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Friday, August 25, 2006

International Sai Tribune Blog

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Since 2002, the faceless, anonymous hypocrite who created the "satirical" and defamatory International Sai Tribune blog (and hiding behind the pseudonym "Roving Reporter") refused to divulge his identity.

Just recently I discovered (confirming my long-held suspicions) that the creator of this blog is none other than the trashy pervert and hypocrite extraordinaire, Sanjay Kishore Dadlani.

On the website, Sanjay "claimed" the SaiBabaTribune blog as his own. On, the only way a person can "claim" a blog under his/her name is by supplying the username and password for the blog (I personally created an account and went through the "claiming" process myself). Since the blog was "claimed" by Sanjay himself, he had to provide the username and password for the blog in order to claim it. Therefore, the blog is his.

Needless to say, this also means that Sanjay created (and subsequently deleted) the following three blogs, which were directly linked to the International Sai Tribune blog:
  1. National Enquirer (Sai Baba Edition) -

  2. The Puttaparthi Star -

  3. International Sai Tribune -

Is it of any wonder that the blogophile, Sanjay Dadlani, created all these blogs? This now pushes Sanjay's former/current blogs (so far known) up to 22:
  1. (Deleted & Re-Activiated Blog)

  2. (Active Blog)

  3. (Active Blog)

  4. (Active Blog)

  5. (Active Blog)

  6. (Active Blog)

  7. (Active Blog)

  8. (Active Blog)

  9. (Active Blog)

  10. (Active Blog)

  11. (Active Blog)

  12. (Active Blog)

  13. (Active Blog)

  14. (Active Blog)

  15. (Active Blog)

  16. (Deleted Blog)

  17. (Deleted Blog)

  18. (Deleted Blog)

  19. (Deleted Blog)

  20. (Deleted Blog)

  21. (Deleted Blog)

  22. (Deleted Blog)
Who knows how many other secret, kinky and trashy blogs Sanjay is hiding or hasn't put his name on? Also, the SaiBabaTribune blog was created in June 2002. Sanjay's SaiBabaExposed blog was created the following month in July 2002.

The truth finally comes out after 4 years! Leave it up to Sanjay to cower behind fake names and hide his identity.

Sanjay has much to hide, and with good reason!


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