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Monday, April 09, 2007

Marquis de Sade And Sanjay Dadlani On QuickTopic

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani Posted As 'Marquis De Sade' On QuickTopic:
Under two of Sanjay Dadlani's known IPs on QuickTopic (one from Middlesex University, where Sanjay studies), he posted obscene, slimy and sleazy posts under the name "Marquis de Sade" that said:
"Bum-Cleaver lugged a club so amusingly shaped it was nearly impossible for him to perform an embuggery without splitting the ass, whence came the name he bore. The head of his prick resembled the heart of an ox, it was eight and three-eights inches around; behind it, the shaft measured only eight, but was crooked and had such a curve it neatly tore the anus when penetrating it, and this quality, very precious to libertines as jaded as ours, had made him singularly sought after." (Reference)

"By way of a partner for him, Guérin had chosen the dean of our chapter: a tall, sturdy lass of about thirty-six, a great and chronic drunk, loutish, foul-mouthed, rather a fishmonger’s wife, although by no means unattractive; the good Président arrives, they are served supper, both get blind drunk, both become unreasonable, one vomits in the other’s mouth, the one swallows the stuff, then the other vomits into the mouth of the first, now he swallows, and so forth and so on, and they finally collapse into the supper’s debris, that is to say, into the filth they’ve just splashed all over the floor." (Reference)

"Something very humorous indeed had occurred the night before: absolutely drunk, the Duc, instead of gaining his bedchamber, had installed himself in young Sophie's bed, and despite all the child could say, for she knew perfectly well what he was doing violated the rules, he would not be budged, and continued with great heat to maintain he was damned well where he belonged, namely, in his bed with Aline, who was listed as his wife for the night. But as he was allowed certain privileges with Aline which were still forbidden with the little girls, when he sought to put Sophie in the posture that favored the amusements of his choice, and when the poor child, to whom no one had as yet ever done such a thing, felt the massive head of the Duc's prick hammer at her young behind's narrow gate and contrive to batter a thoroughfare, the poor little creature fell to uttering dreadful screeches, and, leaping up, fled naked about the room. The Duc followed hard on her heels, swearing like a demon, still mistaking her for Aline. "Buggress!" he roared, "dost think it the first time?" And fancying he has overtaken her and has her at last, he falls upon Zelmire's bed, thinking it his own, and embraces that little girl, supposing Aline has decided to behave reasonably. The same proceedings with Zelmire as a moment ago with Sophie, because the Duc most decidedly wishes to attain his objective; but immediately Zelmire perceives what he is about, she imitates her companion and duplicates her resistance, pronounces a terrible scream, and leaps away." (Reference)

Marquis De Sade - "120 Days Of Sodom":
After I cut and pasted segments of these posts in a Google search, I discovered that these posts were taken from the French writer Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom, which was written in 1784. It related stories of four wealthy men who enslaved twenty-four mostly teenaged victims and sexually tortured them while listening to stories told by old prostitutes. Sade wrote The 120 Days of Sodom in the space of thirty-seven days in 1784 whilst he was imprisoned in the Bastille. It was first published in 1904 by the Berlin psychiatrist Iwan Bloch (under the pseudonym 'Dr Eugen Duhren' to avoid controversy). The book was not published until 1905 and was banned in many countries due to its extreme sexual and violent nature.
The novel is set out to a strict timetable and for each of the first four months (November to February) prostitutes take turns telling five stories each day (relating to the fetishes of their most interesting clients) and thus totalling 150 stories for each month. These passions were separated into four categories - simple, complex, criminal and murderous - escalating in complexity and savagery:
  • November: the simple passions - these anecdotes are the only ones written in detail. They are only considered 'simple' in terms of them not including actual sexual penetration. However, most people would not regard them as simple because the clients mentioned in the anecdotes indulge in activities many would find bizarre or disgusting, such as men who like to masturbate in the faces of seven-year-old girls, who drink urine or eat excrement. As they do throughout the story-telling sections, the four libertines - Blangis, the Bishop, Curval and Durcet - indulge in activities similar to those they've heard with the kidnapped children and their daughters.

