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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Om Sai And Sanjay Dadlani

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani Posted As 'Om Sai' On QuickTopic
Under Sanjay Dadlani's known Middlesex University IP, he posted under the name "Om Sai" on Quicktopic and said:
"lisa de bitch y dont u shut the fuck up u silly lallupanju whore" (Reference)

"wow evry1 got excited by lallupanju name, i come from malaysia. saibaba screwed boys from here so he is lallupanju and pervert homosexual, and many of his devotees r homos too." (Reference)

Sanjay Dadlani lied and claimed that he came from Malaysia and attempted to cover-up his identity by changing his writing style. Sanjay Dadlani is notorious for his vulgar and gutter language and he has often referred to women as "bitches", "sluts" and "cunts" (as he did on his Streetbitches Blog).

These posts prove that Sanjay Dadlani actively uses fake identities to spread fraudulent stories against Sathya Sai Baba on the internet. Sanjay Dadlani can often be seen whining and sniveling about others not engaging him in "rational" discussions, etc. Perhaps when Sanjay stops acting like a mentally-unstable irrationalist, he might find someone willing to talk to him. Needless to say, the only intellectual heavy-weights and "rationalists" willing to talk to Sanjay Dadlani are the mentally unstable defamers and liars: Tony O'Clery, UsedByBaba and Barbara Dent!

Nothing like resorting to deception, lies, vulgar name-calling and fake names to engage others in a "rational" discussion with. Eh, Sanjay?

Examples Of Sanjay's Typical Language On The SSB2 Yahoo Group (Also, look at the titles given to the posts):
01; 02; 03; 04; 05; 06; 07; 08; 09; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18

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