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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wikipedia, Ekantik, Mel Etitis And Peter J King

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Mel Etitis Menu (click on a link to go to relevant section):
Why This Page Was Created
Introduction To Mel Etitis
Mel Etitis Created The Sockpuppet "Peter J King"
Who Created The "Peter J. King" Wiki-Page?
Mel Etitis, Peter J. King And The Andrea Christofidou Connection
Peter J. King Writes About "Mel Etitis"
Mel Etitis, Peter J. King And His Book "One Hundred Philosophers"
The Mel Etitis Sockpuppet Cover-Up On Wikipedia
In Conclusion

Why This Page Was Created:
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This page was created because my voice was taken away on Wikipedia (I was banned) and I felt the necessity to defend my claims that not only did Mel Etitis create a sockpuppet using his real name, it most certainly appears that he also created and heavily edited his own Wikipedia biography page (which is frowned upon by Wikipedia). Since User:Ekantik and Mel Etitis have both made what I consider misleading statements about the ban (Refs: 01 02 - 03 - 04), I decided to give my side of the story. Here it is:

Introduction To Mel Etitis:
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There are several Anti-Wikipedia websites that discuss administrators on Wikipedia who have earned reputations as being "elitists", "egotists" and "power abusers". One of these administrators is the user "Mel Etitis" (Ref). I first encountered Mel Etitis when he erroneously removed citation tags (thrice) from the Robert Priddy wiki-page, for which he could provide no reliable citations (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03). I confronted Mel Etitis about his removal of these citation tags (Ref) and he re-added one of the citation tags back into the article (Ref). Needless to say, Mel Etitis and I butted heads a couple of times thereafter. Then, Mel Etitis threatened to ban me (Ref) for making the following comment:
"Smee, since you are so familiar with Wikipedia policies, then why don't you source the material you are adding to the article from reliable and reputable sources? Surely you know what those policies are? Don't you? No one, not even you, can provide even one single reliable or reputable source to reference any of the material on Priddy's page. Most of the information on the page must be taken on the word of Robert Priddy (who created his own page) because it has not been published anywhere else. For one so conversant with Wikipedia policies, your edits are duplicitous." (Reference)

Because I called "Smee's" edits "duplicitous", Mel Etitis raised a huge fuss and threatened to ban me (despite Mel Etitis' well known snobbery and condescending remarks made to others). I fail to see how my comment was inappropriate considering "Smee's continual reference to Wikipedia policies but flagrant dismissal of WP:RS and WP:BLP. The conversation between Mel and I went as follows: Mel EtitisMeMel EtitisMe → the conversation ended.

Ekantik (aka Sanjay Dadlani: a vicious defamer against me outside Wikipedia who could not substantiate any of his libels against me, even when publicly challenged on the RFA to do so: Ref) complained to Mel Etitis about factual comments I made about him in relation to his off-topic comments made about Sai Devotees (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06). Mel Etitis promptly banned me and said:
"This has to end. I'm blocking you for 12 hours as a shot across your bows, in the hope that you'll use the time to calm down. If you continue as you have been, the next block will be considerably longer." (Reference)

Since Mel Etitis was never a party to the RFA and was never involved in (and hence unfamiliar with) the controversy between User:Ekantik and I, I decided to do some research about Mel Etitis and I discovered he used a sockpuppet (using his real name) on Wikipedia.

Mel Etitis Created The Sockpuppet "Peter J King":
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Mel Etitis created his account on December 29th 2004 and created his Peter J King sockpuppet on January 13th 2007, after he was an admin and should have known better.

After a few minutes of research on Google, I discovered a "Windows Live Spaces" (henceforth referred to as "WLS") site belonging to Peter J. King (Reference). Mel Etitis and Peter J. King:

  1. Both are 50 years old (Mel Etitis stated his age on his user-page and Peter King did the same on his WLS site).

  2. Both teach at Oxford in relation to Philosophy.

  3. Both have made disparaging remarks about Wikipedia in the same tone (compare: Point 5 entitled "Philosophy" with "gone to Citizendium").

  4. Both have the same tastes in music, especially Jazz (compare: Mel Etitis' music contributions with Peter J. King's music selections).

  5. Both have very similar gardens pictures (compare WLS garden pics with Mel Etitis' garden pic on wikipedia).

However, the real clincher is that both Peter J King and Mel Etitis claimed the exact same picture of ''All Saint's Churchill'' as his own:

BELOW: Peter J. King's "All Saint's Churchill" Picture On WLS That He Claimed He Photographed Himself:

BELOW: Met Etitis' "All Saint's Churchill" Picture On Wikipedia That He Claimed He Photographed Himself:

Within two hours of making my sockpuppetry claim against Mel Etitis, the WLS picture in question was promptly deleted and replaced with a different picture (further proof, in my opinion, that Mel Etitis is the owner of Peter J. King's WLS site). Needless to say, I foresaw that Mel Etitis (aka "Peter J. King") would attempt to do damage control and I screencaptured the picture when I had the opportunity.

