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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barbara Dent & Sanjay Dadlani

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Barbara Dent (the Christian Whacko attacking Sathya Sai Baba), has become "buddy buddy" with Sanjay. Funny enough, Sanjay is completely deaf and mute to Barbara's psycho-babble, racism and past-life mumbo-jumbo.

Not only has Barbara Dent recently claimed that the Nazi's were aliens, she also claimed that she recalled past lives in World War II in which I was allegedly a "Jew Killer" and a "Nazi" and that Sanjay was a Jew who owned a newspaper that spoke against Hitler, etc. Barabara is also racist against black people. Barbara Dent-Walton said on the QuickTopic forum:
"EXPOSING the lying fucking or should I say non-fucking IMPOTENT WHORE called JOE JACKASS MORENO once more...So Jackass Joe, wanna' keep it up? Pitiful slut that can't even talk or walk straight up! Bent over queer! Is dying fun?...Har-har. Guess you won't be raping no children anymore. No wonder you had to accuse Barry Pittard of such an evil thing, you diabolical raping pedophile whorel!

Steal rubies and diamonds from all those Jews come again, who know who you are and where you try and hang out--in the same dirty old dump of whoring hate called your filthy old mind! Who doesn't hate your guts, pig boy? The whole world of real people really do hate your guts and wish you were dead...You are such a lazy and worthless, demonically insane, gross-looking gay, and pathetic old queer...Got any memory of your vicious days of being the same bastard back at Auschwitz death camps during your favorite time, called the Nazi fag Regeim? I sure the hell remember you, ghastly freak, for I hated your queer vile and Satanically possessed butt back then, as much as I still do today...

Guess who I so-called 'married' for a time? One of your best friends of the Nazi Regeim. Guess why I did it? To catch out the faggot for the very final time. Remember me from those good old Aushwitz days of evil. No? Not yet? Too afraid to look into the future, dirty diabolical pig and porker of no more little ones. I hate you more than you could ever imagine. I intend to annhiliate you, along with evil Sai... via the psychic plane, of course... for now. As always, we always start by taking out your nuts. It's called the First Chakra. Then we take back the earth, the money, the everything you always murdered us for, you know, the material stuff. That's called the Second Chakra, dumb queer! Remember me better, asshole and creep? I'm the one who told you off the loudest every time you came to foul up our earth...

Do us all a favor. I told you I get even with you for the murder of so many countless Jews. You live wierdly on but for a short time. Good luck, pig and black asshole, damned Jew killer...Remember Sanjay Dhalani? He owned and operated a newpaper run by us Jews during your favorite war. We all typed and wrote nice things about your black evil Nazi ass back then too, just as we do once again in these most recent of times. Hee-hee...I like to niggle you, funky nigger...Pardon the pun, dark one. Thanks for all the helpful infor you are delivering to us, Nazi drone! I knew we'd get you to confess you still are a German queer, who is still the same demon German Nazi queer. And by the way, queer Nazi, how come both Tony and I remember you as such? Bet Tony remembers your butchering ass from a place called Dacqua or something. South of Germany, you say. Probably your father killed you during the war. If not, he'll get you in this lifetime, you murdering fool."

Funny enough, Sanjay has not spoken one word against Barbara Dent and allows her to post her psycho-drivel all over his Anti-Sai Yahoo Group (that he maintains soviet-style control over and about which he often whines that others are "criminals" for "lurking" and simply reading the messages posted there). Boo hoo!

As I said many times before. These are the Anti-Sai nuts who are boasting about "exposing" Satya Sai Baba.

Sanjay Dadlani, the Anti-Sai Nut


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