  • December: the complex passions - these anecdotes involve more extravagant perversions, such as men who vaginally rape female children, indulge in incest and flagellation. Tales of men who indulge in sacrilegious activities are also recounted, such as a man who enjoyed having sex with nuns whilst watching Mass being performed. (Like all his major characters, Sade was an atheist, and he himself indulged in an act of sacrilege when he paid a prostitute to trample on a crucifix, which led to one of his many arrests.) Sade was, however, well aware of the contradiction created by that of an atheist insulting a God he/she does not believe in, and this point is raised and discussed by the characters in a number of his works, although not this one. The female children are deflowered vaginally during the evening orgies with other elements of that month's stories - such as whipping - occasionally thrown in.

  • January: the criminal passions - tales are told of perverts who indulge in criminal activities, albeit stopping short of murder. They include men who sodomize girls as young as three, men who prostitute their own daughters to other perverts and watch the proceedings, and others who mutilate women by tearing off fingers or burning them with red-hot pokers. During the month, the four libertines begin having anal sex with the sixteen male and female children, and these children, and the other victims, are treated more brutally as time goes on, with regular beatings and whippings.

  • February: the murderous passions - the final 150 anecdotes are those involving murder. They include perverts who skin children alive, disembowel pregnant women, burn alive entire families and kill newborn babies in front of their mothers. The final tale is the only one since the simple passions of November written in detail. It features the 'Hell Libertine' who masturbates whilst watching fifteen teenage girls being simultaneously tortured to death. During this month, the libertines brutally kill three of the four daughters they have between them, along with four of the female children and two of the male ones. The murder of one of the girls, 15-year-old Augustine, is described in great detail, with the tortures she is subjected to including having flesh stripped from her limbs, her vagina being mutilated and her intestines being pulled out of her sliced-open belly and burned before her eyes.

Sade was interested in the manner in which sexual fetishes are developed, as are his primary characters, who urge the storytellers to remind them, in later stages, as to what the client in that particular anecdote enjoyed doing in their younger years. There are therefore a number of men who appear a number of times, such as a man who, in the early tales, enjoys pricking women's breasts with pins and, at his reappearance in the tales in the 'murderous passions' category, delights in killing women by raping them atop a bed of nails. It was this evident fascination with the manner in which the various off-shoots of sexual desire can manifest themselves in fetishes, which can be taken to the extreme, that lead to this work being equated with Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis. (Reference)

In Conclusion:
It is very disturbing that Sanjay Dadlani holds Marquis De Sade's book in such high esteem that he cut and pasted certain grotesque and sexually explicit passages (even relating to little girls) from it onto QuickTopic and attempted to do so anonymously. It is a fact that Sanjay Dadlani is into kinky, deviant and perverse sexual fetishes (which even include a Jesus Sex Fetish and an extreme Boot Sex Fetish). Sanjay ceaselessly refers to women as "sluts", "bitches" and "cunts" and views them as objects of sexual exploitation (Reference).

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani is the same person who pretends to be a Gaudiya Vaishnava and writes mushy-gushy slop on his Gaurasundara's Musing blog, praising God and acting like a pious devotee who does no wrong. Sanjay Dadlani is also one of the most vocal ex-devotees of Sathya Sai Baba who has received the full support, promotion and defence from the Anti-Sai Movement. Using Robert Priddy's logic (with a slight modification):
"Neither Robert Priddy or other Anti-Sai Activists have rejected Sanjay Dadlani as their spokesman on the Internet, and so one must conclude that in passively accepting his untruths, defamations, perversities and cover-up on their behalf, they are satisfied with him."

As I have said many times before, Anti-Sai Activist's alleged sensitivities to sexual abuse and exploitation are one huge pretense. They ignore their own member's despicable sexual behavior and sexual penchants (as they did with Reinier Van Der Sandt's admission to viewing child pornography) and put on sheep's clothing attempting to deceive the general public with their pseudo-moralistic public posturing and pretenses.

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