Who Created The "Peter J. King" Wiki-Page?:
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Looking at the edit history for the Peter J. King article, an AOL user intimately familiar with Peter J. King created the page (while making other edits dealing exclusively with philosophy and promoting links to Peter J. King's websites: 1 - 2) and edited it under multiple IPs.

Call it "coincidence", but Mel Etitis happens to be an AOL user and he purposely divulged his AOL IP ( and Oxford IP ( while not logged in to Wikipedia:
Ref: 01 - 02 - 03 and Admission

The Oxford IP, which Mel Etitis divulged as his own, was deceptively used to vent about the Andrea Christofidou page (which was nominated for deletion). This same Oxford IP also edited the Peter J. King page. Nevertheless, Mel Etitis claimed that he "hardly touched" the Peter J. King article (Ref) and said my comments about him being Peter J. King were "unfounded" (Ref). This evidence proves that Mel Etitis lied.

Mel Etitis also edited Peter J. King's wiki-page under his admin name of "Mel Etitis":
Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

In addition to the previous Oxford University IP (which Mel Etitis divulged as his own), the Peter J. King page was also edited under the following Oxford University IPs (where Mel Etitis claims he works): (contribs): 01 - 02 - 03 (contribs): 01

The following Oxford University IP (where Mel Etitis claims he works) wrote "childish vandalism" in the edit summary for This Ref. Needless to say, "childish vandalism" is a common phrase used by Mel Etitis (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06). (contribs)

It is important to note that AOL IPs are static (i.e., the numbers change), anonymous and mostly resolve to the USA (even though the user may reside outside the USA). The following AOL IPs were heavily involved in the Peter J. King, Adrea Christofidou and Philosophy articles (and happen to be subjects that Mel Etitis is very much interested in):
Aol 1 - Aol 2 - Aol 3 - Aol 4 - Aol 5 - Aol 6 - Aol 7 - Aol 8 - Aol 9

- Aol 1 posted "Category: Atheist philosophers" on many pages (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18). Go figure, Mel Etitis is an Atheist (Ref). Aol 1 participated in the Andrea Christofidou request for deletion dispute (just like Mel Etitis and his self-divulged Oxford University IP did) and added her name to a couple of pages.

- Aol 2 deals exclusively with Peter J. King and Andrea Christofidou. One of the edits added two links to Peter J. King's website (Ref)

- Aol 3 deals exclusively with Andrea Christofidou and this editor knew facts about her that could only be known by a close associate of hers (Ref).

- Aol 4 deals exclusively with Andrea Christofidou.

- Aol 5 deals exclusively with Andrea Christofidou and the editor responded to a comment made specifically to Peter King (Ref).

- Aol 6 deals primarily with Andrea Christofidou with one edit in "philosophy", providing an external link going to Peter J. King's website (Ref). Another edit divulged the fact that the editor is associated with Oxford (Ref).

- Aol 7 deals exclusively with Peter J. King.

- Aol 8 deals exclusively with Peter J. King.

- Aol 9 deals with Peter J. King, Pembroke College, Oxford and Constantine P. Cavafy. The editor added a link going to Peter J. King's website on the Constatine P. Cavafy page (Ref). is also another known IP for Mel Etitis.

Strange enough, another Wikipedian was also under the impression that Mel Etitis was "Peter J. King" but seemed confused about an edit that Mel Etitis made and felt he was mistaken about his true identity (Refs: 01 - 02). Mel Etitis never denied being Peter J. King (Ref).

Mel Etitis, Peter J. King And The Andrea Christofidou Connection:
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Andrea Christofidou and Peter J. King are very close associates and have worked together translating poetry (Ref). View the Edit History for the Andrea Christofidou page and Mel Etitis heavily contributed to the page (along with edits made from the Oxford University IP, which contains the "childish vandalism" edit summary discussed earlier). Mel Etitis also spearheaded the fight to keep the Christofidou page when it was nominated for deletion (Ref). Mel Etitis wanted anonymous votes to be counted (wouldn't all those AOL IPs and Oxford University IPs come in handy?). The reason why Mel Etitis wanted anonymous votes to be counted was because he was venting anonymously under his Oxford IP Mel Etitis divulged that this IP was his (Ref) and he could have deceptively used this IP (Ref) to cast a vote if it was allowed. Let us read the *ahem* "civil" and "non-attacking" comments added to the page under Mel Etitis' self-divulged Oxford University IP:
"I've just discovered this discussion; the usual Usenet-level stuff, with dogmatic nonsense from anonymous, ignorant, arrogant little nobodies. Andrea would be upset by some of the crass comments, but then I don't suppose you really understand taht, you autistic creeps. Take the page down; why would she be interested in having n edited duplicate of the bio from her own page on a non-peer-reviewed "Encyclopedia"? I expect that the person who started putting it up had the best of motives, but take it down please, and leave these autistic twerps to play their dominance games with each other. --[A friend and colleague of A.C.] 9.25am 31st December 2004" (Reference)

Under the Oxford University IP (that Mel Etitis divulged as his own), he said he was a "friend and colleague of A.C." (just like Peter J. King). The condescending, sarcastic and puerile comments about autistic people are shameful and offensive.

