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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fake Miracle Pictures Of Sathya Sai Baba

Although there are numerous accounts of paranormal phenomena attributed to Sathya Sai Baba, there are also unscrupulous people who seek to introduce fraudulent, alleged phenomena into the Sai Movement, circulate it as "authentic" and then later rejoice in exposing the fraudulence they introduced. The following two examples have been introduced into the Sai Movement as "authentic" miracle pictures although they are not genuine.

The Fake "Sai Krishna" Miracle Picture:
Here is an alleged miracle picture of Krishna with Baba's face on it:

Connie Shaw asked Baba about this picture and Baba's response was related on
Connie showed Baba the recent photo making the rounds and asked if the so-called Krishna photo with Baba's face on it were legitimate, as it looked very suspicious to her and she suspected it was a computer rendering with a fraudulent story attached to the photo re its origin. Baba said, "This is artificial. It is (like a) painting." Connie asked, "You mean, as on the computer, Swami?" Baba replied, "Yes, I don't like artificial (things)." He tossed it down.Connie thanked Him for confirming it (Reference).

Therefore, Baba himself said this picture was a fake. This Sai Krishna picture was actually a composite picture of Baba and the Krishna picture below:

Sanjay dedicated no less than 3 blogged posts trying to argue that this "Sai Krishna" picture was a fake. Instead of making such a huge fuss, all Sanjay needed to do was quote Baba's comments that the picture was fake. Of course, Sanjay probably didn't know about Baba's comments because he conducts very poor research and never mentioned this fact.

The Fake "Sai In The Sky" Miracle Picture:
There is another "miracle picture" of Sathya Sai Baba allegedly appearing in the sky. As the story goes, an airplane was preparing for a landing in Venezuela when it ran into very serious trouble. The pilot announced that all was lost. A devotee prayed to Sathya Sai Baba and saw him appear in the sky among the clouds. The plane landed safely. The devotee, quickly took out her camera and snapped a picture of "Swami in the skies, among the clouds". This incident was allegedly reported in the "Venezuela Times" the next day in an article entitled "Indian Saint appears in mid air to save plane".

Well, for starters, there is no known "Venezuela Times" newspaper. Hari Sampath (an Anti-Sai Activist) gave his own speculative version of this incident. Hari Sampath said:
Like most landings, the pilot was expecting a bumpy touchdown, that is all. And like all Sai Baba devotees (if any of you have ever flown with Sai Baba devotees, you will know what I am saying), this particular devotee instantly started praying to Sai Baba. She had with her a copy of "Avatar" by Howard Murphet which she was reading and held the book close to her heart . As it was quite into early evening and slightly dark, she saw the reflection of the photo on the book cover on the glass window of the plane ( the picture she took is an exact replica of the photo on the cover of "Avatar", surrounded by clouds) . She was already in a panicky state of mind, and greatly excited, snapped what she thought she saw through the glass window, with her camera. The situation with the plane was ok, and they landed alright.

Below: The picture used on Howard Murphet's "Sai Baba Avatar" book. As one can see, the title covers most of the bottom half of the picture. The title clearly covers his thumb and part of his hand. Also, the picture, on the cover of this book, was hand painted. It is not the original picture.

Below: The "miracle picture" that was supposedly taken from an unnamed woman on an airplane that ran into serious trouble. After praying to SSB, the unnamed woman claimed she saw SSB in the clouds and took this picture through the window. One can see that the image is not taken from Howard Murphet's book (as the title is not seen on his thumb or SSB's clothes). This image is also the original picture. It was not hand painted, as was done on Howard Murphet's book. Hari Sampath, who knows what "really" happened, says that the image of Howard Murphet's book was reflected in the plane window and that is what the woman saw and took a picture of. This is simply untrue. If it were true, where is the title to the book that clearly covers SSB's thumb and clothing?

Below: How easy is it to create an image like the "miracle picture"? I merged an Om and another old picture of SSB into the "miracle picture" in less than 2 minutes. Anyone could have faked this miracle picture. Here is the result.

There are always antagonists who want to exploit devotee's faith by introducing fraudulent stories and pictures into the Sai Movement and then later rejoice in exposing these fraudulent stories and pictures. Luckily, many devotees and proponents have healthy skepticism and do not blindly believe such stories. I, for one, knew these two "miracle" pictures were actually altered with a computer before anyone ever publicly exposed them on the internet. As a matter of fact, I create these merged images myself. No miracles needed:


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