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Saturday, November 11, 2006

To Flip-Flop Or Not To Flip Flop?

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Trying to slither his way out of his past comments about The Guardian Article being the result of a 6-month-long collaboration between Paul Lewis and Anti-Sai Activists, Sanjay said:
"Regarding my previous post, this is yet another like of Joeblow Moreno's. He is stupidly claiming that the recent Guardian article is the result of a six-month collaboration with anti-Sais when this is a total and absurd lie.

I even blogged about it: Moreno's Guardian Lies And Speculations. Even after it has been proven that my remarks of April referred to my posting just a few days later, the intellectually-dishonest lying swine is still claiming (without any proof whatsoever) that his speculations are correct."

Apparently, Sanjay now realizes his blunder about boasting about how Anti-Sai Activists were behind Paul Lewis' The Guardian Article and is attempting to do damage control.

Neverless, it is on record that Sanjay said exactly the following (with the included link):
11-05-2006 01:23 AM
Edited by author 11-05-2006 01:49 AM
"Want to talk about blindness? I warned you fools about this months ago, but you're way too thick to pick up the hints. I even warned you months in advance about the BBC movie, and you were too thick to pick up the hints about that too. Nothing has changed even two years later. :-)" (Reference)

If my comments about Anti-Sai Collaboration with Paul Lewis and The Guardian is a "total and absurd lie", then Sanjay is to blame. Not I. After all, Sanjay was the one who claimed that he "warned" us about The Guardian article and cited, as proof, his Yahoo post going back to April 2006.

Sanjay's Yahoo post said:
"Sai Baba, male-rapist extraordinaire, has been drooling for TWO YEARS expecting the entire UK Youth contingent to travel to Puttaparthi and satisfy his perverted sexual cravings. It's all going down this November. Details to follow." (Reference)

Call it coincidence, but come November (6 months later), Paul Lewis releases an article in The Guardian about (you guessed it) the UK Sai Youth Group traveling to Puttaparthi and "pedophilia claims".

Furthermore, in relation to Anti-Sai Collaboration with Paul Lewis and The Guardian, Sanjay also said:
"We already knew about this issue months before the date of publication of course. In fact it was mooted as a front-page story, but at the last minute a development in a legal issue involving PM Tony Blair took precedence and the Sai Baba article was moved to Page 3...Sorry I couldn't take part while I was busy participating in this development...We run the Exposé and the Exposé continues."

"And yes, I know all about what has gone on behind the scenes. This is the stuff I am working on while you idiots are arguing endlessly over who's a bigger pervert...Of course, I already know which page it's on even though I don't have it yet."

So now when Sanjay says that Anti-Sai Activists did not collaborate with Paul Lewis and were not involved in the publication of the The Guardian article, one can only wonder what kind of people Sanjay thinks he is fooling?

Either Sanjay lied about his past comments regarding Anti-Sai Collaboration, or he is lying now. Either way, Sanjay lied and is liar, with proof.

Nothing Sanjay says can be trusted as he casually changes his views based on whatever whim suits him at any given moment.Sanjay flip-flops so often, he is like a fish out of water just waiting to die.


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