

Sanjay also said:
"When he refers to other people as being 'anonymous, faceless hypocrites', he is really talking about himself."

If Sanjay is so honest, he should come forward with his real full name, full address, full phone number and contact details. To date, Sanjay has never divulged this information, yet hypocritically points his pudgy fingers at me and whines and babbles about my "anonymous" identity.

Sanjay is a braggart, a flaming hypocrite and a shameless liar with proof. His lies never end. His absurdities never end and his suffocating negativity and bitterness never end. Sanjay is the energizer braggart who can't stop beating his own drum.


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