Peter J. King Writes About "Mel Etitis":
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"Mel Etitis" is a fictional name used by Peter J. King in philosophical dialogues he published on the internet on his older Oxford website (or view archive). Peter J. King wrote about the character "Mel Etitis" (whom he described as "another admirer, careful and studious") under "My Bit""Philosophical Pieces"

  1. The Problem of Evil (or view archive).

  2. Morality and Religion: I (or view archive).

Peter King's older website has a link that goes to his newer Oxford website. As far as I am aware, no literature, reference or person has referred to "Mel Etitis" besides the Wikipedia Mel Etitis and Peter J. King. They are the only ones who have used that name. No one else has.

Now where did the Wikipedia user "Mel Etitis" get his name from? He tells us:
"I took the name 'Mel Etitis' from some on-line dialogues on the philosophy of religion; the original Greek word has been distorted to make it look like a name, but it means something like 'one who studies'" (Ref).

The "on-line dialogues" came from (you guessed it) Peter J. King.

Mel Etitis, Peter J. King And His Book "One Hundred Philosophers":
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  • Mel Etitis promoted links going directly to Peter J. King's personal websites (01, 02). Or view the full list.

  • Mel Etitis created the disambiguation page for Peter King (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis referenced Peter J. King's book on the Feng Youlan page (Ref).

  • Met Etitis added Peter J. King's name to Brasenose College Oxford page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added a link to Peter J. King's website on the Al Farabi page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis created a page on Ann Conway and cited Peter J. King (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis referenced Peter J. King on the Euthyphro Dilemma page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis created the Kwasi Wiredu page and added Peter J. King's book for futher reading (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added a link to Peter J. King's website in the external links on the Of Miracle page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added Peter J. King's book as a source on the Scottish School of Common Sense page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added Peter J. King's book as a source on the Wang Fuzhi page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added an external link to Peter J. King's website on the Divine Command Theory page (Ref) and on the talk page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added Peter J. King's book as a source on the Al-Kindi page (Ref).

  • Mel Etitis added an external link to Peter J. King's website on the Adi Shankara page (Ref).

The Mel Etitis Sockpuppet Cover-Up On Wikipedia:
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This section deals with the primary reason for my ban. Because I discovered the information already discussed above about Mel Etitis, I told him that he had a conflict of interest with the Peter J. King article and relevant sockpuppet (Ref).

Because I said this, other admins came to Mel Etitis' rescue. I was told user "Hipocrite":
"Speculating on, or attempting to discern the real-life name of contributors is a violation of WP:HARASS. You should consider this your first and final warning. Do not engage in this sort of behavior again." (Reference)

My response to user "Hipocrite":
"Regarding your comment on my talk page, it is not speculation. I can back it up with verifiable facts. I find it strange that an Admin knowingly used a sockpuppet and appears to have created his own userpage. Both frowned upon by Wikipedia." (Reference)

User "Hipocrite" responded by saying:
"If you have evidence of sockpuppetry, present it at WP:ANI. Your threats must stop, now." (Reference)

Therefore, I filed a sockpuppetry claim (Ref) just as user "Hipocrite" directed me to. In less than an hour's time, user "Musical Linguist" deleted my sockpuppetry claim (Ref), removed my sockpuppet templates (01 - 02 - 03) and banned me from Wikipedia simply for following the directions given to me by "Hypocrite".

User "Musical Linguist" block said:
"Constant public speculation (after warning) about identity of admin who blocked him. Take time to read WP:HARASS. If you're prepared to follow it, leave a note on your talk page. Further speculation will lead to page protection."

This was the reason why I was banned. Although I was given an opportunity to have the ban lifted (by closing my eyes to the truth and acquiescing to the specified terms), I already decided to disengage from Wikipedia (Refs: 01 - 02) due to the never-ending debates with ex-devotees who unremittingly dictate content on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia articles. I have now joined the growing number of people who have become fed up with Wikipedia's cover-ups, bias, double-standards, edit wars and POV-pushers.

In Conclusion:
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I think Mel Etitis (as well as other admins) should be held to very same standards and policies that all other Wikipedians are held to. No excuses. No cover-ups. Period.

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